How to Create Landing Pages in Minutes

The need for speed? It’s universal, it’s palpable, and it makes sense. In the world of digital marketing, you already know just how much you stand to lose if your websites or landing pages don’t load fast enough. 

Now, imagine what happens if you don’t even have landing pages to start with. Or worse, you still depend on developers and traditional methods of creating landing pages. 

You need to understand that it takes time for your campaigns to work, for gaining traction, and for turning your leads into customers.

Given that, and that you do need landing pages, you need to create landing pages fast. In fact, you need to create landing pages faster than you think. 

The faster you create and deploy your landing pages, the sooner you’ll see results. 

How do you create landing pages fast? Use the following landing page tools: 


Did you know that Webflow is truly the next greatest thing that happened to us after WordPress (and maybe it’s even better than WordPress itself)

Technically, Webflow was supposed to be a powerful website builder for HTML/CSS websites.

In one fell swoop, however, you can create not only stunning websites but also avoid all the issues that plague WordPress-powered websites normally (such as code bloat, WordPress theme or plugin conflicts, WordPress vulnerability, and more). 


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You can also create landing pages extremely fast with Webflow. While you need to know a wee bit of working knowledge on HTML/CSS (not as much as you think though), you can develop superfast, functional, and stunning looking landing pages on Webflow

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Unbounce Landing Pages

Unbounce has a super-fast landing page builder (preview Unbounce here, no-optin needed), ready-made templates, third-party templates, and the ability to integrate with absolutely any tool you’d be using as a part of your marketing stack. 

Given all of the above features of Unbounce, you’d be able to whip up landing pages in absolutely no time (say, 15 to 30 minutes per page). In case you wanted to use custom domains or branded domains, you are in luck if you use WordPress. 

With Unbounce, all you have to do is to upload the Unbounce WordPress plugin, choose “WordPress” as an option when you add “domains” within Unbounce, and your pages are instantly live (along with “force https”). 


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LeadPages was purpose-built to NOT allow you to tinker with your landing page designs (the way you can with complete, pixel-perfect drag-and-drop builders like Unbounce). 

With LeadPages, you don’t sit there and doodle-like an artist or strive to create “pretty looking” landing pages.

LeadPages allows you to create landing pages with simple drag-and-drop yes, but not in a way that Unbounce does. In short, you just pick a template, make changes, and deploy pages (there’s no time or chance for you to mess around). 

Given that, in a way, LeadPages allows you to create landing pages even faster than Unbounce due to the way Leadpages was built and the market it caters to.

Drag, drop, change, create, deploy. That’s it. 


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Elementor is essentially a WordPress DIY builder platform — you can build, WordPress themes, or maybe just create fantastic looking WordPress for your business (or for your clients if you are an agency). 

Did you, however, know that you can create landing pages with Elementor too? No, not just any random page (which Elementor can certainly help with) but actual landing pages without navigation menus, extra links, no footers, and just a single CTA for conversions. 

All you have to do when you need to create a landing page with Elementor is to build your pages with Elementor (the way you’d normally design a page) but you’d design it like a landing page should be and then remove headers and footers (for specifically these pages). 


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Divi Landing Pages

Just like Elementor, Divi is a popular WordPress page builder. You can build complete websites on WordPress. Or you can build websites with a few more pages that function like landing pages. Just as you’d work with Elementor, you’d be able to hide the headers and footers on specific pages built with Divi. 

If you wanted to create your landing pages even faster, Divi provides you with pre-made templates from within the Divi builder or from within the Divi theme. Pick the “landing page” template from any of the pre-built designs (if available for the template you like)

Note: By working with both Elementor and Divi is that you’d not have to do the extra work of branding domains (by adding custom domains as you’d have to do so for other solutions in this list). 

Further, you have access to several templates, complete design freedom, fast deployment of pages, and a single ecosystem to work within (as against using 2-3 different tools for landing pages). 

Lastly, you also have the ability to bring in the best of the WordPress universe such as: 


Usmo (was called Landen earlier) is a fast and effective way to create landing pages for your campaigns. It’s a completely drag-and-drop landing page builder but it works slightly differently from the rest of the options here on the list. 

Usmo almost builds pages by itself. Yes, you read that right: pick your choices, styles, colors, design type, layout, typography (fonts), and Usmo immediately gives you several customized options for you to choose from.

After that, it’s up to you to make slight changes (images and copy, for instance) and then launch your landing pages. 

Usmo is so fast that you’ll be able to create a landing page in less than 5-10 minutes flat. That’s because you don’t even drag, drop, or dwell on the design (since the layouts are already created for you). 

WPEngine Site Templates

Wouldn’t it be cool if your fast-loading and secure landing pages are based on WordPress and are directly built directly on top of a strong and capable marketing platform such as HubSpot? 

Thanks to WPengine Site Templates, you don’t have to either struggle with the WordPress part nor do you have to struggle with the marketing setup for your WordPress site or your WordPress-based landing pages

The WordPress Managed Hosting behemoth WPEngine recently launched WPEngine site templates in association with HubSpot. This solution combines WPEngine’s vast ecosystem of infrastructure, tools, and the power of the Google Cloud Computing Platform and the power of HubSpot. 

WPEngine Site templates allow you to deploy complete WordPress websites and other WordPress-based properties (including landing pages) about 90% faster than what it would normally take you. 

But that’s not even the coolest part. Since WPEngine Site templates directly integrates with HubSpot, you’d be able to make use of the powerful HubSpot Platform (complete with auto-generated forms, livechat, and Pop-up tools) without you doing much at all. 


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Simvoly first started as a DIY website builder but quickly turned into a powerful tool to help build sales funnels, landing pages, and complete websites built for conversions. With Simvoly, you basically build websites that’ll be based on HTML/CSS.

However, it’s just drag-and-drop with the help of several templates already available for landing pages, complete sales funnels, pop-ups, and websites.

You’d be able to tweak and change available templates and use Simvoly to create websites, landing pages, sales funnels ( complete with Upsells and cross-selling) in just a few minutes.

Simvoly also allows you to use their in-built CRM to manage your customers.

Simvoly is also one of the more affordable tools to create landing pages and funnels (among the others in the list)

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