Why Use WordPress For Marketing?

Why Use WordPress For Marketing?

You have a business to run, but you don’t have the time, knowledge, experience, and the resources to really turn their websites into marketing machines or sales magnets. 

But that’s what you need to succeed. 

Guess what? You intuitively know this. 

It’s just that you couldn’t bring yourself get your hands dirty yet. You didn’t know who to ask. You had no way to know what platform you should build your website on. Even after you build a website (or get it designed from someone else), there’s no way to know if your website can manage to rack up a decent conversion score 

You need conversion-focused websites that load fast. You’d need your website to generate leads for you. You’d need landing pages (in addition to any pages on your website) so that you could point visitors to specific, dedicated landing pages that make a very specific offer (so you can generate even more leads). 

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The focus

In short, WordPress is perfect for marketing your business. It only helps further that it’s popular, used by about 27% of all the website owners in the world, a developer favourite, resource friendly, and extremely customizable. 

Here are reasons why WordPress is perfect for Marketing Your Business 

WordPress Specialist Hosting (Speed & Stability)

A StrangeLoop Case Study (Involving Amazon, Google, and a few other larger sites) reveals that a 1-second delay in page load time leads to a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. 

The case is indeed very strong to stop bleeding your business 

Read More: 

Test the speed of your WordPress site, including both desktop and mobile versions, and receive actionable recommendations to make it faster.

How Site Speed Affects Your Business

WordPress has more hosting options than you’d care to admit. In fact, there are so many that it really becomes hard to pick the right choice. Your WordPress hosting choice comes down to a few things.

What do you really need in a hosting? Does your hosting provider have server clusters in the geographic area of your choice? Is the WordPress specialist host dependable enough? Does your WordPress specialist hosting provider give you everything you need, and then some more? How is hosting support like? 

Instead of spending time to do any research, I’ve already identified a few WordPress specialist hosting companies that you could serious consider (finally boiling down to a few choices like budget, costs, and others). 

Here are your WordPress hosting choices: 






NameCheap (a dependable budget Option) 

Pick any of the above options and you won’t ever go wrong with your WordPress hosting choice. Period.

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

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Design WordPress Sites In an Hour? A Day?

Since WordPress is so popular, starting with WordPress is almost stupid-easy. There’s no need to go looking for WordPress specialists and designers (unless you really need to).

Here are some of your options to fast track your WordPress website design (along with your WordPress hosting): 

StudioPress themes

Start with StudioPress themes (available along with Genesis Framework as a standalone package free with both WPEngine & Flywheel). StudioPress themes — and the Genesis Framework — are no ordinary themes. Each of the themes has been built for speed, security, and for being mobile-responsive. The Studiopress themes are free from the usual WordPress theme code-bloat.

Each of the themes from StudioPress is audited and tested before release (and they have a reputation to worry about).

With StudioPress, you don’t really spend time fiddling with your website. You’d rather be better off getting into the marketing side of things as soon as your StudioPress site is ready.


Elementor has everything you’d ever need not only to design your WordPress website (without code) but also to help you with other things (which other builders usually neglect).

You could edit your entire site with Elementor (without having to do it multiple times), work with Dynamic colors, and to implement Global CSS. Some of many other features (and new features are constantly added) include a drag-and-drop editor, 300+ designer-made templates, pop-up builder, responsive editing, theme builder, full-site editor, Elementor landing pages, and so much more.

See the full feature list for Elementor here

Remember that with Elementor, you don’t just design a website. You’ll also have all the tools such as the landing page builder and the pop-up builder to start doing things that matter for your business.

Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi — by Elegant themes — comes with a theme and/or a plugin (If you use the theme, you don’t need the plugin). If you use any other theme and want to use Divi’s functionalities, you’ll need the Divi plugin.

Divi Visual builder for WordPress allows you to do design your WordPress website, design WordPress themes, and do a lot more by using the drag-and-drop builder. You’ll also have access to other products from the Elegant Themes stable such as Monarch plugin, Bloom plugin for Lead Generation, and more. Within Divi, you have Divi Leads (to help you do A/B testing for each page you create — especially landing pages).

Read more about Divi.

The best part about Divi is that it has a reasonable option of a lifetime purchase for their all-inclusive plan (unlike others who only have monthly or annual plans_.

Astra Themes

It becomes a tough choice to look for bloat-free, lightweight, and capable WordPress themes (there are literally thousands of them out there, and counting). That’s when you should go looking for options such as The Astra theme.

You can use the Astra Theme, as it were, or pick any of their starter templates (made for several WordPress builders such as Divi, Elementor, Brizy, and Beaver Builder).

The Astra theme is a super-fast theme (loads in less than a second), doesn’t use JQuery, and it needs less than 50KB of resources.

You could be up and running with your new website (depending on your business) with The Astra Theme in seconds if you use the Astra Starter Templates

Crocoblock Themes

If you happen to use Elementor but if you want to squeeze even more out of your Elementor package, consider using Crocoblock which comes with several WordPress templates you can use for Elementor. Plus, you also get access to Crocoblock’s Kava theme (along with Kava Pro). By itself, Kava theme has several more layouts inside that you could mix and match.

