10Web Review: Host, Build, & Manage WordPress Websites

10Web Review: Host, Build, & Manage WordPress Websites

The 10web platform is a Google Cloud Platform Partner and aims to solve the typical headaches associated with building, hosting, and managing WordPress websites for small business owners.

  • Did you just happen to waste time, resources (and then some more time) just to launch a WordPress website for your business?
  • Do you find yourself lost in the sea of hosting options, WordPress themes, and scores of plugins available for you to use?
  • Despite all these products & services, are you suffering from the paradox of choice?
  • Do you stand the risk of letting low-quality, ultra-cheap hosting slowing down your website?
  • Do you find yourself wasting time fixing stuff with your WordPress website, looking for WordPress specialists, or looking for some sort of Support for WordPress related issues?
  • Are your plugins, themes, and hosting incompatible?
  • Are you concerned about your website’s safety?
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These are all real issues most WordPress owners face (I know that since my websites are almost always built with WordPress). The 10Web platform, in essence, strives to solve all those problems (and then some more).

As Arto Minasyan, 10Web Founder, states,

“…33% of the internet is powered by WordPress. It’s a CMS that offers a lot of freedom, a lot of functional to the user, but isn’t easy. Thanks to 10Web, you can host, build, and publish a WordPress website and activate all the crucial services in just minutes.”

What is 10Web? Why Should you Care?

In the world of WordPress, this is how it normally goes:

Once you arrive at this point, you’ll see that a few things start to happen:

The 10Web Platform helps you with each of those points, with distinct offers (all included within your plan). Right off the bat, you get the following:

Managed hosting on Google Cloud

Corporate data centers are out; Cloud hosting is in.

Spotify, HSBC, Home Depot, Snapchat, Evernote, HTC, Best Buy, Philips, Coca Cola, Domino’s, Feedly, ShareThis, Sony Music, and Ubisoft: What’s common between the following brands?

Answer: They all use The Google Cloud platform.

According to Brian Jackson of Kinsta, more than 84% of IT managers prefer Google Cloud Infrastructure and platform compared to anything else out there in the market.

Cloud hosting preferences

Image Credits: Kinsta

The Google Cloud Platform boasts of a global network. According to Alex of Techcrunch,

The Power is in the Network.”

Alex believes that the one thing that sets Google Cloud Hosting apart from some of the other players is that their network is one of the biggest in the world.

In short, the Google Cloud Platform is blazing fast, it’s connected, it’s everywhere, and it’s accessible to everyone (even better than AWS and others).

Now, the 10Web platform brings to absolutely everyone, including those who are non-tech savvy (or simply just don’t want to grapple with the monstrosity that Google Cloud platform can be).

With the 10Web Platform, every website you build on the platform is automatically hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

Website Builder (On top of Elementor)

It’s a pain to customize WordPress sites to make your website look exactly the way you  want (or if you want to make your website work like a sales machine, like I do and like I want all your websites to do as well).

WordPress website builders like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder are truly God-sent for regular folks like me who don’t want to hire WordPress experts for every bit of customization I want to make (which I do, more often than not).

But then, unless you are a business owner looking to build multiple websites, a freelancer who helps build websites, a digital agency, or a web design agency investing in tools like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder is an overkill.

You get access to a website builder (built on top of Elementor) within the 10Web platform. So, for the price of hosting a single website, you get serious, Elementor-like website building chops.

Free Templates? Go bonkers

Free Elementor Templates

Small business owners, startup founders, and other earnest entrepreneurs don’t have the time to sit and wonder, or scratch and wait. They need to get things done, and that was yesterday.

With free WordPress themes and templates, your work gets easier. Pick a template, add your logo, make customizations to your site, add your content, and you are done.

Thanks to free templates from 10Web, you can speed up your workflow and create a website much faster than you thought possible.

If you are in a hurry, just choose one of the templates from the 10web gallery and go.

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50+ Premium Plugins

There are a few super plugins that are free (or at least have a freemium thing going on). Then, you need to pay for several other plugins.

You’ll see that you’d have to make multiple purchases for absolutely every single functionality you need for your website.

