How Unbounce Apps Power Up Marketing Workflows

Unbounce Apps Power Up Marketing

Salesforce? Salesforce App Exchange Amazon Web Services? AWS Market Place Shopify? Shopify App Store Thinkific? Thinkific App Store. WordPress? Plugins. See the pattern? All of the app stores (from Google Play and Apple App Store to Shopify App Store, Thinkific App Store, and Unbounce apps (of course) are built to help you use apps that … Read more

How to Build Landing Pages That Convert

How to Build Landing Pages That Convert

Every business out there needs “conversions” [Meaning results, in plain English). Learning how to build landing pages that convert is the first step towards that goal. The issue, you ask? Too many opinions floating out there. Plus, pre-conceived notions, marketing managers who think they know it all, and adamant small business owners who insist on … Read more

Conversion Rate: The (Real) Score of Your Success

Conversion Rate

You do know about conversion rate. But you really didn’t give it the importance that you should have given it. Did you ever think about “a good landing page”, a “beautiful landing page”, or a “landing page that kicks ass”? You’ve been thinking wrong. The only thing that makes a landing page good, bad, ugly, … Read more

Unlocking Unbounce AI: Less Work, Higher Conversions

Unbounce AI

AI is confusing. AI is breaking things apart (or is it fixing what’s broken?). AI for marketers as well as businesses is brining about forced change that requires all of us to take a few steps back and think about how to grapple with the sweeping change it’s going to bring. Because change AI will … Read more

8 Landing Page Tips From Real Experts

Landing Page Tips From Experts

The trouble with advice and landing page tips specifically? It’s all over the place. I personally know folks who dole out advice on landing pages without ever having built one or even used one.   So, if you really needed advice, take it from those who make landing pages a part of their life. Pick … Read more

eCommerce Landing Pages: 6 Reasons Why You Need Them

eCommerce Landing Pages

eCommerce landing pages are the equivalent of giving you what you want, when you want it. Without landing pages, your eCommerce website is just running off its mouth, speaking incoherently, spewing out gibberish. Targeted eCommerce marketing demands eCommerce landing pages — and the reason isn’t just better eCommerce conversions (although that’s a big one). Here … Read more

Instapage AI Content Creator: Future of Landing Page Creation

Instapage AI Content Creator

Did you get the memo on the brand new Instapage AI (Artificial intelligence) content creator? Instapage has always been a robust, dependable, and feature-rich (no nonsense) landing page builder. It’s something I’ve used extensively as a digital marketing consultant and as a marketer. Instapage was featured in my landing page software builders post as well. … Read more

How to Create Landing Pages With MailerLite

How to Create Landing Pages with MailerLite

Did you know that you can create landing pages with MailerLite? MailerLite is a full-fledged, capable, and an easy-to-use email marketing platform that also doubles up as a landing page software and also a no code website builder. Further, you get to use dynamic content, create subscription forms or opt-ins, launch pop-ups, use sticky bars, … Read more

Leadpages Review 2023: It’s Time For Digital Domination

Leadpages Review

Disclaimer: This Leadpages review comes in late, almost at a time when there are at least a dozen other landing page builders in the market, and that’s for a good reason. I needed to be absolutely sure about what I am writing below. Further, LeadPages has grown over the years and now comes with even … Read more

Unbounce and Stripe: Landing Pages For Payments, Done Right

Unbounce and Stripe

Unounce and Stripe integration is a must-have integration which helps you add, authorize, and to sell products directly on landing pages. Apart from a several pre-optimized layouts to choose from, using eCommerce landing pages lets you take advantage of undeniable focus that landing pages provide with frictionless checkout (backed by Stripe). Typically, you wouldn’t use … Read more