Make Anything Happen With WordPress Plugins

You can possibly do anything with WordPress. No matter what of a website you need, you’ll have a way to build it with WordPress.

If there’s a functionality you need or if there’s a feature you are looking for, there’s a plugin that can do it for you. You just have to know what you need and you need to have enough patience to look for the right plugin for the job.

Take the Crocoblock plugins, for instance. With plugins like JetAppointments, you can manage your appointments (with a lot more features built-in than anything else you’d ever use).

With JetBooking, you can practically build a travel website like orbitz.com or booking.com. Since we are talking about marketing, using a plugin like JetPopup is enough to launch stellar looking pop-ups for lead generation.

Talking about Lead generation, there are several other plugins for WordPress that can help you with marketing. OptinMonster, for instance, provides you with several ways to generate leads (exit intent, slide-up, between or under blog posts, spinning wheels, and so much more). There are several other marketing plugins for WordPress that just work.

While we are talking about plugins, don’t forget to use Yoast SEO Plugin — it’s just one WordPress plugin you can’t afford to miss.

Everything Just Connects With WordPress

WordPress connects with most business apps, business tools, CRM tools, and SaaS applications. In most cases, there are dedicated plugins deployed by the SaaS companies or other vendors themselves. You’ll never find it hard to integrate your favorite marketing tool, CRM, email marketing service provider, or any other app that you’d use when it comes to WordPress.

Thanks to this dedicated product build connected to WordPress, most of what you need to do marketing with WordPress just happens to connect with WordPress. 

For instance, if you use WordPress, you could:

In rare cases when you don’t see direct integrations with WordPress, there are tools like Zapier which can still help you bridge your WordPress website to several other tools, plugins, or business apps that you might need. 

In most cases, there’s never a need to get external help paying thousands of dollars (like you’d have to if you were to use a website built with PHP by some designer or developer) just to connect WordPress websites with other tools such as CRM systems, Landing Page builders, Email Marketing tools, and more.

How does your WordPress website help you with marketing? Tell us about it. 

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Elementor Popup Builder: Generate Leads, Without Hassle

Elementor Popup Builder: Generate Leads, Without Hassle

If you were looking to generate leads on your WordPress site, you’d need popups. Now, there are several ways to create popups, opt-in forms, slide-ins, and more. 

You’d also want to add your lead generation forms within your blog posts (or underneath your blog posts). 

The trouble is that you’d often have to purchase these lead generation plugins separately, on top of anything else you’d have already spent on — such as: 

If you were looking to generate leads, nurture your leads with email marketing, and make sales happen, you’d have to use various lead generation plugins for your WordPress site along with email marketing platforms such as Drip, ConvertKit, or MailChimp. 

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For instance, you’d use Unbounce Popups, LeadPages Popups (leadboxes), ConvertPro, Sleeknote, or OptinMonster

Depending on your business, budget, and several other factors, you could make your choices. As you can see, you are working quite a few tools and there are expenses associated with it — one-time or recurring. 

What if you could generate leads and create popups using just one tool (and only invest in what you really need to — such as email marketing tools and others)? 

You can do that with Elementor Popup Builder — a feature within the Elementor Pro package to help you create & design popups.

Apart from Elementor Popups, remember that you could design 

Further, you also have the ultimate addons for Elementor that you could use. 

This blog post, however, only discusses what you can do with the Elementor Popup Builder. 

Elementor Popup builder is a design-first, mobile-ready, incredibly easy to use Popup builder with everything you need to launch exit-intent pop-ups, e-commerce specific pop-ups, page-specific (or category-specific) pop-ups, and more.  

What Kind of Popups Create with Elementor Popup Builder?

With the Elementor Popup builder, you can practically create any type of popup — for lead generation, for sales, or to help you grow your email marketing list. 

  • Build popups to integrate with your forms, in turn, connected to the email marketing tools you use. 
  • Get more sales by creating relevant and timely popups or messages. 
  • Create login forms to help provide your users or visitors a completely branded experience as they login to your WordPress site. 
  • Announce new product launches, news, discounts, coupons, sales, and other sales-related messages
  • Create sales banners 
  • Hide premium content behind content locks or force your users to sign up and upgrade.  

The Elementor Popup Builder is not a separate product, a WordPress plugin, or another third-party tool that you’d have to use. The Elementor Popup builder is a part of the Elementor package and it’s built right into your WordPress site. 

