How to Create WordPress Multi-Step Forms

How to Create WordPress Multi-Step Forms

Asking yourself the question, how to Create WordPress Multi-step forms? You are not alone. Several businesses struggle to find ways to create multi-steps forms. However, the solutions the problems are easy enough. Instead of wasting time trying find the solutions on your own, read this post 👇

Multi-step forms provide a better user experience, help in generating leads (much more than regular forms can), provide engagement, help users focus, and get you results (most important, eh?).

VentureHarbour, for instance, used multi-step forms to get a whopping 300% more conversions (than otherwise).

If you’ve ever struggled to create WordPress multi-step forms or if you paid someone else to do it, say goodbye to those days.

Here are a few ways to create multi-step forms for WordPress using a few simple WordPress plugins that’ll make your life easier.


JetFormBuilder, made by the capable folks at Crocoblock, is an enormously helpful solution to create WordPress multi-step forms for WordPress.

With features such as the ability to build Gutenberg forms visually, more than 18+ form field blocks, multi-form layouts, inline fields editing, and a free form styling plugin, you have everything you need to create sophisticated (and good looking) forms for WordPress.

Of course, you can also use more than 19 field types for forms, smart features such as conditional logic (with conditional fields and conditional actions), page breaks, form step indicators (form progress), and AJAX reload.

Further, you also get to deploy pre-filled values, enable form validation, set actions after form submission, and integrate with other marketing tools.

Build multi-step forms visually. Now, that is the way of the future.

Want to see a multi-step form in action? Here’s a demo of Multi-step form to see how it works and what it looks like.

Note: Crocoblock has several other plugins, fast themes, and even dynamic WordPress templates for you to use. The entire family of Crocoblock offers works great with Elementor as well.

Read more:

JetFormBuilder Review

Dynamic WordPress Templates


WPForms has been around for a while and the plugin hosts a comprehensive array of core features extended by add-ons. Depending on your needs and requirements, there’s a lot you can do with WPForms (please see specific functional uses and tutorials below).

Creating multi-step forms on WordPress with WPForms is just as easy as creating any form with the exception of splitting your form into different parts (to create the multi-step form), adding progress steps, setting up form notifications and confirmations, and more.

With the drag-and-drop form builder that WPForms essentially is, creating multi-step forms is easy, quick, and intuitive.

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How to Create a Multi-step Form in WordPress (With a Plugin)

Which of these form plugins do you use? How do you create multi-step forms?

Elementor For Marketers:  Lot More Than WordPress Design

Elementor For Marketers: Lot More Than WordPress Design

Is Elementor for Marketers? Or is it just for web design?

You’ll be surprised.

More than 8,000,000+ active sites use Elementor. A new Elementor website is born every 3 seconds. Elementor is the 4th most popular plugin in the world and has already come with 273 core releases. In the 5 years that Elementor has been in business, there’s a lot that happened. Here are some basic Elementor Stats you should know

So, you might think that Elementor is popular with the web development and web design community. But did you know that Elementor itself can give your entire marketing stack a run for the money?

Did you know that there’s a rock solid case for Elementor for marketers as well?

Here’s the premise: Elementor allows you to create and edit your website content without having any code knowledge and skills. The Elementor plugin lets marketers add customizations with ease that were not possible before, including adding video, animations, text effects, and more.

Understand how to use Elementor for Marketers so you can give your marketing business the power it needs, the room to scale and grow, and the tools needed to win clients and keep them forever.

Elementor for Marketers: All-in-one, Zero Code Platform

Marketers are not web designers or web developers. Contemporary marketing, however, demands skills that marketers need to create, design, and manage websites in a way that bring results for clients.

Ordinary websites won’t do. Websites that are pretty won’t do. Websites built by designers and developers also won’t do.

Marketing success depends on just how well websites convert. How much traffic do you manage to get to websites? How are the visitors converting into leads? How many of those leads convert into customers (once or for life)?

For designers and developers, these aspects are not in their job description. So, they don’t care.

Marketers need to care, though.

Elementor is an all-in-one platform that helps marketers design websites from a marketing standpoint.

Think minimalistic, purposeful design. Or building home pages which look and work like landing pages. Certainly, marketers also need landing pages (more below) to help bring clients the results they seek.

Elementor makes it all possible.

Build sites with Designer-Made Templates (Or Pick from the Wild)

Marketing starts with websites. It’s just that regular websites won’t do. You’ll need websites built in a way that convert.

You need websites that might or might not be pretty but they do bring in the results.

Websites must load fast, must be easy to navigate, must be optimized for search, you’ll need a well-executed marketing strategy driven by content (and no half-baked efforts, please).

But then, as marketers, we aren’t really in the business of building websites at all (it’s just one of those things we have to do).

You can’t spend years designing websites. You’ll need to design websites in days (max) and spend time and resources on digital marketing itself.

For that reason, start with designer-made templates that Elementor provides. Or use Crocoblock’s Kava theme, or pick any of the Elementor website templates available elsewhere.

Landing Pages With Elementor

Did you know that you can build complete landing pages with Elementor? Create fully-functioning (and unlimited) landing pages with Elementor’s no-code page builder. Kickstart your projects with a variety of stunning templates or design your own.