While you’ll still have to purchase other plugins that you need, the folks at 10Web have already built a few premium plugins that you’ll find useful such as the form maker, Google Maps, MailChimp, e-commerce, Google Analytics, and several others.

The price of subscription for the cheapest plan for 10Web platform more than covers for the value you get out these 50+ premium plugins alone.

Daily WordPress Backups

Wordpress backup

Show me a WordPress owner (and that’s like 63% of the web) and I’ll show you ten more who’ve lost everything they created and built just because they didn’t have backups in place. Several managed WordPress hosting providers such as Kinsta, Flywheel, WPEngine, and Cloudways already have daily backups options.

So does the 10Web platform. Daily backups of your WordPress website are taken automatically so that you can always switch back to the latest version available if something happens to your WordPress website.

Security Services

Wordpress security services

Here’s the kicker with the 10web platform, you don’t just get a “platform”; you also get services, starting with a robust set of security services for your WordPress website.

If you were ever worried about your WordPress website’s security and if you wanted to protect your site from hackers, vulnerable scripts, malicious code, or if you’d like to recover your website from a recent hacking event, it’s all possible with the 10web platform.

The 10web platform has security services such as vulnerability scanning, scheduled scans (unlimited), file changes scanning, and more. It’s free and it’s included in your package.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Want a super-fast WordPress website? You should then be concerned about your images and files. While there’s a right way to upload media to your servers, not everyone has the time or the know-how to do it.

That’s why the 10Web Platform has WordPress Speed optimization services starting with image optimization which includes:

  • Automatic Image Optimization — automatically optimizes each image as you upload them to your WordPress site
  • Media type conversion: Convert jpg to png, gif to png, jpg to webP, and back.
  • Compression modes and bulk image/file optimization.
  • Media library optimization and upto 90% image compression.
  • Reporting

SEO Services

10Web WordPress SEO Services

Seo isn’t dead. It just keeps changing so fast that no average entrepreneur can ever catch up with the demands of being found on Google. Further, most of the good SEO practices will require the use of proper tools like SEMRush, ahrefs, or others.

If you aren’t going to get your hands dirty with full-time SEO, you’d at least need to take care of the basics.

Thankfully, the 10Web Platform has SEO features and services built-in too. You get XML sitemaps, canonical URLs, custom metadata for pages and posts, redirects, social media previews, technical analysis for your site’s SEO, reports, and search analytics as well.

Talking about analytics and reports…

Analytics & Reports

10web Analytics

The secret to doing well with digital marketing is to track, visualize, and analyze. Yes, of course, you do have Google Analytics (and you should have this working for you). You also have some amazing tools today such as MonsterInsights, Mouseflow, HotJar, Heap Analytics, and MixPanel.

For most people, however, just dealing with analytics is painful. For instance, customizing Google analytics reports the way it makes sense for your business isn’t as straightforward as clicking the back button on your browser.

What metrics to track? How to track metrics to make proper decisions? Have you connected your website to analytics properly?

If you are on the 10web platform, you get a fantastic analytics suite with the numbers, metrics, and important KPIs handed over to you on a platter (sorry, on the screen).

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Apart from complete analytics reports, you also get custom reports; front-end reports; WordPress dimensions; e-commerce tracking; alerts & notifications; proper goal management;  Adsense and Google Ads Integration.

With just a few clicks, you can also set up custom tracking codes to exclude traffic from certain users (such as you and your team), role types, IP addresses, countries, cities, or regions.

Go ahead and try The 10Web Platform out for a 7-day Free Trial.

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Top Advantages of WordPress Revisited

Top Advantages of WordPress Revisited

Top advantages of WordPress. Why would I write about it since it’s assumed that everyone knows?

Most people still don’t know. Even if they do, it’s not the complete picture and certainly not in relation to the options out there.

If you look around now (Go ahead, do a Google search), you’ll way too many DIY website builders than you can count (or more than you care). The choices are so many that you might just give up altogether (which you really cannot) or maybe you’ll really struggle to figure out what your website should be based on.

Would you use WordPress? Webflow? Weebly? Webydo? Duda? Wix? Shopify? Builderall? HubSpot?