Unlike other tools on this list, you don’t pay anything extra (except for your Elementor License). Create as many popups as you’d need, get unlimited page views, deploy unlimited integrations, and also work with other widgets, addons for Elementor, or other features of Elementor Pro

Marketing With Elementor Popups

Based on your website and what you want to achieve with Popups with Elementor, you have everything covered with the Elementor Popup Builder (as long as you can get traffic to your own website)

Everything sits integrated with your WordPress site, built with Elementor. For instance, you can: 

  • Create pixel-perfect popups using 100+ Elementor widgets. If you need more, you can also use Crocoblock’s JetPopup plugin to get even more templates that you can play with. 
  • Each of the templates with Elementor Popup builder and Crocoblock JetPopup Plugin come with flexible responsible layouts and style controls to help you create precise, stunning, and mobile-friendly popups to achieve cross-site design consistency. You’ll also be able to achieve smooth entrance and exit animations. 
  • Use several Elementor templates and add content to your popups (without any code). Or you could pull WordPress content into your popups automatically. 
  • Use content and images from WooCommerce products to show up on your Elementor Popups. 
  • Use Dynamic Content to create smart popups that are more timely and relevant than other popups. 
  • Elementor Popups come with your Elementor Package — this means that you get unlimited pageviews, unlimited popups, unlimited interactions, and more. You are not nickel and dimed for traffic, bandwidth or usage

Elementor Popup Builder: Targeting Visitors on Your Site 

It’s crucial for a popup builder to allow you to target visitors precisely the way you want, and when you want these popups to appear (this is precisely what makes OptinMonster so darned effective and powerful).

The Elementor Popup Builder allows you to target visitors across your website, on specific post categories, post tags, or authors. You’ll also be able to target (or exclude) showing popups on specific pages or categories. If you’d like to add specific popups on your search pages, archive pages, or 404 pages, you can do that as well. 

If you run e-commerce on your WordPress site, you can use the Elementor Popup Builder to create special popups (to giveaway coupons, to push visitors to product pages, or to sign up for offers) by choosing to display popups on WooCommerce pages, WooCommerce Archives, and even on single product pages (customized for each product). 

Trigger your popups based on page load, on click, on scroll, or after inactivity. You can also choose other triggers available such as exit-intent popups, scroll-to-element, and more. 

As far as triggering popups with Elementor Popup builder is concerned, you can also choose to trigger your popups after X number of views, when arriving from a specific URL, after X amount of Sessions, or when arriving from search engines. 

You can also choose to show popups on specific devices (and not on others), hide popups for logged in users, members, or others you don’t want to show popups to. 

Elementor Popup Builder Integrations

Elementor Popup builder integrates with practically any marketing tool, app, or SaaS application that you’d find the need to integrate with.

The Elementor Popup Builder integrates with Mailchimp, Drip, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, and several other tools. 

If you don’t find a native Elementor integration in there, you can use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps anyway.

  • Landing page + Email Service Provider + CRM + Google Spreadsheet? Check
  • Lead sign up on Elementor Pop-up + Gmail notification to your Inbox? Check
  • Sale on Woocommerce + Drip Notification + Customer Onboarding Sequence? Check. 

Apart from the Elementor Popup Builder itself, you get everything Elementor has to provide and the ability to use various third-party products built for Elementor such as Crocoblock and Ultimate Addons for Elementor

If you ever wanted your WordPress website to work for your business, if you wanted to generate leads, and if you wanted a lead generation tool that sits tight and is built-in to your WordPress, Elementor Popup Builder is the way to go. 

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Powerful WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

Powerful WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

If you just have a website there that just exists, there’s really no reason to have the site. Thankfully, you have powerful WordPress lead generation plugins available that can turn your website into a sales machine.


Whether you are a blogger, a small business owner, an affiliate site, or an online publication, the only thing that can make your website worthwhile is if it can make you money (or gets you results of some sort that are beneficial to you). 

The push for a website that gets results is so strong now that you don’t even have to think about whether you’ll use Webflow, WordPress, Joomla, or some DIY website builder.

Heck, you even have modern, artificial intelligence-driven solutions such as Bookmark to help build websites. 

The only thing you need to think about is this: 

Hopefully, you do. But then, it all begins with your website.

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What happens when you start getting traffic to your website but you have nothing set up to help generate leads? What if there’s no way for you to grow your email list?

Then, all the traffic that arrives on your website has nothing to do but just “read, consume, watch, or listen”  whatever you create or publish.  

You got bills to pay. You have a business to run. You need to generate leads which happens to be the first part of a successful sales funnel, right? 

You are in luck if you use WordPress because there are a few awesome WordPress lead generation plugins that you can use to start making your website work for you: 


OptinMonster has been around for a long time now. In all this time, this powerful lead generation tool for WordPress (hint: it can also be used on other platforms such as Webflow or on websites built with PHP or pure HTML/CSS). 

OptinMonster features several awesome features built to help you generate leads with your WordPress site, starting with the humble Popups, welcome mats, full-screen overlays, slide-ins, and more.

You’ll be able to create opt-in forms that you can embed underneath your blog posts (including the Yes/No format). 

OptinMonster features include a new dashboard, a drag-and-drop editor, attention activation, powerful exit-intent technology, MonsterLinks™, Geo-location targeting, various campaign types (such as inline forms, content locker, floating bar, countdown timer, coupon wheel optins and more). 

OptinMonster also has integrated native analytics (along with integrations with other tools such as Bronto)  


OptinMonster Review 


ConvertPro by The makers of the popular Astra theme is a superfast, 100% mobile-friendly, and a capable lead generation tool for WordPress.  