It’s another thing if you want to use other landing page builders like Unbounce, LeadPages, or Instapage.

But you don’t need to if you don’t want to.

Marketers can use Elementor to build as many landing pages as they need (for each client) and roll them out for themselves or for their clients. The landing pages are built like any other “page” on Elementor (with the headers and footers missing intentionally, of course).

Use ready-made Elementor landing page templates or build them from scratch.

Elementor For Marketers: Popups for Lead Generation

Popups just work (and it doesn’t matter if the rest of the world spends their living lives screaming, yelling, and opposing them). There’s a right way to use popups though.

As a marketer, you can build popups using the same platform and launch them in a variety of ways to start bringing in real results (like to generate leads) for your clients.

There are more popup templates that you can use within Elementor and you can create pop-ups from scratch. Or, if you use Crocoblock, you now have a completely new set of pop-up templates and Crocoblock’s own popup builder that you can use to build on top of Elementor.

The choices are many. Implementation is still rare (I can bet).

Read more about Elementor Popup Builder

Build Custom Forms with Elementor

As marketers, we’ll end up with varying needs (changing with client needs as well) when it comes to forms. Basic “contact forms” are things that just won’t fit the bill.

Marketers, more often, need custom forms to get results.

Elementor has this covered as well. You can grow your audience (or that of your clients’) with fully customizable forms. Collect data directly in Elementor or easily send it to your Marketing & CRM tools (thanks to the endless list of Elementor integrations available).

If you don’t find the requisite integration with Elementor, you can also use tools like Automate, Integromat, and Zapier.

Again, if you use Crocoblock (along with several plugins) which directly works with Elementor (and also with Gutenberg), there’s the mind-blowing JetForm Builder plugin that can cover your base and allow you to wave that magic wand whenever you want.

Email Marketing With Elementor

Traffic and Lead generation is one thing; showing your clients real money ($$$) as results is something else. That’s when you’d need to depend on email marketing strategy to show clients the money.

Elementor integrates with several email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Convertkit, Drip, Constant Contact, and others to help you execute email marketing strategy the way good marketers should:

Elementor helps you with the front-end (including landing pages and popups). The rest is done by the email marketing tool you pick.

Email marketing produces $42 for every $1 spent. If you don’t do it for clients, you aren’t doing your job.

Boosters for Elementor

Elementor itself has grown so big and popular that you have several other vendors and merchants with products such as themes, plugins, tools, solutions, managed web hosting services around Elementor (but not necessarily limited to it).

For instance, you have Astra — a popular WordPress theme — that has the flagship theme and several starter templates built for elementor.

Then, there’s 10Web that has an artificial intelligence powered website builder that works on top of Elementor (10Web also includes hosting and even more plugins that provide even more functionality).

Depending on your needs as a marketer, there could be a lot more that you’d need to do.

Maybe you’d need to create, edit, or manage WordPress dynamic template-driven WordPress business itself — such as a real estate website, a car-rental website, or the website of a major hotel chain.

Or perhaps you are a marketer turned entrepreneur and you are looking to start an affiliate website with listings, comparisons, reviews, and what not.

In any case, Elementor for marketers actually expands itself beyond Elementor itself.

By using Elementor-focused resources such as Crocoblock, for instance, you could do more than just design and manage simple websites.

Or, if you wanted to run and manage a complete WordPress-driven business (such as hosting, client site management, and more), you might want to use something like 10Web (which is tightly integrated with Elementor and even has an AI-powered website builder) or even something like the Flywheel Growth Suite (which also works for you).

Marketers don’t have to be just marketers. With Elementor for marketers, you could run and manage complete businesses as well.

What do you plan to do with Elementor for Marketers?

JetEngine For Gutenberg Plugin: Build WordPress Business, No Code

JetEngine For Gutenberg Plugin: Build WordPress Business, No Code

JetEngine for Gutenberg by Crocoblock is a plugin that helps you create and manage dynamic content for WordPress sites. Crocoblock also has JetEngine for Elementor (just saying).

Without really dabbling with code or getting your hands dirty with several different plugins, JetEngine for Gutenberg Plugin is all that you need to build complete dynamic WordPress websites, without code.

For what, you ask?

  • Job listing site on WordPress
  • Marketplaces on WordPress
  • Appointment-based booking businesses on WordPress
  • Classified sites on WordPress
  • Hotel-booking, resort-booking, or even a complete AirBnB type site as a business.
JetEngine Plugin

If you’d like to see these in action, check out these awesome, fully-functional dynamic WordPress website templates (that you could base a complete business on).

You can use JetEngine for Gutenberg to create dynamic WordPress websites by using

  • Custom Post Types: Arrange the website exterior by structuring the content. Make it light on the page and visually detectable.
  • Taxonomy: Categorize both old and new post types and ensure smooth website navigation.
  • Custom Fields: Deepen the CPT content. Add as much metadata as you need for the post types to look informative.
  • Relations: Set multi-level relations between the custom post types and deliver requested information without delay.
  • Options pages: Store all the additional options for CPTs and taxonomies on a separate page and manage them freely later.

