Conversion Intelligence: Use It & Play It Smart

Georgi Todorov of SEMRush recently compiled a titanic-sized compendium of Artificial intelligence stats (and it’s worth a look). Which brings us to Conversion Intelligence. The reason you need it and how it helps you launch smarter (and better) campaigns faster. Of those, let’s zero down on artificial intelligence stats, applied to Marketing. 40% of businesses … Read more

How to Use Social Proof to Boost Conversions

Have you ever noticed that when people are looking for a place to eat, they often look at the number of reviews and stars before making their decision? The more people waiting outside (in a line) outside a resto often makes you want to go there and try the food there. The more popular an … Read more

How To Use Smart Tags for Dynamic Text Replacement

Learning how to use smart tags for dynamic text replacement and to run smart personalization campaigns is not “geeky”. You can do it as easy as writing an email. The lack of intent is missing though. For many marketers and business owners, the daily grind of marketing puts things like “personalization” as something that’s “nice … Read more

Home Page Design: 8 Examples That Are Killing It

Home page design is often ignored. But you shouldn’t be. Good home page design doesn’t just make good impressions. In most cases, it makes good coin as well. Pretty looking pages score on “looks” but might not score on “conversions”. Most times, simplicity wins. Even boring and ugly can do better than anything fancy. Yet, … Read more

WordPress Conversion Optimization Tips

Follow a few WordPress conversion optimization tips and you’ll go a long way to get results from your site — instead of the site just sitting there. Setting up a website based on WordPress is easy. Making a website sweat it out for optimum conversions isn’t anywhere close to waking up with the smell of … Read more

How to Use Google Optimize To Test Your Website

Wondering how to use Google Optimize? You are at the right place. The one thing that digital marketing allows you to do that traditional advertising cannot is the ability to test out every single pixel on a web page to try to make these web pages work to the maximum benefit. You have limited resources … Read more