With ConvertPro, you can: 

  • Easily design your popups from a huge library of conversion-oriented professionally designed templates within a template cloud. Simply install and use only the ones you need
  • Target visitors with the right message at the right time to boost the conversion rate & highly segmented email list!
  • Make use of the drag n drop editor which gives you complete control over your design.
  • Pick from your own choice of email marketing service providers (ConvertPro almost integrates with everything). 
  • Stop visitors from leaving. Hold back abandoning visitors with compelling, timely, and relevant messages backed by ConvertPro’s exit intent technology. 

ConvertPro also integrates with several leading marketing tools that might already be a part of your marketing stack such as Drip, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Klaviyo, SendGrid, and others. 


ConvertPro Templates 


Crocoblock’s entire product lineup — includes WordPress themes, plugins, The Kava Theme, and more —  is built and optimized for Elementor. If you are already using Elementor, you already know that Elementor has an astounding and powerful Pop-up Builder

Now, add the JetPopup plugin to the mix and you have even more power (as far as popups are concerned) than you know what to do with. 

With the JetPopup plugin, you don’t just create popups for WordPress (built on Elementor), you get to a lot more: create triggers for your popups, animate your popups, and avoid the need to build popups from scratch (just choose from a variety of popup presets. Countdown, discount, sale, and subscribe). 

JetPopup allows you to launch popups on entry or exit. Perhaps you’d want to create timed popups (those that appear after a certain amount of time). You can also make popups appear when users click on a link, on scrolling a page, etc. 

You can also use logical conditioning for popups while you can choose how your popups will be displayed. 


Popup Templates from JetPopup For Elementor Pro 

JetPopup: How to Use Dynamic Functionality 

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Bloom By Elegant Themes

Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

What if you could just purchase a single product that gives you not only lead generation plugins for WordPress but also a complete WordPress page builder, set of pre-made layouts to enable faster design, the crazy fast Divi Builder, the long-standing Divi Theme, and nifty features such as Divi Leads (for split testing your WordPress pages)? 

You get all that with Divi

Designed by the folks from Elegant Themes — popular for the Divi Builder and the Divi Theme — Bloom is an incredible plugin for WordPress that lets you create signup forms, slide-in forms, opt-in forms, content unlock widgets, and forms to go under each of your blog posts.

Bloom also integrates with many email service providers such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and others ( Unfortunately, there’s no direct integration with a few popular email service providers such as Drip)

Apart from the ability to create forms, Bloom also provides you with an ability to split-test your forms and lead generation elements while giving you with focused analytics that you’d need to make better decisions.

Unbounce Popups

Unbounce is already a terrific solution for building landing pages and sales funnels.

Did you know that you can also create popups and alert bars with Unbounce? 

Hint: Upload The Unbounce WordPress Plugin to make this work. 

You’d create Popups with Unbounce just the way you’d create landing pages and sales funnels with Unbounce  — using a pixel-perfect, drag-and-drop editor (preview it here). The best part about Unbounce Popups is that the leads you generate are collected along with the other campaigns you might be running with your mainstream landing pages and sales funnels. 

With the vast integrations available with Unbounce, your Unbounce Popups also integrate with the same tools such as Drip, MailChimp, or Zapier (which in turn helps you to connect with any marketing tool, CRM, or other tools you might be using). 

Use popups to generate leads, grow your email list, push visitors to actual landing pages built with Unbounce (or other pages altogether), and more. 

Just like any respectable lead generation plugin for WordPress, you also get several options to trigger your popups — on click, on specific devices, on arrival from specific links, on particular pages of your website, or after a certain time delay. 


Unbounce Review: The Only Landing Page Builder You’ll Ever Need 

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LeadPages Popups

LeadPages not only helps you build landing pages and sales funnels (like, really fast) but it also has other products that have long been popular such as The LeadPages Site Builder LeadPages Popups (also called as LeadBoxes). 

With the LeadPages Popup forms, you can add lead generation Popups to any site or landing pages (even if those landing pages and sites are not published on LeadPages). 

Show your popups at the right moment, with the right message by using any of the options available to you while publishing LeadPages Popups such as trigger popups to appear on scroll, on click, or when they arrive at a particular section on your landing page or website. 

Or, you can make your LeadPages Popups appear after a timed delay or after a few pages have been viewed by a visitor. Of course, you can also create exit-intent popups with LeadPages. 

Use the LeadPages plugin to publish on WordPress or publish to embed on any other website or landing page. 

Just like Unbounce, your leads are collected so that you can use the powerful integrations available with LeadPages to trigger your email autoresponders or lead nurturing sequences. 


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Have a Leaky Home Page? Don’t Let Leads & Sales Slip Through The Cracks

Elementor Popup Builder

Elementor Popup builder is a design-first, mobile-ready, incredibly easy to use Popup builder with everything you need to launch exit-intent pop-ups, e-commerce specific pop-ups, page-specific (or category-specific) pop-ups, and more.  