By building and using dynamic content (such as Dynamic fields, Dynamic meta, and Dynamic Images, you can pretty much run a complicated-looking, full-fledged business (think car rentals, apartment rentals, home rentals, holiday home rentals, real estate listing websites, used car sales websites, and more).

JetEngine: Using Dynamic Blocks

JetEngine Dynamic Blocks

The JetEngine Plugin For Gutenberg by Crocoblock is a great tool for building websites that need to make extensive use of custom post types.

With JetEngine, you can effectively manage an unlimited number of key-value pairs and dynamically query them on your website without affecting performance or loading time.

Using Dynamic blocks, your design pulls in the content. For instance, here are the dynamic blocks you get with JetEngine from Crocoblock:

Dynamic Field

Dynamic Image

Dynamic Repeater

Dynamic Link

Dynamic terms

Dynamic Meta

JetEngine Listing Grids

JetEngine Listing Grids

Build the dynamic listings and versatile grid layouts for your post types, User listings, and taxonomies to be displayed smartly. Embed and output all the necessary metadata and see how great they can look in the front.

Featured within listing grids, you can Inject listing items within grids while the meta-content is delivered into the layouts you build.

You can also use Maps (easily show precise locations) and calendars (useful for taking appointments, booking services, and more).

Single Base Table with CCT

JetEngine Single Table with CCT

Using Custom Content types and a single base table, Jet Engine allows you to store all of the data (custom fields meta data and others) in structured database tables. Speed up your data search (for users), optimize server resources, and even scale up projects if you need to.

Think of CCT use cases for registration forms, lead generation forms, event sign up data, or complete collections compiled into a single database.

Remember that when you use JetEngine, none of this slows your website down since JetEngine pulls data from backend using effective database queries.

Since all of the CCT data is in one single database table, it’s easier for you to view, export, edit, or collect data if you need it.

End Users Get Personalized Data Stores

Personalize Data stores

Ever wanted to build something on WordPress that sort of remembers users, welcomes them by name, and even showcases content specific to users? You can achieve that with Personalized data stores for individual WordPress site users.

For instance, if there’s a car-subscription business that you built using Jet Engine plugin, each individual user gets to see data that’s unique to that user — including the products, items, listings, and even the content users read, view, save, or like. Each of these interactions are also saved in personalized data cells.

Personalization for WordPress dynamic sites, without you lifting a finger.

Some of the available formats with JetEngine to help you personalize are bookmarks, favourites, comparision tables, recently viewed items (or content), and wishlists.

JetEngine + JetStyle Manager: Be a Styling Pro

JetStyle Manager Plugin Crocoblock

Use JetStyleManager (another plugin from Crocoblock family) and completely control the styling all of these dynamic elements.

All you have to do is to upload and activate the plugin. Using Gutenberg, style and change the way every single component looks in the front end.

One Interface = All Query Types

Сreate complex custom query lists that can be combined on the backend and used to query any data, sections, and filters on the front-end.

Select data from custom tables and combine it into one selection. Show or hide items, columns, and sections provided that the request is empty/not empty.

These are the query types available with Jet Engine plugin

  • CPT & CCT items
  • Terms
  • Users
  • Comments
  • SQL tables

JetEngine: Rest API and CCT Data Management

JetEngine REST API

Create third-party entry points that let you reach, register, and delete any Custom Content Type items you have on the website with REST API Endpoint management.

Make a query to CCT items data via a remote entry point and output them as a good old Listing Grid on any site you need REST API Listings.

JetEngine Forms can be directly integrated into any API, which allows sending the submitted form data to a particular Endpoint URL to make use of REST API Notifications.

JetEngine Integrations

JetEngine Integrations

Want to build a dynamic WordPress site with WooCommerce? Check.

Would you like to use the power of ACF and JetEngine together? Possible.

Want to rank well on search and push your dynamic WordPress site to new heights? Check.

JetEngine For Gutenberg seamlessly integrates with ACF, WooCommerce, Yoast, RankMath, JetFormBuider, and more.

Since JetEngine works with both Gutenberg and Elementor, another world of integrations and features also open up to you.

JetEngine For Gutenberg: Dig these Gutenberg Dynamic blocks

Want more functionality? Use dynamic Gutenberg blocks such as map listings, order form widgets, all of the dynamic blocks and widgets (above), listing grid widget, calendar widget, and more.

Get JetEngine on its own or get access to the complete set of Crocoblock plugins, tools, Dynamic WordPress templates, WordPress themes, and so much more.

If you are raring to go, try the JetEngine Plugin now. Also check out several other magic plugins Crocoblock offers. Plus, check out Crocoblock itself and see what it has in store for you.

Flywheel Growth Suite: Dodge WordPress Agency Problems Now

Flywheel Growth Suite: Dodge WordPress Agency Problems Now

Want to change how you work with WordPress? Learn all about Flywheel web hosting and the new Flywheel Growth Suite below 👇

Whoever said running a web agency, digital marketing agency, or a freelancing business is easy is lying.

Nothing about running a freelancing business or an agency business is anything closely related to “easy”

It feels like pulling teeth just trying to get and keep clients. Meanwhile, most agencies only freelancers only keep getting slaughtered like fish in the ocean (and most don’t even know).

