How to Design WordPress Websites Fast

TL; DR: The need of the hour is to design WordPress websites fast. No one has 6 months for WordPress design (and you don’t need to waste resources that way).

Getting websites designed the traditional way is expensive, time-consuming, and it’s all usually for nothing. To Develop WordPress sites fast is the new way to go online fast and focus on marketing instead.

Get up and running in less than 10 minutes (yes, that’s how fast you can go online). 

Do you know the main (often unforeseen) problem with the usual way of getting websites developed? 

Businesses (and even agencies) rely mostly on web designers and developers.  That’s slow. That’s usually painful. In most cases, it just won’t work. Honestly, it’s absolutely not neccesary to take that route. 

Don’t get me wrong. Most designers and developers are awesome at what they do but they have no clue about the importance of website design from a marketing standpoint. 

That’s why you still see WordPress themes with sliders (Revolution Slider, anyone?) and other fancy designs without much thought to: 

  • The layout and design that’s optimized from a marketing standpoint — which means this: how is the layout optimized for websites to generate leads? 
  • Great design, but is the WordPress website design (and the code to go along with it) optimized for marketing. 
  • In the interest of “selling as many templates as possible” are designers and developers sacrificing the potential of your website design in terms of marketing with unnecessary code bloat, extra features, and “options”? 

Relying on web designers, web design agencies, and freelancers specializing in web design is an old (and now traditional) way of designing websites. 

So, what gives? How do you develop WordPress websites fast, but those that you know are optimized for marketing? 

Then, you had the onslaught of DIY website builders such as Simvoly, Webflow, Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Wix, Webydo, and several others using which you could create websites all by yourself, without code. 

You also have the ability to develop websites using artificial intelligence by using tools such as Bookmark, FireDrop,, and several others. 

Yet, all of them only help only as far as “getting a website” designed. From years of marketing experience, I’ll dare say that’s not even the beginning of getting your real problems solved as an entrepreneur or as a marketer.

Also, not all of these DIY website builders are built for WordPress. 

Let’s say you do create a WordPress website fast by using designers. You’d still be unsure if your website has been developed from a marketing standpoint. Either that or you’ll spend tons of time wasting time with deployment, design, servers, security, and maintenance. 

You got to use the right tools and embrace ways to develop or design WordPress websites fast.  

Here are tools that help you design WordPress websites quickly, easily, and effectively with a primary focus on marketing-centric, conversion-focused sites:

WP Engine Starter Sites + HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular marketing, sales, and support SaaS platform and it truly unleashes the power of Inbound marketing for your business (if you can afford the price tag, that is). 

HubSpot powers over 64,000 customers globally and reported over $513 million in revenue (2018). 

How do you use HubSpot with WordPress, like really fast?

Use the best of what WordPress has to provide and directly integrate with HubSpot, that’s how. 

WP Engine Starter Sites + HubSpot gives you just that power. 

You really wouldn’t want to sacrifice several hours (or worse, days or weeks) designing and customizing a new site on WordPress. All that time & money makes it really hard to justify the opportunity cost.

Now, WP Engine Site Templates enables developers to quickly deploy curated templates that include all the tools needed to get to a starting point 90% faster. 

Thanks to WP Engine’s partnership with best-in-class growth platform provider HubSpot, you can build new sites faster and save time and resources for more creative endeavors. 

Your WordPress site can be up and running with just four clicks. Meanwhile, WP Site Templates gives you beautiful WordPress sites powered by HubSpot and complete with customizable StudioPress themes

But that’s not even the best part: While you can set up your WordPress websites fast with WPEngine Site Templates, you are directly integrating with HubSpot. 

This means that you get all the marketing power lying inside HubSpot such as forms, HubSpot CRM for your business, HubSpot Analytics With Supermetrics, HubSpot landing pages, and so much more. 

Astra Starter Sites

The Astra Theme for WordPress has more than 400,000+ users.

It’s popular, trusted, and widely–used for simple reasons: 

  • Astra themes load fast, like in less than 0.5 secs (tested with default WordPress data)
  • No render-blocking jQuery which usually gets in the way of performance optimization for WordPress. Astra uses plain vanilla Javascript instead. 
  • Seamless WooCommerce Integration (if you need that). 
  • Huge library of templates available for you to use instantly. 

Normally, those are good enough reasons for you to choose the Astra Theme already but that’s not the reason why I mentioned Astra today. 

Astra, more specifically, has Astra Starter sites which make for a highly appealing solution for conversion-optimized starter sites solution. 

Uniquely enough, Astra Starter Sites have specific starter sites (all ready to go, in a few clicks) built & optimized for various popular WordPress builders such as Beaver and Elementor, for instance. 

So, if you already work with Elementor, for instance, all you have to do is to pick an Astra starter site optimized for Elementor and get started. 

Divi Layouts (pre-made website templates)

Want a website ready and developed in less than a few minutes? Divi builder is already a great option for you to create websites fast. 

But there’s something even faster “inside” the Divi builder and it’s called the “premade design templates” option when you fire up the Divi Builder (or when you use the Visual Builder on the Divi theme). 

When you are editing a new page on WordPress or when you are editing an existing page, choose the visual builder or the Divi Builder, click on “Premade templates”, and choose from a variety of Divi Layouts already created.

Swap out the images and the content and you are good to go.


Just like Divi, Elementor is a fast way to develop your own WordPress websites (or even WordPress themes). Likewise, you can also develop full-fledged sales funnels and landing pages (along with Pop-ups with the Elementor popup Builder). 

The faster way to deploy, create, design, and launch websites with Elementor is to use the following:

  • Use Elementor templates from within Elementor.
  • Elementor WordPress templates that are available with several other theme marketplaces such as Envato, TemplateMonster, etc. 

If you need an even smarter way to deploy starter sites with Elementor, use specialist third-party design sources such as Crocoblock.

Crocoblock comes with several starter site templates, pre-made WordPress websites, exclusive themes such as Kava Pro, and various plugins to help you create WordPress websites really fast.   

It’s highly recommended that you design and deploy WordPress sites fast with starter site solutions, themes, WordPress templates, and pre-made websites.

Focus all your time, energy, and effort into actually marketing your business. 

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