With the Elementor Popup builder, you can practically create any type of popup — for lead generation, for sales, or to help you grow your email marketing list. 

  • Build popups to integrate with your forms, in turn connected to the email marketing tools you use. 
  • Get more sales by creating relevant and timely 
  • Create login forms to help provide your users or visitors a completely branded experience as they login to your WordPress site. 
  • Announce new product launches, news, discounts, coupons, sales, and other sales-related messages
  • Create sales banners 
  • Hide premium content behind content locks or force your users to sign up and upgrade.  

The Elementor Popup Builder is not a separate product, a WordPress plugin, or another third-party tool that you’d have to use. The Popup builder is a part of the Elementor package and it’s built right into your WordPress site. 

Unlike other tools on this list, you don’t pay anything extra (except for your Elementor License). Create as many popups as you’d need, get unlimited page views, deploy unlimited integrations, and also work with other widgets, addons for Elementor, or other features of Elementor Pro. 

Elementor Popup builder integrates with practically any marketing tool, app, or SaaS application that you’d find the need to integrate with.

If you don’t find a native Elementor integration in there, you can use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps anyway.

  • Landing page + Email Service Provider + CRM + Google Spreadsheet? Check
  • Lead sign up on Elementor Pop-up + Gmail notification to your Inbox? Check
  • Sale on Woocommerce + Drip Notification + Customer Onboarding Sequence? Check. 


10 Inspiring Exit Intent Pop-up Examples To Increase Your Conversion Rate    

6 Examples To Boost Your Online Store With Popups For E-commerce

How do you generate leads on your WordPress website? What lead generation tools for WordPress do you use? 

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How to Design WordPress Websites Fast

How to Design WordPress Websites Fast

TL; DR: The need of the hour is to design WordPress websites fast. No one has 6 months for WordPress design (and you don’t need to waste resources that way).

Getting websites designed the traditional way is expensive, time-consuming, and it’s all usually for nothing. To Develop WordPress sites fast is the new way to go online fast and focus on marketing instead.

Get up and running in less than 10 minutes (yes, that’s how fast you can go online). 

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Do you know the main (often unforeseen) problem with the usual way of getting websites developed? 

Businesses (and even agencies) rely mostly on web designers and developers.  That’s slow. That’s usually painful. In most cases, it just won’t work. Honestly, it’s absolutely not neccesary to take that route. 

Don’t get me wrong. Most designers and developers are awesome at what they do but they have no clue about the importance of website design from a marketing standpoint. 

That’s why you still see WordPress themes with sliders (Revolution Slider, anyone?) and other fancy designs without much thought to: 

  • The layout and design that’s optimized from a marketing standpoint — which means this: how is the layout optimized for websites to generate leads? 
  • Great design, but is the WordPress website design (and the code to go along with it) optimized for marketing. 
  • In the interest of “selling as many templates as possible” are designers and developers sacrificing the potential of your website design in terms of marketing with unnecessary code bloat, extra features, and “options”? 

Relying on web designers, web design agencies, and freelancers specializing in web design is an old (and now traditional) way of designing websites. 

So, what gives? How do you develop WordPress websites fast, but those that you know are optimized for marketing? 

Then, you had the onslaught of DIY website builders such as Simvoly, Webflow, Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Wix, Webydo, and several others using which you could create websites all by yourself, without code. 

You also have the ability to develop websites using artificial intelligence by using tools such as Bookmark, FireDrop, Impress.ly, and several others. 

Yet, all of them only help only as far as “getting a website” designed. From years of marketing experience, I’ll dare say that’s not even the beginning of getting your real problems solved as an entrepreneur or as a marketer.

Also, not all of these DIY website builders are built for WordPress. 

Let’s say you do create a WordPress website fast by using designers. You’d still be unsure if your website has been developed from a marketing standpoint. Either that or you’ll spend tons of time wasting time with deployment, design, servers, security, and maintenance. 

You got to use the right tools and embrace ways to develop or design WordPress websites fast.  

Here are tools that help you design WordPress websites quickly, easily, and effectively with a primary focus on marketing-centric, conversion-focused sites:

WP Engine Starter Sites + HubSpot Power

HubSpot is a popular marketing, sales, and support SaaS platform and it truly unleashes the power of Inbound marketing for your business (if you can afford the price tag, that is). 

HubSpot powers over 64,000 customers globally and reported over $513 million in revenue (2018). 

How do you use HubSpot with WordPress, like really fast?

Use the best of what WordPress has to provide and directly integrate with HubSpot, that’s how. 

WP Engine Starter Sites + HubSpot gives you just that power. 

You really wouldn’t want to sacrifice several hours (or worse, days or weeks) designing and customizing a new site on WordPress. All that time & money makes it really hard to justify the opportunity cost.

Now, WP Engine Site Templates enables developers to quickly deploy curated templates that include all the tools needed to get to a starting point 90% faster. 

Thanks to WP Engine’s partnership with best-in-class growth platform provider HubSpot, you can build new sites faster and save time and resources for more creative endeavors. 