It all begins with the right foundations for WordPress websites (because there are many bad apples in this space). Plus, cheap web hosting costs you more money than you think.

Let’s talk about the basics first:

Flywheel Web Hosting: Class-leading Web Hosting

Flywheel might have been acquired by WPEngine but Flywheel still retains its charm (and it’s charming, indeed). Packed with managed web hosting goodness, it’s one web hosting service that never lets you down.

How do I know? This site is hosted on Flywheel and it never saw downtime, ever (you can add me on Uptime Monitor and I’ll challenge you to it, because I did it).

Flywheel already has a feature-set that you’ll benefit from (and a few others have been added recently). Here are some of those:

Fly with Class-leading Managed Web Hosting

Flywheel WordPress hosting

Flywheel provides you with the best, effortless, and reliable WordPress hosting (and it’s like no other). With Flywheel, you get can intuitive dashboard, easy access to all your sites hosted, ways to collaborate with your team (or clients, or contractors), and growing your business (instead of digging your head in the sand with hosting-related issues).

With Flywheel WordPress hosting, you get:

  • Blazing-fast site speed (backed by the Google Platform) without any fancy configurations.
  • Staging environments (test plugins, test websites, and experiment safely)
  • Free CDN with WordPress-Specific caching (FlyCache)
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free daily backups and easy FTP access
  • Hacker-free security, malware prevention, and
  • Powerful dev tools (if you are itching to tweak)

Read the Flywheel review when you can.

Also read: 12 steps to take before launching your WordPress site

Get 30+ World’s Best WordPress Themes

StudioPress had (and still has) the world’s best WordPress themes. They are fast, without code bloat, classic, and are built to last. Based on the Genesis Framework (which is also included with Flywheel), these are some of the best themes you can lay your hands on.

With a Flywheel account, you get free access to 30+ StudioPress themes included. Period.

Migrate WordPress Sites For Free

Do you already design and/or manage WordPress sites? You can migrate them all over to Flywheel, for free (without break a sweat, and without breaking any of your sites or your clients’ sites).

The experienced pros at Flywheel manage the entire migration process. They do it well, and they do it for free.

Migrate your sites for free now

Manage Plugins Like a Pro

Did you know that you can’t upload and use “any” plugin with several Managed WordPress hosts? If you are guilty of poking your finger with “any” plugin, you are playing with fire.

That’s why most managed WordPress hosts don’t allow you to upload a few plugins.

Those plugins that are allowed, and that you do use still need care and management though. Flywheel makes this easy as well.

Shorten your to-do list (as far as plugins are concerned) while keeping your sites up to date, and extra safe. Always.

Stay Secure with Flywheel SSH pathways

Do you need to manage your site from the terminal?

Flywheel SSH is a service that provides an easy way for developers and sysadmins to connect to their sites. Once connected, many tools (most loved and used) are available & supported by default including:

  • WP-CLI
  • MySQL
  • rsync, and
  • Text editors like Vim, emacs, and nano. You can also use utilities like curl, wget, or zip.

Flywheel SSH will give you access to all these powerful tools without having to install them on your machine. It’s perfect for people who work remotely or have limited time on their hands because it saves them time by not having to download anything while being able to do all this anywhere, anytime (even from your mobile phone).

Flywheel SSH is the best way for developers and sysadmins alike to get what they need done quickly without any hassle

Note: A few notable exceptions to using Flywheel SSH include not able to viewing site logs (but can be downloaded from the dashboard), a few WP-CLI commands are not supported, and core WordPress files (including wp-config.php) are not editable.

Learn more about Flywheel SSH

Launch fast (and impress clients) with Flywheel Local

Deploying a WordPress site, managing it, and showing live prototypes to your client (or to your team) is now easier than ever, thanks to Local by Flywheel.

Take advantage of the following (in style):

  • Automatic and fast WordPress setup with just one click (with SSL included)
  • Save any site as a “blueprint” (reuse later or replicate easily) — this saves all your preset configurations, config files, templates, plugins, and local settings so that you can save time when working on multiple projects.
  • Use root SSH access, WP-CLI, hot-swap environments for easy testing
  • View, test, and debug mail sending (even without going live) thanks to MailCatcher.
  • Log files using PHP, NGINX, and MySQL logs.
  • Push and pull WordPress website builds to servers (like Flywheel and WPEngine) and switch to a streamlined workflow for creating, managing, editing, and collaborating before taking your site live.
  • Use Local’s Magic Sync — Flywheel’s differential deployment technology which intelligently recommends files to update while giving you control over specific files to sync.
  • Send your local WordPress sites to clients (or to your team members or co-workers) using persistent URLs and NOT going live yet.
  • Manage multiple usernames and passwords by seamlessly logging into your WordPress site with a single click
  • Use built-in tools such as Image Optimizer, Instant reload, and many other features to deploy your WordPress site with confidence.
  • Never lose anything to do with your WordPress site build again (for yourself or for your clients). Keep your workspace clean, workflows streamlined, and even push (or pull) files to and from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Did I mention that Local by Flywheel can be used by ANY WordPress user absolutely for free?

Learn more about Local By Flywheel now.

