How to Optimize Blogs For Lead Generation

Optimized blogs are money-making blogs. Period. Learn how to optimize blogs for lead generation in this post and change how you do blogging (for business). I recently published a LinkedIn Newsletter talking about how business owners, startup founders, content creators, self-employed professionals and everyone else needs to change their marketing mindset.  Change the mindset to … Read more

Should I Use Pop-ups On My Website? [Let’s Bury This]

Given that most businesses don’t have anything that closely resembles a lead generation strategy, the question always surfaces: Should I use Pop-ups on my website for lead generation?  I ask you this: Why not? Because you read somewhere that “pop-ups” are bad? Have you been brainwashed into thinking that pop-ups are intrusive, pop-ups are bad … Read more

How to Create Mailchimp Forms With WPForms

Do you want to grow your email marketing list? Before you reach out for the stars, learning how to Create Mailchimp Forms With WPForms and growing your email list is the fastest (and simplest) way to do that. Mailchimp is one of the best tools for managing and sending emails. It’s not hard to get … Read more

Best Email Capture Tools That Really Rock (& Worked For Me)

There are over 50,000+ plugins for WordPress at last count (and this number keeps increasing daily). Good luck looking for the best email capture plugins for your WordPress site in that humongous list, right? Talking about WordPress, there’s no point reading about lead generation, email capture, growing your list, and anything at all unless your … Read more

How to Use Facebook Messenger For High-Engagement Selling

Did you know that Facebook Messenger alone as over 1.3+ billion active users (all by itself, it’s almost like another social media network within Facebook)? Facebook messenger is bigger than Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram combined. According to Ben Parr of Inc, your potential customers had over 7 billion conversations, engaged in 17 billion real-time video … Read more

3 Reasons Why Call Tracking Is Absolutely Mandatory

The usual song-and-dance about ads and clicks, Inbound marketing, blogging, and email marketing is all good, but it lacks in something that’s critical for the very fabric of humanity. Personal touch. We are humans. We connect in person, or at least with voice. Bring that human touch to your digital marketing or at least paid … Read more

Focus On Lead Generation: Your Desperation Is Killing You

Most businesses want sales, revenue, and profits. That’s exactly what a business should aim for. Without focus on lead generation, however, you won’t make it. Just not so soon. Just not the way you seem to think that because it’s the “online medium”, things are supposed to be easier. You can’t expect to start a … Read more

10 Powerful Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

WordPress powers 26% of the web, and chances are that your website is on WordPress too. All those statistics are of no use to you if you don’t tap into the power of Lead generation WordPress Plugins. I am happy from a marketing standpoint that the CMS of choice happens to be WordPress for most … Read more

Generating Leads Is Hard: Are You Prepared?

Generating leads is hard. There’s no denying that. Now, it’s only getting harder. There’s lot more noise out there, customers have more choice than ever, more businesses launch their campaigns (or blogs or whatever) to add to the noise, and the cost of advertising goes up as you read this. SEO agencies, Facebook advertisers, and … Read more