Where should you even begin? I know. The choices are tough. But if you are just starting out, the choice of platform for your website is fairly easy to make.

Just start with WordPress.


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It has advantages that the other platforms won’t be able to provide for you. Several advantages that other platforms have over WordPress are easily overcome if you care to “fix” stuff, use a plugin or two, or start with the right WordPress-based solutions while you’ll still stick to WordPress business site or blog.

Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress that the other platforms (not even Webflow) can match:

Speed of starting & Going Codeless

Webflow is the only other platform that can match WordPress today. That would make you think that Webflow is the default choice for you then? No. Webflow isn’t for everyone (just as WordPress is not necessarily for everyone either).

With Webflow, you’d be able to build websites from scratch without code. However, it’s not the drag-and-drop experience like it is with Unbounce or Leadpages (which are both used for landing pages and not for websites unless you want to take LeadPages sites into account).

With Webflow, you’d still have to get used to visual design but with a wee bit of tinkering with code on the side (which won’t look like actual coding).

WordPress, however, allows you to build websites without ever looking anything that looks like <html> or <script>.

Start with popular theme sources, pick individual themes or theme power packs such as JupiterX. Choose a drag-and-drop WordPress builder like Divi or Elementor. Customize any theme you’ve chosen earlier.

You won’t see code, ever.

WordPress Themes: The Art of Dressing Up

What would you like your design to be? Do you want to build a blog with WordPress? A magazine maybe? A proper business website? A directory? You can use WordPress to build absolutely anything without breaking a sweat as long as you have two things that you’d need:

  • A WordPress theme (Check out Studiopress, Envato, or various other third-party sources such as Crocoblock or Yootheme)
  • Chances are that the WordPress theme you’d choose (for the purposes you are building your WordPress website for) is more than enough. But in case you want to make changes, you might want to use Elementor or Divi.

That’s it. With your base WordPress theme and Divi or Elementor, you can make anything happen and you don’t need superheroic coding skills for that.

WordPress Hosting Goodness

The advantage of using popular CMS such as WordPress is that there’s an ecosystem of scrumptious startups, SaaS tools, Hosting solutions, and a bewildering array of other solutions that are dedicated to WordPress.

Only WordPress commands such importance, and for WordPress several solutions exist (of all kinds). Of those, it’s amazing to see so many awesome hosting solutions available for us today (you don’t ever have to pay the shared hosting tax again).

With WordPress specialist hosting available such as Kinsta, Flywheel, WPEngine, and 10Web, you’d never have to worry about your WordPress sites getting hacked, actively managing scripts on your hosting servers, fighting malware, worrying about backups, and suffering downtimes of any sort.

If you are the kinds who need complete control on server deployment (but still have it easy), use Cloudways

Cloudways allows you the freedom to pick from over five top cloud hosting providers such as Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr, and DigitalOcean and several other features.

Joomla doesn’t have that kind of Goodness. Drupal doesn’t either. See where I am going with this?

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WordPress sites are Marketing Ready

After your website is ready, what do you do? Most businesses don’t do crap. They just let their websites fester or ruin. Most websites just sit there and rot.

But you aren’t like those businesses; at least, you don’t want to be.

You want your website to actually make you money (ultimately). Before money changes hands, your customers have to find your business. Then, they’d need to trust you enough.

That’s where marketing kicks in. At this point, most other platforms break.

Wix doesn’t integrate with MailChimp, for instance. It’s also hard for you to integrate any other email marketing tool such as Drip, Convert kit, or anything else with Wix.

SquareSpace integrates with a few tools but not with everything (just hope that the tools you use already integrate with SquareSpace).

Use WordPress, and you’ll have an SEO-ready website right out of the box. Plus, you can integrate absolutely everything with WordPress. Period.

These integrations are possible even if you use WordPress builders like Elementor or Divi.

Everything is Built for WordPress

As you run your business, you’ll notice that the Infrastructure ( such as hosting solutions like Kinsta, Flywheel, Cloudways or WPEngine) and WordPress itself is only a part of the equation.

Then comes digital marketing. But then, your business will need more.