Use Flywheel Multi-domain SSL Certificates

Meanwhile, if you are itching to learn more, get this:

If you’ve ever questioned the pricing of your services, you should check out Flywheel’s latest workshop. We’ll discuss three different pricing models and even go over some real-life examples so you can see it in action for yourself. Check out the workshop here: Flywheel + Confident Pricing.

Do you sometimes struggle when getting a larger potential client to choose your services? Then check out this article to see how other agencies have landed big deals: Land Bigger and Better Clients.

How to Run a Creative Agency Business [Better, Smarter]

Creative agencies are always looking for ways to grow their business and take on more clients. But with so many distractions, ups and downs, struggles, issues, and real-world business problems (like cashflows), it can be difficult to focus on the right things.

What distractions, you ask? [Oh, you didn’t feel the pain yet?]:

  • Getting high-quality clients can be like finding a needle in a haystack (which is constantly).
  • You can’t do justice to anything the clients ask for (such as speed up my website, prevent malware intrusions, protect my WordPress site from vulnerability, or load my site in 3 seconds or less) when you host sites on cheap web hosting (and that’s where Flywheel really shines through).
  • You have no idea which clients will stay on and who’ll ghost on you. This makes revenue tracking, revenue management, cashflow management, profits, and managing your business harder than doing benchpress as a toddler.
  • Thanks to the uncertainty, billing and invoicing is just as unpredictable as monsoons.
  • If you are bogged down with workflows, documents, design assets, content assets, graphics, templates, and plugins, putting your clients first is hard (or impossible).
  • Since this is WordPress we are talking about (regardless of the kind of WordPress business you run), managing various apps, plugins, software, templates, and some more plugins is “uncertain, risky, prone to fail, or it might all just break your site”.

There has to be a better way to run a WordPress-based business (be it content production for WordPress sites or building plugins or templates for WordPress).

That’s why, Flywheel created Growth Suite.

The Growth Suite by Flywheel is one of the most powerful tools yet, built for freelancers, web agencies, WordPress specialist services, design agencies, freelance designers, WordPress service providers, and more.

It’s a comprehensive suite that includes everything you need to market your products and services online, manage your clients, get paid on time (every time), and manage workflows faster (and better).

Here’s what the Growth Suite offers:

As the folks at Flywheel put it,

“Growth Suite was built specifically for growing agencies and freelancers and brings all of these processes together under one roof, one umbrella, one login for client management, subscription and one time billing, growth and revenue insights, and managed WordPress hosting. “

FlyWheel Growth Suite: Features and benefits

 Armed to teeth with an arsenal of tools, features, and benefits for growing design agencies, WordPress-based businesses, WordPress service companies, and freelancers, the Growth Suite does (and gives) what it sounds like: Everything you need to manage, sustain, and grow your WordPress business.

Flywheel growth suite

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Flywheel Growth Suite offers:

Growth dashboard

Flywheel growth suite dashboard

The growth dashboard is your virtual cockpit of everything you need to know in a single glance. Login and wise up.

The growth dashboard also gives you cash flow insights at your fingertips

The Growth dashboard is the backbone of FlyWheel Growth suite, providing you with a bird’s eye view of your financials. You can track critical data in real-time and put the spotlight on what needs attention so that you stay on top of your finances.

Recurring and one-time invoicing

Flywheel growth suite invoicing
Flywheel growth suite send invoices

Subscriptions, recurring invoicing (and the usual standard Invoicing) are the pulsating heart of your WordPress business. Take advantage of simple (yet powerful) invoicing tools that fit your client’s needs (and yours).

Switch on a well-oiled machine as far as Invoicing, billing, and managing subscriptions go.

Want some inspiration to sell services for recurring revenue? Here are at least 7 services You Can Sell For Recurring Revenue

Client management With Flywheel Growth Suite

Manage clients in one place
Flywheel growth suite client management

No clients = no business.

A large part of profitability comes from managing existing clients though. House all your clients and their information in a single client management system, right inside your FlyWheel account.  

Looking to land your first big client? Apart from confidence, hustle, and charisma, here how to land your first big client

Client reports in Flywheel Growth Suite

Flywheel growth suite branded reports
Manage clients in one place

Everyone advocates “value-based pricing” or “retainers”. Why would anyone pay unless you show consistent value? If you do have your finger on the pulse of a clients’ website growth (and success), how will you prove it?

Instead of investing in “another reporting tool”, the “client reports” feature inside Flywheel growth suite helps you show (and prove) that you earned your right to bread.

Clients want to know how you Prove your value to then, and you can show off all the great work you do thanks to agency-branded reports with Flywheel.

Send your clients automated, recurring agency-branded reports. Include things like hosting stats, maintenance updates, Google Analytics, and even add custom message from you (with your brand on). The report PDFs will be accessible right in the client portal.

How cool is that, eh?

Flywheel Growth Suite: Bulk site management

Growth Suite by Flywheel makes it easy to manage your sites, pages and content with the bulk site management feature. Growth Suite you can spend less time managing sites, and more time making money.

Get a single place for you to get important information you need about your sites with bulk site management. Gone are the days of going into each site individually to make business decisions, complete tasks, and managing WordPress sites saving you time and relieving workflow hassles.