Your WordPress site can be up and running with just four clicks. Meanwhile, WP Site Templates gives you beautiful WordPress sites powered by HubSpot and complete with customizable StudioPress themes

But that’s not even the best part: While you can set up your WordPress websites fast with WPEngine Site Templates, you are directly integrating with HubSpot. 

This means that you get all the marketing power lying inside HubSpot such as forms, HubSpot CRM for your business, HubSpot Analytics With Supermetrics, HubSpot landing pages, and so much more. 

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Astra Starter Sites

The Astra Theme for WordPress has more than 400,000+ users.

It’s popular, trusted, and widely–used for simple reasons: 

  • Astra themes load fast, like in less than 0.5 secs (tested with default WordPress data)
  • No render-blocking jQuery which usually gets in the way of performance optimization for WordPress. Astra uses plain vanilla Javascript instead. 
  • Seamless WooCommerce Integration (if you need that). 
  • Huge library of templates available for you to use instantly. 

Normally, those are good enough reasons for you to choose the Astra Theme already but that’s not the reason why I mentioned Astra today. 

Astra, more specifically, has Astra Starter sites which make for a highly appealing solution for conversion-optimized starter sites solution. 

Uniquely enough, Astra Starter Sites have specific starter sites (all ready to go, in a few clicks) built & optimized for various popular WordPress builders such as Beaver and Elementor, for instance. 

So, if you already work with Elementor, for instance, all you have to do is to pick an Astra starter site optimized for Elementor and get started. 

Divi Premade Website Templates

Want a website ready and developed in less than a few minutes? Divi builder is already a great option for you to create websites fast. 

But there’s something even faster “inside” the Divi builder and it’s called the “premade design templates” option when you fire up the Divi Builder (or when you use the Visual Builder on the Divi theme). 

When you are editing a new page on WordPress or when you are editing an existing page, choose the visual builder or the Divi Builder, click on “Premade templates”, and choose from a variety of Divi Layouts already created.

Swap out the images and the content and you are good to go.

Elementor Templates & Starter Sites With Crocoblock

Just like Divi, Elementor is a fast way to develop your own WordPress websites (or even WordPress themes). Likewise, you can also develop full-fledged sales funnels and landing pages (along with Pop-ups with the Elementor popup Builder). 

The faster way to deploy, create, design, and launch websites with Elementor is to use the following:

  • Use Elementor templates from within Elementor.
  • Elementor WordPress templates that are available with several other theme marketplaces such as Envato, TemplateMonster, etc. 

If you need an even smarter way to deploy starter sites with Elementor, use specialist third-party design sources such as Crocoblock.

Crocoblock comes with several starter site templates, pre-made WordPress websites, exclusive themes such as Kava Pro, and various plugins to help you create WordPress websites really fast.   

It’s highly recommended that you design and deploy WordPress sites fast with starter site solutions, themes, WordPress templates, and pre-made websites.

Focus all your time, energy, and effort into actually marketing your business. 

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How to Accept Payments On WordPress [With WPForms]

How to Accept Payments On WordPress [With WPForms]

Want to accept payments on WordPress with forms?

Wouldn’t it be nice to accept payments on WordPress (with Stripe, Paypal, or other forms of payment) for various reasons such as for donations, for the services you deliver, for your online courses, or for your membership site?

Hint: If you are an online course creator or if you’d like to sell online courses or membership sites and if you don’t want to use WordPress, use Podia for making it easier to sell online courses or to create membership sites.  

There’s an easier way to create specific forms to accept payments with Stripe or Paypal. And no, you don’t have to lose your sanity doing that or hire expensive developers to make it happen: just use WPForms

Forms on your website are the quintessential windows of opportunity for you as a business, a blogger, or an online publisher.

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Granted that there are several ways for your potential customers to interact with you — such as chatbots and live chat prompts. Forms, however, are a low-friction way for your potential customers to interact with you. 

According to Lisa Gennaro, forms can help keep your site secure, reduce spam, make yourself more reachable (and hence be more trustworthy), and to generate leads. 

If you wanted to, you can also use forms for hiring, use forms for marketing, forms for surveys, and use forms to gather inputs or data. If you wanted to, you may also create conversational forms. That’s just how powerful forms are.

That’s also the reason why some of the best landing pages in the world still use forms as a way to capture leads. Opt-in forms (including the exit-intent ones) also use forms as a way to get results (depending on what these opt-in forms, pop-ups, sticky bars, and slide-ins were set up for). 

To accept payments on WordPress with forms then, the options available to you could be bewildering, to say the least. 

There are so many ways to create forms to accept payments with WordPress (for instance), that you could just freeze and drop to the ground. 

With WPForms, you could make it easier for yourself to create forms that accept payments, help generate revenue for yourself, and make it frictionless for your potential customers to pay you. 

Lindsay Liedke of WPForms actually lists out specific reasons why creating payment forms with WPForms could be a potential money-maker for your business: 

— It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to maintain an existing customer. By giving existing customers the option to pay you on a regular basis for products or services, you save money and make money online with ease.