  • Intercom, LiveChat or Drift for chatting with potential customers
  • Opt-in forms and lead generation systems for collecting leads
  • A full CRM system for maintaining details of customers and/or leads.
  • A way to add e-commerce functionality to your store (use Woocommerce maybe? or Connect your Shopify store or BigCommerce store to your WordPress site?)

You’ll notice that you’ll need several other tools directly related to your business. Thankfully, WordPress also allows you to integrate with everything else you need (apart from marketing, analytics, or lead generation tools).

It’s true that WordPress isn’t perfect.

Sometimes, WordPress sucks. But then, a lot of your business success really depends on you and not on the platform.

However, you want your chosen platform to do as much as it can for you without hiccups.

For that, you can’t beat WordPress while Webflow comes close. Period.

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Elementor For Marketing: How It Shames Your Marketing Stack

Elementor For Marketing: How It Shames Your Marketing Stack

Elementor started as a WordPress builder — a simple plugin that was supposed to make your life easier as you start working with WordPress to build your business website (or to help create or customize WordPress themes if you were working for clients).

It started that way but quickly grew into a monster tool that can help you do wonders with WordPress. You can get a lot done with the free Elementor Plugin but the magic really happens with Elementor Pro.

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Apart from all the WordPress design based goodness that comes with Elementor, you should note that Elementor also comes with absolutely everything you need to make your WordPress website a lead generation machine or a sales machine.

Thanks to all the marketing superpowers that you can build with Elementor, you can practically cut down on your marketing stack spend and just use elementor and nothing else.

Build Pixel Perfect, Fast-loading WordPress Websites

Elementor helps you create and design WordPress websites that are built for conversions, of course.

To make your WordPress websites load fast, however, you can’t depend on your shared hosting. Consider managed hosting instead.

Here are a few options:

Kinsta (built on top of Google Cloud Computing)

Flywheel (make use of staging, CDN, free SSL, and other cool features such as Local By Flywheel)

WPEngine (you also get Studiopress for free, along with tons of other features)

10Web (comes with Elementor pre-loaded along with several other premium plugins as well)

Pick one of those hosting solutions specifically built for WordPress, add the Elementor Pro plugin, and then build your site.

Options for building your website using Elementor:

Use Popups for Lead Generation

You can debate about whether or not you use should use pop-ups for lead generation.

If I were you, I’d use them.

Why? Because Popups work.

You are running a business not a social benefits program. Haters are going to hate (and they are also the ones that struggle to generate leads).

To create, design, and implement pop-ups on your site, you’d have to use OptinMonster or Sumo — and each of those tools will cost money.

If you don’t want to spend on OptinMonster, for instance, you could choose to use Elementor Pop-ups.

Elementor’s Pop-up builder is a design-first, mobile-ready, incredibly easy to use Pop-up builder with everything you need to launch exit-intent pop-ups, e-commerce specific pop-ups, page-specific (or category specific) pop-ups, and more.

Build Landing Pages With Elementor

Do-it-Yourself Landing Page Builders such as Unbounce or LeadPages give you speed, efficiency, and agility when it comes to creating landing pages.

With Unbounce and Leadpages, you get pixel-perfect landing pages while they are fast loading and AMP-ready. Both of those tools help you create landing pages in 5 minutes or less.

If you don’t have the budget for a full-fledged landing page builders, you don’t have to break a sweat.

You can just use Elementor’s drag-and-drop landing page builder to build landing pages that’ll still give you the results you seek.

You can choose to remove the headers and footers on your landing pages, choose not to show any extra links (such as the footer links or nav links), and make your landing pages super-focused, on-brand, and those that will share the same domain (since you are building pages using Elementor, right on your domain).

Plus, you can grow your email list as you can connect your landing pages with an email service provider that you use such as Mailchimp or Drip so that you can trigger autoresponders, deliver lead magnets, nurture your email subscribers, and more.

Note: Divi WordPress builder also allows you to create landing pages which you can integrate with your email service provider of your choice (you just need a workaround for this).

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Invoke FOMO with Evergreen Countdown Timers

As Sharon writes on OptinMonster,

“Let’s face it, nobody likes feeling they’ve been left behind”.

There are countless instances in the past when I skipped on certain discounts and periodic offers on some of my favorite Marketing tools only to come back and see those prices go back to usual.