Bill Confidently with Flywheel Growth Suite: Fully integrated with Stripe

Bill clients directly
Flywheel growth suite billing section

Stripe is already powerful enough and comes with bank-grade security, dependability, and several features within Stripe. Flywheel Growth Suite is fully-integrated with Stripe to allow you to securely bill your clients with confidence.

Automated communication

How many hours in a week do you spend just emailing this way or that with your clients? An Adobe survey of over 1,000 office workers in the U.S found that usual employees spent an average of 3.1 hours a day on email related to work — that’s an average of 5.6 hours of your valuable time each day just on email.

Since you run your own business (and the stakes of not checking your emails — including client communication, client briefs, responses to outreach, and more — are rather high), you’ll spend decided more time on email.

You can save some of this work (and hence time which is money) with the automated communication feature with FlyWheel Growth Suite.

Emails are automatically sent with your brand to your clients (on aspects that you don’t need to spend time on such as WordPress updates successfully done, billing confirmation emails, and others).

Your brand, You In The Driver Seat

Flywheel Growth suite allows you to completely brand everything inside — from white-labeled temporary domains, client portal, and client emails — so that your clients know that it’s you all over the place.

Meanwhile, all the awesomeness you do with your WordPress design business or WordPress marketing business is backed by the powerful managed web hosting, infrastructure, and backups by Flywheel.

Resell managed WordPress hosting

Resell wordpress hosting services

Want to make even more money with WordPress? Try to resell managed WordPress hosting.

Why? You are an expert at what you do. Your clients might not have thought about it at all (some of them still don’t)

If you are a WordPress design business, take a step forward and set the right foundations for your clients with blazing-fast managed WordPress hosting, daily backups, malware protection, and more.

Are you a content marketing agency or digital marketing agency focused on clients on WordPress?

You’ll need more of the above so that you focus on the back-breaking content production, design, and digital marketing side of work while letting Flywheel give you the awesome support (plus hosting, backups, vulnerability protection, and more).

Do you design WordPress sites? Do you sell WordPress themes and WordPress plugins? Do you focus purely on digital marketing (including content creation, ads, and other aspects)?

Earn monthly recurring revenue by including Flywheel’s services in your monthly maintenance packages. More services to sell, more revenue, and better cash flow.

Run the show with Client portal

Get your own client portal and run your WordPress agency business the way you should be (hope this was launched way earlier saving countless man-hours).

A customer portal where your clients can securely submit payments, edit contact information, and contact you directly. All of this in place.

Brad & Timothy Don’t Drink Kool-Aid

All this is not “corporate blah blah” or sales speak. There are several agencies and freelancers who’ve already succeed with Flywheel.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Growth Suite is the evolution of billing for freelancers and agencies that we’ve been missing. It’s hands-down the best way to bill your clients.” —

Brad Hogan,


“Everything has been seamless and all of the features are incredibly helpful. Previously, I had no clue what my monthly income was, now I’m tracking my overall ROI and making data-informed decisions.”

Timothy Farzalo, Web Designer / Online Strategy / Consultations Thunderlight Media.

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Free WordPress Plugins That Make Money [Guaranteed]

Free WordPress Plugins That Make Money [Guaranteed]

Use WordPress for your business or use it as a blog. Here are Free WordPress Plugins That Make Money [Guaranteed] 💰 👇

You use WordPress. You have a website (or a blog, a portal, or what have you). Yet, you struggle to make money with it?

Understandable. WordPress is a powerful blogging platform with over 60 million websites. It has been estimated that WordPress powers about 20% of all the websites on the internet.

However, those numbers don’t impress anyone who’s still looking to make the famous “one-click install” worth it for themselves.

WordPress can be used for any type of website, and it’s really easy to use. That’s where the “easy” part ends.

Everything else with digital marketing takes super-human effort (if you thought it was easy, you are wrong). However, these free WordPress plugins really makes things easier for you. Read along:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yes, I know that you know about it. You just don’t use it as much, you don’t use it right, and you have no idea just how much value the free Yoast plugin already has in store for you.

This plugin is the most popular WordPress Plugin for search engine optimization (SEO). It’s easy to use and it will make your blog or website more visible on Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search.

More traffic = more money in your pocket.Use it the right way and you have almost instant traffic coming in. Set up the plugin the right way (such as meta tags for pages and posts and others) and you are good to go.

It’s easy to use (just focus on getting the SEO basics and readability right). Also, make use of the Schema tab (most people don’t).

While you are on the topic of SEO, remember that the Yoast SEO plugin won’t just help you make bank automatically.

You’ll need a solid content marketing strategy (which is a big ass name for something as simple as publishing velocity — the speed and frequency with which you publish content).

Pretty Links For WordPress

Are you into affiliate marketing? Do you contantly publish (across the web) in several formats, starting with the bred-and-butter blog posts? You’ll need Pretty links.

This WordPress plugin is easy to use (just install it and follow the installation instructions) and gives your links a bit of style.

Say goodbye to big, bad, and unwieldy affiliate links and use nice looking links such as

This also makes it easier for you to just “say it” when you do podcasts, YouTube videos, and teach online courses.

Affiliate is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry, in case I see you frowning your eyebrows. In some cases, it’s collectively larger than the startup ecosystem in a few countries.

