How Lokalise and Webflow Localization Expands Reach

Lokalise and Webflow

Learn how Lokalise and Webflow together can expand your reach multifold & reach out to customers in their language. Create content for the hungry “non-English speaking (also reading, listening, and watching) customers” Would you invest in a “single” stock? Would you put all your money in a single financial instrument, and call it a day? … Read more

23+ Nocode Website Builders For 2024

Nocode website builders

This nocode website builders list will be updated as I find more of these crazy ones. You’ll be spoilt for choice, and you’ve been warned.  Nocode website builders help you from shifting focus from “building websites” to “marketing”. Marketing should have taken the importance a long time ago if it weren’t for the sheer madness … Read more

WordPress Website Builders: 9 Killer Options

WordPress Website Builders

Thanks to some fantastic WordPress Website Builders, website development or design (unless you are creating something that’s like Facebook) for most businesses shouldn’t take more than a day. In fact, from a marketing standpoint, any small business website that takes more than a day to create is an opportunity cost. If you take 4 weeks, … Read more

LeadPages Site Builder: Create Marketing Ready Websites

Why do you need the Leadpages Site Builder, you ask? Most websites are built like crap — they aren’t designed properly, they aren’t ready for marketing, and no one would trust you with a website that doesn’t load fast, is confusing to use, or simply just reeks of bad design (along with useless fancy elements).  … Read more

Create Websites Fast: How (& Why) You Ought To Do It

Create websites Fast

If anything, you should aim to create websites fast. Like in an hour or so. Because you have absolutely no time to lose.  Trying to choose which platform to search a website on, trying to figure out the logo, trying to work with databases, and any of that nitty-gritty pertaining to technical aspects of setting … Read more

Linktree Alternatives: Stop Looking [+ 6 Options]

Linktree Alternatives

Off late, there’s been a jump in search for Linktree alternatives. This is “too-much-drama-to-handle-while-I-still-have-a-business-to-run”. Business owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, content creators, or [plug what you do in here] don’t have the time for this. Note: I am not against Linktree. Nor do I stop using Twitter. It’s just that there might just be better ways … Read more

Thank You Page Design: 5 Examples [+ Why Use Them]

Thank you page design and examples

Are you guilty of ignoring thank you page design? I am certainly guilty of it. Let’s say Molly visits your website (looking for a problem for her solution). She isn’t entirely convinced how the solution is going to look alike, so she’s browsing. She found you, thanks to a simple search on the web (Google?Bing?) … Read more

Strikingly Review (2022): Fastest Path to Website Design

Strikingly Review

Read this Strikingly Review to understand not only the “what” behind it but also the “Why”. The “Why” — whether you choose to use Strikingly or anything else (Including WordPress or Shopify) remains the same.  The Big Why Of Fast Website & Complete Design (from a marketing perspective).  “Dreams don’t work unless you take action. … Read more

How Can I Build My Own Website? [It’s Half of the Right Question]

If you’ve been caught wondering this: “How Can I Build My Own Website?”, there are a few things you should know right away Primarily, the best route to take when you worry about building your own website is the website hosting, and the actual website itself. There’s just one more thing you should worry about: … Read more