This either forces me to pay up the full price or maybe just give up (which is a huge opportunity cost).

More than 69% of millennials online are reactive, impulse, and “got to have this now, at this rate” kind of buyers. More than half of the 3 billion people active on social media are also sensitive to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

While those are facts, you should also realize as a business that you can’t keep making discounts or other offers throughout the year. So, as such, making time-sensitive offers is a Win-Win for you as a business and for your customers too.

That’s why it makes sense to use countdown timers when you launch offers. But you don’t have to take the “fancy javascript way” to create countdown timers.

With Elementor, countdown timers are available as widgets for you to just drag and drop wherever you want it to be.

Build Forms Visually With Elementor (On the Front end)

Your WordPress forms are the window of opportunity for your potential visitors to connect with you. More often than not, however, those windows usually don’t work. There are more forms on WordPress that don’t work than those that do.

With some exceptional WordPress form builders such as WPforms, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and several others, you can’t sit there doing nothing when your WordPress forms don’t work.

If you don’t have access to any of these WordPress form plugins, you could make use of Elementor’s form builder which helps you create all sorts of forms from scratch (with the occasional need to use WPForms and one of its many add-ons, depending on your use cases).

With the Elementor Form Builder, the entire form-building experience is on the front-end (just like you’d design a pop-up).

Elementor Integrations Galore

Elementor is a powerhouse WordPress builder and it integrates with practically any marketing tool, app, or SaaS application that you’d find the need to integrate with.

If you don’t find a native Elementor integration in there, you can use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps anyway.

  • Landing page + Email Service Provider + CRM + Google Spreadsheet? Check
  • Lead sign up on Elementor Pop-up + Gmail notification to your Inbox? Check
  • Sale on Woocommerce + Drip Notification + Customer Onboarding Sequence? Check.

You get the drift?

Push & Nudge with Sticky Bars

If you wanted sticky bars on the top of your site to push and nudge your website visitors towards an impromptu sale you just launched or if you wanted to drive signups to your primary lead magnet, you’d have to run amok to find various plugins (many to choose) to get those sticky bars up. Or you’d have to use Hello Bar.

Have an Unbounce or Leadpages account? Both of those landing page builders provide you with features to create alert bars or sticky bars, of course.

But what if you don’t have Unbounce or Leadpages account and if you don’t want to upload and use another WordPress plugin just for sticky bars?

Elementor provides you with sticky bars, of course. Without using any external, third-party tools, you can create alert bars or sticky bars to help push and nudge your website visitors to take actions that mean something for your business.

If you are just starting from scratch or if you are about to design a WordPress website for your business, you are truly in a good place. Using Elementor Pro is more than enough for you to get going from a marketing standpoint. There’s no need to purchase anything else — as far as marketing is concerned —  unless you need to.

Go ahead and sign up for Elementor. Chances are that you’d not have to use much of the marketing stack you use right now.

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How to Create Conversational Forms With WordPress (Quick & Easy)

How to Create Conversational Forms With WordPress (Quick & Easy)

Your contact form is dead. Period.

You do have a contact form on your website, you say?

Prepare to squirm.

MarketingCharts reveals that the conversion rate of a “contact” form on a website is a dismal 1%.

One Percent. Think about it.

Meanwhile, form abandonment is another issue. You expect people to visit your website and fill up information, ask you questions, or enquire about your prices. But what do you normally get?

Nothing. Nada. Crickets.

Static forms have a role to play, of course. They are critical for your business and your website will not deliver what you want it to without them.

Read More:

How to Create Contact Forms For Gutenberg (3 Quick Ways)

Building Forms for WordPress: 7 Solutions to Bank on

One of the reasons why Chatbots are so popular is that you can make small talk, conversations with website visitors convert into business. Cold and hard cash.

How to Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots

You can profit from random questions that your users ask (while they are on your website), seemingly friendly conversations on your website or the act of answering questions bring in the power of human touch — it’s called High-engagement selling.

Your website visitors know that there is a human out there and that they aren’t just talking to a website some random server is loading up from somewhere.