JetFormBuilder by Crocoblock

JetFormBuilder by Crocoblock might be free. However, the way it’s built and the functionality it provides makes it worth paying for (but that’s optional for you).

With the JetForm Builder, you can create beautiful forms (of all kinds) and that includes forms with dates and time, forms with Stripe connectivity, multi-step forms, and so much more.

You get a lot more when you go premium but even the free version is worth a lot. Use your forms properly and it’s your ticket to making money.

Interested? Read a complete review of JetFormBuilder by Crocoblock here.

JetFormBuilder Plugin Review: Hitting  Outta The Park

JetFormBuilder Plugin Review: Hitting Outta The Park

Want your WordPress forms to get you results while they look awesome? Checkout this JetFormBuilder Plugin Review for WordPress review 👇

Normally, WordPress form plugins are just that: WordPress form plugins. They help you create forms. But most of us don’t use the full-potential of these plugins. At most, we have contact forms and a few other forms on our website.

This JetFormBuilder Plugin review, however, is going to change that. It’s going to make you think in a different direction. You are going to start dreaming up in the shower (or wherever it is that doubles up as a dream zone).

The JetFormBuilder Plugin — by the awesome folks at Crocoblock — is a WordPress form plugin that is designed for enhanced functionality, customization, and ease of use for WordPress users.

However, it’s no ordinary plugin: you can transform the way you do business with the JetFormBuilder plugin. In fact, The JetBuilder form plugin for WordPress is a game changer:

Watch this video by WPtuts and see it for yourself:

What can JetFormBuilder Plugin do?

A lot. More than that you’ll actually use it for.

For starters, with JetFormBuilder you can create forms in minutes without having to code anything.

JetFormBuilder plugin for WordPress

Think of the kind of forms that can help your business: You care create all of the types of forms on WordPress, with absolute control on design and functionality (without code):

  • Registration forms
  • Contact forms
  • User-controlled updation of user profiles
  • Email subscription forms
  • Appointment booking forms
  • Complete application forms (for signing up job applicants, partners for your partner programs or affiliate programs, onboarding clients, and more),
  • Booking forms, and more.

All of the forms you’ll create will be gutenberg ready. You have more than 18+ field blocks to work with and the ability to add custom HTML and a free styling plugin as well.

Create forms on the front-end (what you see is what you get) as easy as you create an email (ok, not exactly! You get the point though).

The builder makes it easy to create beautiful looking contact forms or membership signup forms. You can also integrate the plugin with your favorite email marketing service provider like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and more so that leads are automatically added into your email list as they submit their information on your website.

Or, you could create forms to accept payments on WordPress, complete with an Addon for Stripe.

Alternatively, you can create Stripe links and use it in your forms as well.

This blog post will discuss how JetFormBuilder plugin beats other WordPress form plugins out of the park by being more functional and easier to use than any other form plugin on the market.

Let’s see how:

Go nuts with Form Field Types [Stretch your imagination]

With more than 18+ field types, you have your bases covered as to what forms you can create on your WordPress site.

Think about your business, end user experience you want to achieve, and the functionality you need. Chances are that you can do all of that, and more with just the JetFormBuilder plugin and nothing more.

Avoiding the obvious ones (such as text), let’s see how a few of the special field types work [+ Ideas for your Business]:

The Select and Radio Field Type

Using the JetFormBuilder’s “Select” Field type, create simple drop downs letting your visitors choose options. This, by itself, lends itself to several use cases.

  • Allow your visitors options to choose from (which gives you more information about them).
  • Match user selected options to use for “email marketing segmentation” by using tags, segmented groups, and other features that email service providers such as ConvertKit and Mailchimp [Shameless plug: Sign up for the free online course on MailChimp]. The JetForm builder plugin also has additional Addons for ConvertKit to help you save even more time with this.
Select field for JetFormBuilder plugin for WordPress

You can also narrow down choices by using simple radio buttons to let your visitors provide you with information, such:

  • How would they like being contacted? Email or phone?
  • Topics they would be interested in? Paid ads or organic marketing?
  • Frequency of emails they’d like to receive? Weekly or Monthly?

Simple. Yet, amazing. Eh?

The Hidden field type

The JetFormBuilder plugin helps you do crazy magic behind the forms available for your visitors, potential customers, and others to see.

For instance, you could automatically calculate tax, shipping fees for a user while they fill out a form to select the services they need (as shown).

hidden fields JetFormBuilder plugin

Also use the hidden field for:

  • Using this metadata for internal segmentation
  • Source and sort data (depending on form inputs) to your email marketing tools, CRM systems, and other tools in your marketing stack.
  • Collect additional data about your leads while you use forms on landing pages.

The “Calculated” Field Type

Here’s where the JetFormBuilder plugin gets really interesting. You can have your forms calculate numbers (most often, it’s the total cost that you’d be interested in) but you can stretch your imagination here.

Let users select a slew of services and service addons (each with varying prices) and the form calculates the amount for your users. Just like that.

See how that looks like:

Calculate functionality WordPress forms

Your potential customers can then proceed to make payments with PayPal or Stripe as well.

