Leadpages + Drip: The Ultimate Combo For Lead Generation & Marketing Automation

You got to love LeadPages and Drip Combo.

Leadpages is a landing page builder and Drip is an email marketing automation tool. Together, they form the backend of your sales funnels — and that’s something you’d absolutely need to generate leads, nurture leads, and make sales happen.

But wait. Why pick Leadpages and Drip as the winning combination here? Why not others?

You can. There’s certainly no stopping you from using other tools for either of the use cases. But there are distinct advantages when you buy into an ecosystem — a set of tools owned and managed by the same company.

There are several lead generation tools, landing page software, and tools to help you build sales funnels.

Usually, you work with marketing tools (also called Marketing Stack) to help you maintain a certain workflow to get your digital marketing done and to get you the results you seek.

Thanks to the rise of a sheer number of tools available in the market, confusion, and paralysis of choice is what you are often hit with first even before you begin to depend on a marketing stack.

What should be the email marketing solution you choose? Which landing page builder will you come to depend on? How will you integrate all those apps that you’ll finally choose (if you do) so that they work together?

It’s so confusing that most businesses give up together. A few others will end up picking up one or many tools and then just go with the flow. None of those approaches are good for your business.

Here’s why Leadpages and Drip make for an excellent combination to build your landing pages, deploy email marketing automation, and get to sales in a smooth and predictable way:

Learn & Deploy winning funnels

With the combined resource base of both Drip and Leadpages, you have instant access to information (backed by years of expertise) that you can use to help start with your sales funnels, landing pages, ads, and email marketing automation sequences in the right way.

With Drip’s Blog and the Leadpages Blog, you get fresh insights delivered. Webinars, online courses, and resource lists will all help you master the nitty-gritty involved with lead generation, marketing automation, conversions, advertising, and landing pages.

As this content is constantly updated (and with regular weekly or monthly inputs on an ongoing basis), you don’t have to depend on your whims or someone’s advice on what works.

Learn from the best and deploy your campaigns with the best chances of winning, right from the word go.

Get them & tag them

With Leadpages, you’d need an hour to whip up landing pages for your campaigns (including the variants for each page). But you’d not just create a single landing page with two variants and call it a day, would you?

Depending on your business, you’ll have multiple offers to make. You’d want to create segmented lists of leads depending on what they signed up for. For customers, you’d need a separate list again (sometimes, you’ll need multiple lists just for customers based on location, average purchase price, lifetime value of the customer, and more).

With MailChimp (which is a company I adore and respect), you’d have to create multiple lists (You can still segment and group customers with MailChimp, but that’s beyond me).

Leadpages and Drip, however, allow you to make multiple offers, tag your leads likewise (particularly useful for multiple content upgrades, multiple offers, and other forms of segmentation).

All the while, with Drip, it’s one huge list except that each subscriber is tagged depending on what they signed up for. So, when you send an email campaign, you can send specific emails to:

  • Leads who signed up for a free trial of an online course (but did not sign up for the paid course).
  • Leads who downloaded a particular content upgrade (showing interest in that particular topic)
  • Customers who purchased less than $100 worth of products or services.
  • Leads who asked for an online coupon but did not make a purchase yet.
  • Leads who bought one product, but did not buy another product that goes well with the first product (like accessories or related products).
  • Leads who requested a demo, but didn’t purchase a subscription for your SaaS product.

See how many possibilities exist with the Leadpages and Drip combo?

LeadPages Plays Well With Drip

You need landing pages built with Leadpages to generate leads.

You’ll then need Drip’s advanced email automation features to tag your visitors and then send highly-customized, relevant, and pertinent content based on those tags.

You’d then put yourself in a position to use two different software tools that automatically play nice with each other obviating the expected trouble you normally face when you want to get two different software tools to play well with each other (even with Zapier).

For basic lead magnet delivery, you don’t even need the advanced features of Drip since Leadpages has a lead magnet delivery mechanism in place.

Want to nurture leads generated with Leadpages with information-rich email campaigns? That’s when Drip kicks in.

Note: LeadPages also has a lead management feature where you’ll be able to see all your leads in one place.

Keep Conversions in Loop

You’d want to know how many leads are generated each day, week, or month. Leadpages gives you that. You’d want to know at what rate your subscribers grow on a periodic basis, and Drip tells you that with its own analytics.

But at what rate are your leads converting into sales? With all that smart email marketing automation you do, how are your efforts leading to actual revenue (and hence profits)?

Leadpages and Drip, In combination, give you the complete picture and then some more.

The in-built A/B testing ability, checkout features, and direct integration with Drip along with Drip’s intelligent subscriber-tracking features lead scoring, and Drip’s ability to track conversions, you get the full package.

You’d have answers to questions like:

  • How many leads are generated each month by landing pages on Leadpages?
  • Among two variants (say A and B) for each landing page, which of the variants is working better?
  • How many subscribers have you gained for each workflow you created?
  • What has been the historic behavior of each subscriber (even before they actually signed up as a lead)?
  • Have the subscribers who signed up been active? Have they been taking action (as defined by you) while they stay on your list at all?
  • For the leads generated in the last 3 months, how many of those leads converted into sales right? And then, how many more of those leads converted eventually (pipeline) thanks to your email marketing campaigns?

Excellent, easy, & Dependable customer service

Given then both Leadpages and Drip are owned by the same company, you have easy access to customer support (if and when you need them) for both the tools.

Instead of firing multiple emails to either of the companies when you need help, you just shoot a single email to have them address your concerns.

As usual, check out the combined resources of Leadpages and Drip and learn more about lead generation, landing pages, sales funnels, and email marketing automation.

Marketing Resources
Online courses
Free Guide to Landing Pages
Landing Page Tutorial
Podcast (ConversionCast)

You have to try it out to see how they work. Sign up for Both Drip and Leadpages for a free trial with either of them.

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