LeadPages Site Builder: Create Marketing Ready Websites

Why do you need the Leadpages Site Builder, you ask?

Most websites are built like crap — they aren’t designed properly, they aren’t ready for marketing, and no one would trust you with a website that doesn’t load fast, is confusing to use, or simply just reeks of bad design (along with useless fancy elements). 

The only kind of website that you should be proud of is a website that brings in the results.

While you are at it, you should make sure that your website loads fast and is optimized for conversions


How to Design WordPress Sites Fast 

If your website isn’t bringing in the results, it’s not about what kind of CMS you use (like WordPress), which hosting provider you use, or what technology powers your website. 

The only thing that you should care about is whether or not your website gets you results. 

For instance, 

  • If you are a consultant or coach, how many consulting clients do you get from your website? 
  • Are you a service provider? What kind of leads is your website generating and how much of your monthly or yearly revenue can you attribute to your website? 
  • Are you a SaaS business or a B2B business? How many demo sign-ups do you get each month, attributed to your website? 


Are you a Coach? A consultant? Are you a freelancer? An Agency? Here’s how to get clients for successful freelancing, coaching, consulting, or to get clients as an agency.

Most business owners and marketers don’t have those answers. It’s because websites are not built that way. 

Something has to change and only you can do it. Either build WordPress websites the right way or switch to The LeadPages Site Builder. 

The LeadPages Site Builder is the new way of developing high-converting websites that get you results.

The focus, when you use LeadPages Site Builder, is on conversions and results. 

Designing websites is now just as easy it is to create landing pages with Leadpages (drag, drop, and go).  

The focus is not on servers, CMS, infrastructure stacks, and hosting (although you get all of that with LeadPages site builder). 

With LeadPages Site Builder, you get to: 

  • Start with a high-performance template (professionally-designed, mobile-responsive templates). Use templates that are designed from a marketing stand-point — no fancy elements that hurt conversions (such as those sliders, animations at wrong places, etc.) 
  • Use Pre-built web pages: Don’t sit there hoping to design every single page of your website (such as about, consultation page, contact, etc). After you pick a template, just swap elements out using pre-built web pages. 
  • Utilize the Complete Conversion Toolkit: LeadPages, if you remember, is a tool for helping you to create Landing Pages, pop-ups, and everything else you need to get conversions. Get the complete conversion toolkit (opt-in forms, more landing pages, alert bars, and pop-ups) that you can deploy to the website you just created with the LeadPages Site builder without having to use other third-party tools. 

So when you design websites with the Leadpages Site Builder, you don’t worry whether you should use WordPress or not, or the WordPress theme you should pick, or where you should host your WordPress site. 

With The LeadPages Site Builder, the only thing you’d have to do it is to: 

  • Get into the groove of marketing — blog regularly, share or distribute on social media, build your email marketing list, etc. 

Have you used LeadPages Site Builder yet?

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