WordPress Conversion Optimization Tips

Follow a few WordPress conversion optimization tips and you’ll go a long way to get results from your site — instead of the site just sitting there.

Setting up a website based on WordPress is easy. Making a website sweat it out for optimum conversions isn’t anywhere close to waking up with the smell of coffee.

Conversion optimization calls for relentless action-taking on some of the most minutest details ever. The kind of details you’d not care about much. The same details that could make your eyes roll.

It’s more important than you ever thought.

Can you imagine a scenario where 72% of your customers find completely disoriented with the fact that your website has nothing that they were looking for? Or that only 14% of your entire base of customer actually value your relationship? Those are facts, according to CEB Marketing Leadership Council. In another study by Harris Interactive and Janrain, it was found that:

“28%of respondents would give up social networks for a week, 25 percent would give up chocolate for a month and 21 percent would give up their smartphone for a day in exchange for relevant content on all of their favorite websites.”

It’s easier to make these multiple changes on some platforms than others. Websites on WordPress, however, require a lot more than just dragging and dropping elements.

Starting from the core, out towards the front end design, every single aspect of your website contributes to conversions. This includes site design, strategic placement of design elements, site speed, and a lot more.

Here are some WordPress conversion optimization tips you should know about:

Invest In the right hosting

Hosting is where it all begins. Hosting sets the right foundation for your website. While it’s unfortunate that most people go for cheap hosting, it’s far from the best recommendations.

What you need with the right kind of hosting is Managed WordPress hosting, with compression, CDN, security, cache support, malware protection, automated updates, and automated backups.

You know? The kind of hosting that you just pay for each month and 90% of everything you’d ever need to do is taken care of, for you. You’d just need to manage plugin updates after investing in a host like that.

Since there are many web hosting providers for you to choose from, I’ll make it easy for you. Here are just two of them for you to pick from:



10 Web



That’s it. Don’t even bother trying to break your head over fast loading website pages that are so crucial for optimization.

Use Pop-ups Liberally

You could debate all you want over whether or not pop-ups work, but you’d be wasting time.

Hate them or love them, but pop-ups work. They just do. Stop arguing now and take some action.

Use Optinmonster if you like. Or use Unbounce pop ups like I do.

Use click-trigger pop-ups, slide on scroll, welcome mats, or whatever you want. Pop-ups get you leads. Period.

Use CTAs on Your web pages

Read all about how important your “about us” pages are or learn how to make your About Us pages work for your brand as Ben Austin of Moz writes.

Lindsay Kolowich also has great examples of About Us Pages to model your own page on.

Here’s a little something for you: none of that will do you any good if you let the page be a “page”.

Instead, if you use buttons in the middle or at the end of every page (including your About Us page), you are better off. You’d be giving visual cues for your readers and urging them to take action off their pages.

Use LiveChat

Don’t underestimate the power of small talk, especially those you’d have with your website visitors. When you place livechat strategically on your website and if you engage actively, each of those conversations has the potential to put money into your pocket.

Honestly, it’s not even hard to install LiveChat anymore. Use LiveChat itself or other tools like GoSquared’s chat feature.

There are many others, of course.

Talk is normally cheap. But talk isn’t cheap when it’s active engagement, listening to your visitors speak up, and when you answer questions leading to sales.

What are some WordPress conversion optimization tips that you think I’d missed out on? Let me know.

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