— Repeat business through recurring payments helps forge better, longer-lasting relationships with your target audience.

— You can collect steady income when you accept recurring payments for things like monthly products, subscriptions, and memberships (easily build a membership site using one of the best WordPress membership plugins in the market)

— Enabling recurring payment functionality gives your business room to scale.

— Accepting recurring payments takes less effort on your part, and makes things easier on your customers too.

Now that we know why you need forms and that you can use WPForms to create forms to accept payments, let’s find out how to do it (depending on your business use case): 

Create a WordPress Form With WPForms

With WPForms, you can create a regular WordPress form easily, quickly, and without breaking a sweat. Go ahead and create your WordPress form with WPForms as you’d normally do. 

After you are done creating your basic WordPress form, you’d want to accept payments on WordPress with your form. You’ll use WPForms Addons for that. 

So, be sure to use the requisite WPForms Add-ons — the Stripe Addon and the Paypal Addon for the purposes of this example here. 


How to Install & Use Paypal Addon With WPForms

How to Use The Stripe Addon For WPForms 

Now, let’s say you were creating a simple Donation form. This is how it’d look like: 

Build forms on WordPress

Or if you were just creating a barebones form to accept payments for your services or for your online courses, this is how it’d look like: 

Create payment forms on WordPress

Activate & Configure WPForms Payment Addons

After your WPForms Addons are activated (including other things you need to do such as to choose the currency and other settings for the Paypal Addon or Stripe Addon or both), drag and drop to add (or delete) the form fields you need. 

Further, add your choices (courses or service types or consulting packages).

configure wpforms on WordPress
Use Stripe Addon WPforms

Next, go to the payments tab and configure payment providers (Stripe? Paypal? Both?) as shown below.

If you’d like to enable recurring subscriptions, you can use the options inside WPForms to do just that as well. 

Recurring Subscriptions for WordPress


How to Accept Recurring Payments On Your WordPress Forms 

To create payment forms using WPForms on WordPress, In a nutshell, you’d do the following: 

  • Install & Activate WPForms with necessary addons such as Stripe Addon and Paypal Addon. 
  • Create a WordPress form 
  • Configure your form (add or delete fields, create payment plans, set intervals for payment, etc.)
  • Enable Subscriptions for your form (If you need to)
  • Click on Save and Activate. 

Be sure to test your payment flow on your forms.

That’s all you need to do to ensure that you have a way to accept credit card payments or other payments using Stripe or Paypal on your WordPress site.

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10Web Review: Host, Build, & Manage WordPress Websites

10Web Review: Host, Build, & Manage WordPress Websites

The 10web platform is a Google Cloud Platform Partner and aims to solve the typical headaches associated with building, hosting, and managing WordPress websites for small business owners.

  • Did you just happen to waste time, resources (and then some more time) just to launch a WordPress website for your business?
  • Do you find yourself lost in the sea of hosting options, WordPress themes, and scores of plugins available for you to use?
  • Despite all these products & services, are you suffering from the paradox of choice?
  • Do you stand the risk of letting low-quality, ultra-cheap hosting slowing down your website?
  • Do you find yourself wasting time fixing stuff with your WordPress website, looking for WordPress specialists, or looking for some sort of Support for WordPress related issues?
  • Are your plugins, themes, and hosting incompatible?
  • Are you concerned about your website’s safety?
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These are all real issues most WordPress owners face (I know that since my websites are almost always built with WordPress). The 10Web platform, in essence, strives to solve all those problems (and then some more).

As Arto Minasyan, 10Web Founder, states,

“…33% of the internet is powered by WordPress. It’s a CMS that offers a lot of freedom, a lot of functional to the user, but isn’t easy. Thanks to 10Web, you can host, build, and publish a WordPress website and activate all the crucial services in just minutes.”

What is 10Web? Why Should you Care?

In the world of WordPress, this is how it normally goes:

Once you arrive at this point, you’ll see that a few things start to happen:

The 10Web Platform helps you with each of those points, with distinct offers (all included within your plan). Right off the bat, you get the following:

Managed hosting on Google Cloud

Corporate data centers are out; Cloud hosting is in.

Spotify, HSBC, Home Depot, Snapchat, Evernote, HTC, Best Buy, Philips, Coca Cola, Domino’s, Feedly, ShareThis, Sony Music, and Ubisoft: What’s common between the following brands?

Answer: They all use The Google Cloud platform.

According to Brian Jackson of Kinsta, more than 84% of IT managers prefer Google Cloud Infrastructure and platform compared to anything else out there in the market.

Cloud hosting preferences

Image Credits: Kinsta

The Google Cloud Platform boasts of a global network. According to Alex of Techcrunch,

The Power is in the Network.”

Alex believes that the one thing that sets Google Cloud Hosting apart from some of the other players is that their network is one of the biggest in the world.

In short, the Google Cloud Platform is blazing fast, it’s connected, it’s everywhere, and it’s accessible to everyone (even better than AWS and others).