Even with Chatbots, there’s a way to let the bot engage with your visitors first (because you aren’t always at the computer) and you can come in and take over the conversation for some real impact.

So, your contact form is dead. Not to mention the fact that it’s an open window for mind-numbing spam attempts, crappy requests for “doing guest posting” on your blog, or outright insulting proposals that claim they’d pay you $20 for the privilege of blogging on your site.

You might as well ditch your contact form.

Conversations with your visitors or potential customers is the way to go forward. There’s a reason that chatbots are popular.  In fact, the “conversation” experience is already netting profits for several businesses, if these chatbot case studies are anything to go by.

How to Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots

But what do you do if you aren’t savvy enough to use a Chatbot but you’d still like to make “conversations” be a part of your strategy?

If you were using WordPress, how can you make your usual static forms come to life? Is it even possible to make conversational forms with WordPress?

Lucky for you, the team at WPForms just released Conversational Forms For WordPress.

Check out this demo to see how conversational forms on WordPress look like.

What are Conversational Forms?

Think of a regular form, as you know it. A few form fields, checkboxes, and users will submit data.

That’s as static as it gets. To be honest, that’s boring.

Conversational forms start with one question at a time (almost as if you were talking to another person — like someone asks you a question, you answer. They ask another question, you answer).

Then, those questions will flow (just as many as necessary).

  • Conversational forms provide users with a guided experience (with only the question in focus staying active until answered). This already gives a focused experience with forms.
  • Instead of making users hover, hop, and wander around the form they’ve just been asked to fill, they can now just use the keyboard and fill up the form in sequence. This makes form filling quick, painless, and easy.
  • Each conversational form buil with WPforms comes with its own URL, much like a landing page. No distractions, no hassle, nothing else to take your users’ mind off.

How to create Conversational Forms with WPForms

If you are already a WPForms user, you’ll just need the Conversational Forms Add-on to start creating your Conversational forms on your WordPress site.

Not a customer yet? Get access to WPForms and have access to ways to build Gutenberg-ready contact forms, survey forms, order forms, and even forms designed to take on coaching clients or consulting assignments.

The folks at WPforms have already provided a detailed guide on how to build conversational forms on your WordPress site.

When you are done building your Conversational form, this is how it’d look like (depending on how you build it and the purpose you built the form for). Remember that your form can function like a complete landing page since the form will live on its own URL (and you can customize it).

Typeform Vs Conversational Forms By Wpforms: What’s the difference?

The user interface of Conversational forms by WPForms will look similar to that of Typeform, if you’ve used it before.

Typeform is awesome at what it does. Now conversational forms by WPForms is Typeform plus several other add-ons that you could now use within your WordPress site.

In short, when you WPForms, you get what Typeform does so well and several other functionalities such as Drip Add on, Mailchimp Add on, Paypal Add on, Stripe Add on, etc.

You also get smart conditional logic, entry management, multi-page forms, spam protection, file uploads, and so much more.

Read More:

How to Build Survey Forms in 5 Mins or Less

Best Alternative to Google Forms

You can’t just take your forms for granted. If there’s a form on your WordPress website, the onus is on you to make it work. Higher engagement on your forms or better form conversions is equated to profits.

Conversational forms by WPForms is the perfect solution to fix your form abandonment rate problems while simultaneously letting your users have fun while filling up forms instead of feeling like that stressed out kid who’s about to get into a 3-hour long examination.

Go and get your form abandonment fix now.

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Top WordPress Themes, Ever [+ Security& Support]

Top WordPress Themes, Ever [+ Security& Support]

Looking for the best WordPress themes you could ever lay your hands on?

This list is a result of over 12 years of looking for the best WordPress themes I could possibly find. No, I won’t bother with 22 or 32 top WordPress themes. Choosing from that big a list is a pain by itself. I’ve already done my research. Save your time and pick from this smallish list instead.

Hours of research, several instances of installing crappy WordPress themes, and several sleepless nights later, I’ve arrived at a list of WordPress themes (and sometimes WordPress theme shops or marketplaces) that can make for a terrific option if you are looking for WordPress themes.

