Unlocking Unbounce AI: Less Work, Higher Conversions

AI is confusing. AI is breaking things apart (or is it fixing what’s broken?). AI for marketers as well as businesses is brining about forced change that requires all of us to take a few steps back and think about how to grapple with the sweeping change it’s going to bring.

Because change AI will bring (or is it already here?).

AI — if you grab that coffee and think about it — is actually here to serve.

Artificial Intelligence can maximize productivity and it’ll certainly boost conversions, results, leads, revenues, and more.

According to Unbounce’s state of AI for small business report,

“According to PwC, Artificial Intelligence could grow the global economy by $15.7 trillion and provide a 26% boost in GDP for local economies by 2030. It turns out smaller business owners—and not just the ones running tech startups out of Silicon Valley—are hungry for a piece of that pie.”

For businesses and marketers, AI is super power.

Here’s how AI marketing tools help:

How AI Marketing tools help

Image Credit: Unbounce

You obviously know about ChatGPT. Google Bard helps you power up your marketing and continue to say hello to a legion of new tools that crop up every day.

There’s AI for landing page design now and there’s AI for email marketing. Large platforms such as Shopify already embraced AI (bringing it in) with Shopify Magic, there are AI-driven tools for creating images and eCommerce photos, and there’s more to come.


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What’s Unbounce AI? What’s Unbounce Coming Up With?

Unbounce has already been working on artificial intelligence and several new features such as conversion intelligence, AI-driven landing page design, AI-powered copy for landing pages, and more (even before chatGPT became such a rage).

Unbounce has Smart Copy (AI-assited copywriting) and Smart Builder (AI-assisted landing pages). Now, there’s Smart Traffic (more below)

Unbounce Smart Builder
Smart Copy by Unbounce

Unbounce also had several nifty tools to help you purposeful landing pages, aimed straight for conversions with Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer, conversion Intelligence™, and more.

This is on top of the Unbounce Classic Builder which is still one of the best drag-and-drop landing page builders. Plus, you get to use pop-ups and smart bars as lead generation elements.

Are you ready to take your landing pages to the next level? Unbounce just introduced their latest cutting-edge feature: AI-powered conversion rate optimization.

Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to high-converting landing pages that drive real results.

Let’s dive into the incredible AI features and smart tools that Unbounce brings to the table!

Intelligent Alternative to A/B Testing

Unbounce Smart Traffic A B testing

Just because split testing (or A/B testing) is a good practice, it doesn’t mean it’s always the best for you to sink your limited resources on experimenting, tweaking, and testing.

There are certain conditions to be met. There are certain checkboxes your business should qualify for. Meanwhile, there are several dumb mistakes you might end up doing with A/B testing.

As far as A/B testing for landing pages go, Unbounce already gives you built-in A/B testing for each page.

Now, with Unbounce’s AI-powered optimization, you can move beyond manual A/B testing headaches.

Unbounce’s intelligent algorithm leverages machine learning to analyze your landing page performance and automatically suggests winning variations.

Intelligent Alternative to A/B testing is built to make A/B testing foolproof: AI takes your landing page traffic into account, crunches the numbers, identifies the most effective elements, and continuously improves your conversion rates.

It’s like having a data scientist working around the clock to boost your success. How cool is that?

Personalization on Steroids

Smart Personalization for campaigns

“The future is here, and right now AI is the reality of marketing. A year or two ago it was very aspirational, with big companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon spearheading it and reaping great rewards from it. Now marketers and businesses of all sizes are getting a competitive advantage by adding AI to their marketing toolkit. It’s simple, the marketers who aren’t embracing this new perspective are going to be left behind.”

— Tamara Grominsky, Chief Strategy Officer, Unbounce

Personalization is the low-hanging fruit very few even try to reach (while it’s not rocket science).

According to Instapage, an average marketing campaign performs 83% lower (than expected) only due to lack of relevant content. More than 78% of Internet users in the United States revealed that “…personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand.”

What needs personalization?

  • Landing pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • Lead generation elements (like forms, pop-ups, slide-ins, etc.)

Out of these, we are focusing on landing page personalization.

Personalization is the secret sauce to captivating your audience.  Brand new AI features with Unbounce take personalization to the next level.

By dynamically matching your landing pages to visitors based on their behavior, preferences, and demographics, you’ll create an individualized journey for each user.

Show them exactly what they need, when they need it, and watch your conversions soar.


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Smart Traffic Routing for Optimal Results

Smart Traffic Unbounce

Image Credit: Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™

Conversion Rate Optimization is huge.

Not because it sounds smart; it’s because it prints money.

According to AdPushup, proper targeting and testing for your campaigns has the potential to give you — wait for it — 300% conversions.

Three hundred.

How do you do landing pages? If you use HTML/CSS pages, you do realize that you’d have to develop multiple landing pages (each developed with code) and this is usually outsourced to development folks who have no idea about marketing and principles of conversions.

Let’s assume you manage: then what? One campaign gets a landing page? How would you know if this is the winning page? How can you put your finger on a winning champion?

You don’t.

That’s why you need what’s called as “Smart Routing’ to get optimal results from your campaigns — especially useful when you take Paid advertising route.

Maximizing your ad spend is crucial. 

Unbounce Smart Traffic routing feature ensures that every visitor is directed to the most relevant landing page variant based on their location, device, and more. Combine this this landing page analyzer and you truly have super powers now.

No more wasted clicks. Instead, deliver a streamlined user experience that boosts engagement and drives conversions. Unbounce’s AI-powered system takes the guesswork out of traffic distribution and optimizes your campaigns effortlessly.

Continuous Optimization and Real-Time Insights

AI Guide to Conversion Optimization

Image Credit: The AI Guide to Conversion Optimization By Unbounce

Stop wondering if your landing pages are performing at their best. The Unbounce AI Engine continually monitors and analyzes your campaign data, providing real-time insights and recommendations for improvement.

From identifying underperforming pages to suggesting headline tweaks or color variations, Unbounce’s AI is your personal conversion optimization guru, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Ready to revolutionize your landing pages with AI-powered optimization? Head over to Unbounce and unlock the full potential of your campaigns. Unbounce’s powerful AI features— including intelligent testing, advanced personalization, smart traffic routing, and continuous optimization—are here to supercharge your conversions. Say hello to smarter marketing and start driving results like never before!

Don’t miss out on the future of landing page optimization.

Get Started with Unbounce.com’s AI Features Today!

How do you build smart campaigns? Do you use Unbounce AI?

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