Conversion Intelligence: Use It & Play It Smart

Georgi Todorov of SEMRush recently compiled a titanic-sized compendium of Artificial intelligence stats (and it’s worth a look). Which brings us to Conversion Intelligence. The reason you need it and how it helps you launch smarter (and better) campaigns faster.

Of those, let’s zero down on artificial intelligence stats, applied to Marketing.

40% of businesses say that customer experience is their top motivator for using artificial intelligence. 

Most marketers are not yet confident in using their data to achieve business goals. 

71% of marketers find AI could be useful for personalization. 

80% of marketers in 2020 already had chatbots as part of their customer experience strategy. 

48% of marketing leaders agree that digital and mobile technologies (such as chatbots) have caused the most significant difference in how their customers and prospects interact with them. 

51% of eCommerce players have implemented automation technologies across sales, marketing, and customer service teams to ensure a seamless user experience for customers. 

Stats are interesting. What’s more interesting is whether or not you use artificial intelligence for marketing?

Most small businesses (including online course creators, bloggers, small businesses, and many others) just don’t.

Conversion Intelligence for Marketing & Landing Pages: Why Do You Need It?

Here’s the thing with marketing: everyone considers themselves an expert (but have nothing to show for it, except a massive ego and maybe a fancy title).

That ego also leads to making a few decisions that are mostly based on pre-conceived notions, personal preferences, and several other things that make us human.

Marketing, however, is both art and science . The “art” or the creative part of marketing is anyone’s guess (also prone to human error). Meanwhile, the science part of it is a threshold most businesses and marketers rarely get around to.

For paid ads, organic campaigns, sales funnels, landing pages, campaign workflows, and other aspects of digital advertising, there’s a possibility that too many human errors.

This is the primary reason you want artificial intelligence (or conversion intelligence, in this case specific to marketing campaigns) to do the job for you.

You need:

  • Impassive and error-free decision making based on data.
  • Rejection of personal preferences, and managerial ego.
  • Much better landing page conversions or high-performance marketing campaigns.
  • Faster ways to create and deploy landing pages.
  • Easier ways to manage leads, integrate with other marketing apps (or CRM platforms or email marketing platforms) you use.

That’s the premise of conversion intelligence for landing pages, sales funnels, and marketing campaigns in general.

What Can Conversion Intelligence Do for You?

Advertising requires an ever-growing, highly-demanding, and somewhat crazy set of skills to the table.

While the growth for businesses worldwide is fast-paced. Marketers need tons of creativity, decision-making ability drawing on past experiences and learning, talent, a bunch of skills, forever catching up with insights, and more.

For marketers, agencies, and businesses there’s also a need to compete with 567,987 other freelancers and agencies.

Businesses that require better marketing systems have even more to contend with (on top of the demands that running a business comes with).

Given that small business owners have limited resources to reach audiences in the highly competitive digital landscape, all that marketing intelligence you’ve gained over the years is still not enough.

Working alone or with a small team? You could be at a disadvantage when going up against truckload budgets and entire teams of marketing specialists.

This is when you look for new innovative ways to get the job done, such as conversion intelligence.

Unbounce is a global leader (and a pioneer) when it comes to landing pages. It’s one of the leading landing page software your money can buy.

Now, there’s a new way to achieve digital marketing success with the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform.

Unbounce already has some excellent tools for marketing: The classic Unbounce landing page builder, Unbounce Popups, and Unbounce sticky bars.

Here’s a video preview for Unbounce:

The new Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ platform is available to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) optimize their marketing with AI insights traditionally limited to large corporations.

According to folk from Unbounce:

So, what exactly is conversion intelligence?Conversion intelligence is pairing your marketing IQ with machine learning to identify and act on conversion opportunities you normally can’t see on your own.

Comprised of three smart solutions (Smart BuilderSmart Traffic, and Smart Copy), Unbounce’s new platform provides the fastest way to increase visitor conversions. Here’s a breakdown of each solution and how they can help:

  • Smart Builder: An AI-powered landing page builder that helps marketers create on-brand pages designed to convert based on a marketer’s specific industry and campaign goals.
  • Smart Traffic: A self-driving optimization tool for SMBs that connects visitors with their best-fit landing pages to increase conversions by an average of 30%. Smart Traffic identifies conversion patterns in as few as 50 visits. Compared to traditional A/B testing, it saves marketers precious ad spend, time, and effort, and it eliminates the need for one champion page.
  • Smart Copy: A new AI copywriting solution, Smart Copy uses GPT-3 to generate human-like copy in seconds—and in six different languages—for ads, emails, landing pages, blog posts, TikTok videos, pitches, and 40 more copy creation needs.

Build your highest-converting campaign in minutes, write dazzling copy in seconds and automatically score more sales and sign-ups.

Basically, consider conversion intelligence the marketing team you’ve never had. With the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence ™ Platform, you’ve got the tools to boost your business all on your own.

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