Ultimate Resource Kit

Note: I am a regular WordPress user. I am not one those who can create a theme or tinker with WordPress core. Beyond minor tweaks using Divi or Elementor and a decent eye for design, I can never proclaim to be a WordPress expert.

The list starts with some of the most popular WordPress Website Builders, each of which has flagship themes that everything else they create is built on top of. Some of the themes listed here are standalone WordPress themes while others are a part of a complete ecosystem of themes, plugins, and other tools.

The Elementor Ecosystem


Technically, this isn’t a theme per se.

With a theme called Hello, Elementor now has an ultra-fast, super-starter free WordPress theme that’s available on the WordPress Repo.

Hello is built so that when you use the Elementor Pro plugin, you’d never have to face conflicts ever again. On top of that, the hello theme is a skinny, minimalistic, and no-frills “canvas” on which you’d build a WordPress website the way you want it to be.

Want to know just how fast the Hello Theme from Elementor is? See this:

Elementor is a plugin (both free and paid versions available) which helps you customize absolutely any theme you might be using at the moment.

Elementor literally lets you drag and drop and make changes to your existing theme, without worrying about messing up the code. With an intuitive UX/UI, tons of widgets, and several templates to start with, you’ll be able to create a site from scratch or customize your existing theme in no time.

If you were to start with the default WordPress theme, you could use it as the base and employ Elementor to create any kind of a website you like. If you need help, you also get tons of templates readily available for you from sites like Envato, TemplateMonster, and third-party theme builders or other resources.

Divi Theme

Divi Theme

The Divi theme is one of the most versatile, capable, lean, and robust themes you could ever use if and when it comes to WordPress.

Divi is so versatile that it’s a part of our default setup for all clients along with other important plugins such as Yoast Plugin (For SEO), OptinMonster (for lead generation), WPForms, MailChimp WD, Google Analytics WD, MonsterInsights, and more

We launch websites in less than an hour, thanks to Blueprints with Flywheel (our host) — a feature using which you can have a default setup of the latest version of WordPress core with a chosen few plugins so that you can launch WordPress websites for clients in a few minutes flat.

This is the fixed WordPress set up — with themes and plugins — that we use for all our web design projects.

Divi — in addition to the theme — also has one of the most popular visual page builders for WordPress. Featuring real-time frontend design, ability to create and edit global elements, and with more than 46 content elements, it’s the easiest visual builder for WordPress there is.

The Divi Theme is a part of the Elegant Themes ecosystem which also comes with the Divi builder which lets you customize any WordPress theme, Monarch Plugin for social media buttons, and Bloom for email opt-in sign ups.

Learn about Divi, in detail.



As a small business owner, you don’t want to deal with servers, hosting, backups, design, updating themes, updating plugins, and worrying about WordPress security.

Really, you have a business to run (unless running and maintaining websites is your business).

With 10Web, you do get fantastic looking themes, but that’s not the only thing you get. The 10Web platform is an entire ecosystem.

In fact, the 10 Web Platform comes with the ten most important components for WordPress websites, including: Managed Hosting (on the Google Cloud Network), 60+ Powerful Plugins, Backup Solution, SEO and Image Optimizer services, Website Performance checkup and exceptional Customer Care on top of it, with Site Builder coming soon (based on the powerful Elementor visual website builder for WordPress).

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Beaver Builder Theme

Beaver Builder Theme

The Beaver Builder theme is one of those themes with huge support and clean code. Run by a small team, The Beaver builder is a product of love and care as far as the WordPress community is concerned.

As Chris Lema writes, the Beaver Builder theme is backed by the Beaver Builder which is a respectable visual builder by itself allowing you infinite options to move pages around, add sections to specific pages of your website, chance colors, adding CTA buttons, and more.

While it gives you all the flexibility you need to design your website, you still get clean code and fast loading pages.


Studiopress Themes

Studiopress — with the Genesis Framework and the rest of the popular themes such as Agency Pro and others — have been the poster child themes for the WordPress community.

Recently, Studiopress has been acquired by WPEngine. So, if you choose WPEngine as the host, you’ll practically get the Genesis Framework and any of their themes for free (for the hosting fee).

Having said that, Studiopress themes are the cleanest, leanest, and the most beautiful I’ve ever come across.