The Number, Date, and Time Fields

Using the JetFormBuilder plugin alone, you can have interactive forms that allow users to choose numbers (inventory?), dates and times (for appointments? Call Scheduling?) and submit that information to you.

Remember that you can change the styling of these numbers, data, and time field inputs (includes typography, colors, and more) and make the forms reflect your brand.

See how this works:

Number Date Time fields JetFormBuilder plugin

Forms with Media Inputs & WYSWYG

Who says WordPress forms have to be boring? You can have your users provide information to you in the form of media too: have users submit images, photos, screenshots (especially useful for customer support), and maybe even videos.

Media inputs for WordPress forms

Use the media input field to:

  • Collect testimonials
  • Images of your customers actually using your products
  • Video feedback (or testimonials), and more.

All of this functionality with the simple WYSWYG editor: Just drag-and-drop elements or other field inputs to create your form.

Create Multi-step Forms (Headers, Form Break, & Group Break)

Did you know that using multi-step forms can help boost conversions?

Read up on some amazing information on Multi-step form stats, examples, and more.

Here’s a demo of how a multi-step form looks like, compared to a regular form.

Multi step form examples

With the JetFormBuilder Plugin, you can create multi-step forms for WordPress just as easily as you’d create regular forms.

Create multi-step forms as it were or by using the “form break” feature inside JetFormBuilder. You can also choose to use the “group break” feature to create sets of fields appropriate for “sections” inside a form.

Smart Forms & Smart Features With JetFormBuilder Plugin

Conditional Logic for forms

By using smart features inside the JetFormBuilder, you can make your forms adapt to user inputs.

For instance, using conditional fields you can make certain form fields show up (or hide), appear (or disappear) depending on user inputs.

Alternatively, determine what actions happen after users submit forms by using the “conditional actions” feature.

Input Dynamic Value

The full list of use cases for dynamic value input is beyond the scope of this JetFormBuilder plugin review, but it’s interesting enough to note that you can boost the user experience multi-fold just by using the “Dynamic values” feature.

Dynamic Entries for Forms

With the Dynamic values feature, some other fields in the form will be pre-filled (by automatic inputs from the database).

Let’s say an existing customer or an email subscriber is trying to fill up a form (say a WordPress form to sell your services), some of these form fields will automatically populate based on the user data already inside your database.

User-friendly (& Result-oriented) Forms for WordPress

Loaded with other features such as step indicators (something like a progress bar) and AJAX reload (Reload forms dynamically using AJAX), WordPress forms can not only be beautiful and functional but also result-oriented and fast.

User friendly WordPress forms

Throw in other features (above) such as pre-filled values, placeholder text, page break, group break, multi-step forms, and dynamic values and you have magic on your hands.

Form Validation

For all the effort you take trying to build forms for WordPress, spam is a real problem. You need ways to battle it.

Thankfully, there’s form validation available with the JetFormBuilder plugin for WordPress.

Form Validation WordPress

Just by enabling form validation for your forms, ensure a better lead score, higher conversation rates, and high quality submissions for your WordPress forms.

See how form validation looks like:

Form Submit Actions [ Guided Post Form Submission Journeys]

What happens after your visitors, users, or customers submit a form? In most cases, for most WordPress, there’s just a bland message saying “thank you”. You can do more and actually control the entire journey from form submission to exactly what you want your users to do.

Post form submission journey

The use cases for form submission are many (agreed), but you can choose how it all works out.

  • Start with the frond-end form creation (with the JetFormBuilder) such as letting users fill up forms, add new information (which automatically creates content — such as adding or updating real estate listings).
  • Allow users to update their profiles, add new information to their profiles, or create new profiles altogether.
  • Redirect to other dedicated pages on your site (such as a dedicated thank you page purposefully built in a way that helps you get more results such as cross-selling, upselling, making one-time offers, or signing up for other products. You can also redirect to home pages, checkout pages, or other pages as well.
  • Automatically connect with third-party webhooks and automatically send lead information (or those who fill up forms for various use cases) to CRM systems, email service providers, and more. You can also use Zapier to connect with thousands of apps (if you need to).
  • Have users automatically subscribe to mailing lists (which you can also sort, tag and segment automatically) and connect with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, ConvertKit, and more.
  • Accept donations or payments with PayPal after form submission.

Of course, you can do more (just think about what you need to achieve).

Go pro with JetFormBuilder Addons

You could do a lot of the above with the absolutely free version of the JetFormBuilder plugin.

JetFormBuilder Plugin Pro Adds

Go pro and load up on several addons (will require a paid version of JetFormBuilder plugin for WordPress), and you can do even more.

Get access to more features such as:

  • Select autocomplete
  • Address autocomplete
  • Schedule forms
  • Limit form responses
  • Saving form progress
  • Connecting with HubSpot
  • Connecting with some other email service providers such as ConvertKit, MailPoet, MooSend, and MailerLite.
  • Integrating your forms with Stripe to accept payments.

Whether you choose the free JetForm builder plugin or the paid version, you always have access to support and help (not to mention helpful documentation, resources, and guides) to help.

What magic are you going to create with the JetFormBuilder for WordPress? Did I miss anything in this JetFormBuilder Plugin review?

Please do let me know.

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