WordPress powers 26% of the web, and chances are that your website is on WordPress too.

I am happy from a marketing standpoint that the CMS of choice happens to be WordPress for most small businesses simply because the WordPress ecosystem has so many plugins, tools, and even SaaS products that are “built” for WordPress or at least there’s a plugin for it.

You don’t get anything just because you have a website up and running (WordPress or not).

Also, you won’t get real results Just because you invest in WordPress specialist hosting. However, that’s a sensible and smart starting point.

You only get results when you deploy the power of WordPress, a few requisite plugins, and real hustle — altogether.

Your digital marketing efforts cannot go in vain, so look out for how you execute digital marketing.

Plus, you need sales funnels to work for you.

Here are some fantastic WordPress tools & Plugins that help you generate leads (some new and some old).

Let’s dig in:



Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

What happens if you bring in Unbounce like functionality into a WordPress Plugin? What if you could just use a single plugin to create as many landing pages as you might need with just a drag-and-drop editor, and a stack of panels that you could edit completely, the way you wanted to?

Qards from Designmodo is a fantastic WordPress plugin that can help you create landing pages for lead generation from inside your familiar WordPress dashboard.

It works with “cards” or panels that are pre-built. You can mix, match, play, and edit these cards or panels as you’d like to create effective landing pages.

Setka Editor


Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

Effective and high-impact content marketing is a sureshot way to ramp up your leads and get sales. But what if you could also add “beautiful, well-formatted, and smashing looking content” to the mix?

You can create beautiful content on your WordPress sites or blogs with The Setka Editor. Setka Editor comes with Animations, Icon libraries, micro-templates, and other features such as smart layouts and smart quotes.

You can use grids, add lead generation elements where needed, add/scale images, display video content in any size, and everything you build with Setka comes with CDN delivery and compression

Your blog posts and pages will never be the same again. It’s time to go kick some ass with content.



Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

Intercomm was built for you to capture your site visitors and convert each conversion into a sale (or possibly more sales from the same customer) — all without coming across as pushy or salesy.

With Intercomm, you can:

  • Capture and convert leads
  • Onboard and engage customers
  • Support and retain customers
  • Provide fantastic support.

Intercomm lets you proactively engage your visitors based on automation rules (if this, then that). Based on what they are doing on your site, you could start actual conversations with them.

Of course, you can also qualify and route leads automatically (using a bot), send personalized messages, measure conversions, do A/B testing, and also integrate with Slack, SalesForce, Clearbit, or others.



Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

See the form above? It was made with Sumo.

Did you notice the big fat Welcome Mat that kind of pushed everything else down and sat there?

You could love it or hate it but that Welcome Mat converts at 6.15% sitewide regardless of the traffic I get.

Sumo is the ultimate suite of tools you’d need for lead generation.

Truly, there’s nothing like it (and they are constantly adding new ways to generate leads, engage new leads with autoresponders, deliver coupons instantly, and much more).

Sumo was built for WordPress, although it also works with Shopify and many other platforms (except Wix).

You can start with Sumo for free, set it up, create your first Welcome Mat and other forms and see how it changes the way you generate leads.

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Bloom for WordPress


Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

Designed by the folks from Elegant Themes — popular for the Divi Builder and the Divi Theme — Bloom is an incredible plugin for WordPress that lets you create signup forms, slide-in forms, opt-in forms, content unlock widgets, and forms to go under each of your blog posts.

Bloom also integrates with many email service providers such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and others.

Apart from the ability to create forms, Bloom also provides you with an ability to split-test your forms and lead generation elements while giving you with focused analytics that you’d need to make better decisions.



Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

Pop-ups and landing page are fine, but what about all the other ways you work so hard to bring in traffic to your WordPress website? How do you capture visitors (and hence leads and sales) coming in from, say, social media?

Growthfunnel helps you create funnels of all kinds (including the ones you’d not think of) and provide you with various ways to engage and grow your business.

Growthfunnel allows you unlimited traffic, you can build a “social share funnel”, “social follow funnel”, etc. You also get access to funnel/form sync, push notifications, social data autofill, RSS-to-push, and advanced segmentation features.



Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

Any talk about lead generation is redundant without a smart email marketing automation platform to back you up. You could, of course, Mailchimp (and it’s awesome for many small businesses).

However, if you have many offers to make and if you need some real smart automation, you’ll need Drip.

Drip, when integrated with WordPress, starts tracking all the traffic that your website gets. When your subscribers sign up, you’ll then get a complete history of your new subscriber — when did they first visit the site? What made them sign up, and they signed up for what offer exactly? How many times did they open your emails? How many times did they visit your site? What pages did they visit?

Drip is the only automation platform that also provides you with “Lead Scoring” so that you can use some sort of gamification to assign points (and hence a final score) to each of your subscribers.

The more the lead score is (and you’ll have to determine how this is calculated), the higher the chances of that subscriber buying from you or turning into a customer for life.



Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

Ever wanted to do what Amazon does with its smart personalization, event-triggered emails, and what not?

MailOptin is a WordPress plugin that can help you engage and nurture your WordPress website visitors. It then gives you what you need to send out event-triggered emails.

On the front end, you have slide-in pop-ups, site-wide pop-ups, calls to action, and more.

After you managed to have new subscribers, you can use MailOptin to send out automated emails with your latest blog post or an email digest, for instance. With page-level targeting, built-in analytics, and exit-intent technology, it’s a tool that makes lead generation easier than you think.



Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

What if you could deploy pop-ups, landing pages, email campaigns, and push notifications — all using just one tool? Sendx allows you to create pop-ups and landing pages that don’t suck; to create push notifications that “engage” instead of just “push”; launch beautiful and trackable email campaigns, and more.

You can also create pre-setup email marketing workflows and use automation with simple “If this, then that” rules.

If you are technically savvy, you can also use Sendx’s Javascript + Rest API feature to stop or start drip email campaigns based on what your visitors do (or don’t) on your website.

Am I Missing any WordPress related Lead generation plugins or tools? Do you use any of these listed WordPress plugins for lead generation?

Let me know.

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