While I only experienced high-quality themes when I used their Rainmaker Platform, Studiopress themes are a true example of how WordPress themes should be developed and maintained.

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Yoothemes is little known (compared to the might of Studiopress, Divi, & Elementor) but they have some of the prettiest themes I’ve found yet catering to both the WordPress and Joomla users.

With more than 150,000 users, Yoothemes might not be as big as the others on this list but each theme is carefully created to give you the best of WordPress design on the frontend lying on top of bloat-free themes.

The folks at Yoothemes also have YooThemes Pro which is a powerful visual builder for both WordPress and Joomla

On top of that, the folks at Yoothemes provide excellent support.


Wordpress Astra Theme

Astra has been around for a while and it comes heavily recommended by the folks at Kinsta (and if you know them, they are the folks who are easily the most obsessed about WordPress speed & security).

Astra comes with several pre-built websites (with one-click import to help speed up your design workflow). You can customize your code or make changes to your theme exactly the way you want even without any help whatsoever. If you do use WordPress builders like Elementor, Divi, or Beaver Builder, it gets even better with Astra.

You can download the theme for free and also consider using Astra Pro along with add-ons for Elementor or Beaver Builder.



If 1,922, 218+ (At the time of writing) downloads, 700+ positive reviews, and more than 40,000+ happy customers with more than 100,000+ active websites doesn’t tell you something about the awesomeness of GeneratePress, I don’t know what else will.

GeneratePress is a lightweight theme (all of 50KB). Host it with powerful Google Cloud computing backed WordPress specialist hosts such as Kinsta, WPEngine, or Flywheel and you’ll be surprised just how fast your WordPress website built with GeneratePress can load.

The popular WordPress theme is available for free (with an option to upgrade to get access to premium extensions to extend your site functionality).

GeneratePress also works great with site builders such as Elementor.

Ultimate Resource Kit
How To Create Contact Forms With Gutenberg (3 Quick Ways)

How To Create Contact Forms With Gutenberg (3 Quick Ways)

Upgrade to WordPress 5.0 and you’ll see Gutenberg will come home, knocking on your door. As a long-term WordPress user, Gutenberg will change everything you were used to with WordPress.

Using “blocks” in spite of everything else, using WordPress will be pretty much like using any of the popular WordPress page builders that you might have already used or heard about.

As the community at WordPress puts it,

“The editor will endeavor to create a new page and post building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery.”

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Your typical images, audio, video, galleries, tables, widgets, and lists — they’ll all be controlled by blocks, as Eric Karkovac of Envato writes.

This means that how you create, manage, and use WordPress forms will also change. It’s pertinent then that you quickly learn how to create contact forms with Gutenberg (starting with an obvious one):

Contact 7 Plugin Gutenberg Block

If you were just up and running with WordPress and did not come around to using any of the dedicated WordPress form builders, chances are that you’d end up using Contact 7 Plugin at least.

Thankfully, the plugin developers released a Gutenberg update for their plugin called the Contact 7 Gutenberb block. This update lets you use the popular Contact 7 form plugin (now delivered as a block) that you can add from within the Gutenberg Editor.


WPforms is easily the most respected, practical, affordable, and versatile WordPress Forms builder in the market. If you are already using WPForms (or if you are planning to get the popular WordPress form builder), it’s just the time to do so.

You can now easily add your WpForms from within your Gutenberg editor. Check out the complete documentation for adding WPforms to Gutenberg.

As usual, WPforms helps you create as many forms as you’d like (for various purposes) and also use “advanced” section to add CSS classes to your form(s).

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Divi Is Ready

Built your entire website with Divi (like I did)? You’d be happy to know that Divi is already Gutenberg-ready and has already launched initial support for the Gutenberg editor.

If you had installed the Gutenberg editor plugin and are already using the new editor, you’ll have the option of toggling between Gutenberg, the classic editor, and Divi itself.

Nothing changes for Divi users. In fact, you only have more options now. Build out your forms using the classic editor, the Gutenberg editor, or Divi.

I am sure other WordPress page builders are already working on Gutenberg support as well.

How do you build your WordPress forms?

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