Now, the 10Web platform brings to absolutely everyone, including those who are non-tech savvy (or simply just don’t want to grapple with the monstrosity that Google Cloud platform can be).

With the 10Web Platform, every website you build on the platform is automatically hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

Website Builder (On top of Elementor)

It’s a pain to customize WordPress sites to make your website look exactly the way you want (or if you want to make your website work like a sales machine, like I do and like I want all your websites to do as well).

WordPress website builders like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder are truly God-sent for regular folks like me who don’t want to hire WordPress experts for every bit of customization I want to make (which I do, more often than not).

But then, unless you are a business owner looking to build multiple websites, a freelancer who helps build websites, a digital agency, or a web design agency investing in tools like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder is an overkill.

You get access to a website builder (built on top of Elementor) within the 10Web platform. So, for the price of hosting a single website, you get serious, Elementor-like website building chops.

Free Templates? Go bonkers

Free Elementor Templates

Small business owners, startup founders, and other earnest entrepreneurs don’t have the time to sit and wonder, or scratch and wait. They need to get things done, and that was yesterday.

With free WordPress themes and templates, your work gets easier. Pick a template, add your logo, make customizations to your site, add your content, and you are done.

Thanks to free templates from 10Web, you can speed up your workflow and create a website much faster than you thought possible.

If you are in a hurry, just choose one of the templates from the 10web gallery and go.

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50+ Premium Plugins

There are a few super plugins that are free (or at least have a freemium thing going on). Then, you need to pay for several other plugins.

You’ll see that you’d have to make multiple purchases for absolutely every single functionality you need for your website.

While you’ll still have to purchase other plugins that you need, the folks at 10Web have already built a few premium plugins that you’ll find useful such as the form maker, and several others.

The price of subscription for the cheapest plan for 10Web platform more than covers for the value you get out these 50+ premium plugins alone.

Daily WordPress Backups

Wordpress backup

Show me a WordPress owner (and that’s like 63% of the web) and I’ll show you ten more who’ve lost everything they created and built just because they didn’t have backups in place. Several managed WordPress hosting providers such as Kinsta, Flywheel, WPEngine, and Cloudways already have daily backups options.

So does the 10Web platform. Daily backups of your WordPress website are taken automatically so that you can always switch back to the latest version available if something happens to your WordPress website.

Security Services

Wordpress security services

Here’s the kicker with the 10web platform, you don’t just get a “platform”; you also get services, starting with a robust set of security services for your WordPress website.

If you were ever worried about your WordPress website’s security and if you wanted to protect your site from hackers, vulnerable scripts, malicious code, or if you’d like to recover your website from a recent hacking event, it’s all possible with the 10web platform.

The 10web platform has security services such as vulnerability scanning, scheduled scans (unlimited), file changes scanning, and more. It’s free and it’s included in your package.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Want a super-fast WordPress website? You should then be concerned about your images and files. While there’s a right way to upload media to your servers, not everyone has the time or the know-how to do it.

That’s why the 10Web Platform has WordPress Speed optimization services starting with image optimization which includes:

  • Automatic Image Optimization — automatically optimizes each image as you upload them to your WordPress site
  • Media type conversion: Convert jpg to png, gif to png, jpg to webP, and back.
  • Compression modes and bulk image/file optimization.
  • Media library optimization and upto 90% image compression.
  • Reporting

SEO Services

10Web WordPress SEO Services

Seo isn’t dead. It just keeps changing so fast that no average entrepreneur can ever catch up with the demands of being found on Google. Further, most of the good SEO practices will require the use of proper tools like SEMRush, ahrefs, or others.

If you aren’t going to get your hands dirty with full-time SEO, you’d at least need to take care of the basics.

Thankfully, the 10Web Platform has SEO features and services built-in too. You get XML sitemaps, canonical URLs, custom metadata for pages and posts, redirects, social media previews, technical analysis for your site’s SEO, reports, and search analytics as well.

Talking about analytics and reports…

Analytics & Reports

10web Analytics

The secret to doing well with digital marketing is to track, visualize, and analyze. Yes, of course, you do have Google Analytics (and you should have this working for you). You also have some amazing tools today such as MonsterInsights, Mouseflow, HotJar, Heap Analytics, and MixPanel.

For most people, however, just dealing with analytics is painful. For instance, customizing Google analytics reports the way it makes sense for your business isn’t as straightforward as clicking the back button on your browser.

What metrics to track? How to track metrics to make proper decisions? Have you connected your website to analytics properly?

If you are on the 10web platform, you get a fantastic analytics suite with the numbers, metrics, and important KPIs handed over to you on a platter (sorry, on the screen).

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Apart from complete analytics reports, you also get custom reports; front-end reports; WordPress dimensions; e-commerce tracking; alerts & notifications; proper goal management;  Adsense and Google Ads Integration.

With just a few clicks, you can also set up custom tracking codes to exclude traffic from certain users (such as you and your team), role types, IP addresses, countries, cities, or regions.

Go ahead and try The 10Web Platform out for a 7-day Free Trial.

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