Leadpages Website Templates: How Cash Machines Work?

If you are looking for Leadpages website templates, it’s a good start. 

It helps if you know what you are looking at, why those Leadpages templates work, and what to know when you do look out for them.

Leadpages was always known as an eminent landing pages platform (along with several other features such as popups). Leadpages also has a website builder which is worth mentioning.

As such, these templates mentioned here are all Leadpages website templates – built completely functional websites (along with landing pages + other features) for the same price.

Don’t look at how pretty they are or the colors that dominate your screen. The point of showing you these Leadpages website templates and examples is to let you know (visually) just how websites can be pretty and also profitable. 

You don’t want a website at all; you need a website that gets you results.

Why bother now, you ask? It’s getting harder and harder to generate leads: think of it as some sort of saturation, even on digital media (including videos, social media, and elsewhere). If something has to work now, it has to be anything but not “what you thought would always work”. 

Some experts suggest trying to stand out with your USP, your unique angle on something that’s already popular, doing live streams, focusing more on videos, and so on — and you should try all of them. 

What won’t change are the following: 

  • The criticality of purpose-built websites (which some of these Leadpages website templates examples really are). 
  • Websites (aided by consistent digital marketing efforts) should give you results (real ones) like leads, sales, revenue, and profit. 
  • The need to move from that intense focus on website design to marketing. If Leadpages isn’t your thing, pick any of these tools from these 23+ nocode website builders, build your website in less than a day, and you are done. With the time and effort you save, give marketing everything you’ve got from that point on. 
  • The amount of time you have in a day will never increase.  

Note: You could replicate building websites just like these — look, function, and purpose — with any of the options below: 

It doesn’t matter what you pick. The only thing that matters is how well the website works to get you what you need: traffic, leads, sales, revenue, and profits. 

Note: While the Leadpages website templates might look like they’ve been built for the particular case shown here, you can adapt these templates to suit your business needs (change the copy, the context, logos, images, and so on).

So let’s see some Lead Generation Examples and Templates, how they work as well as they do, and marketing or conversion insights now: 

Health and Wellness Website Template

Between 2020 and 2024, the health and wellness industry globally is going to be worth a whopping US 1300+ billion, according to Appinventive.

Read that again, with a B.

The template features a clean layout, vibrant colors, a prominent red button with a prominent call to action (free consultation). Social proof (with associated logos showing right above the fold) ready and just about three sections.

More than enough to help communicate how you provide value to your visitors. The free consultation call-to-action buttons trigger a mobile-friendly popup ready to generate leads.

Other functional pages are truly functional: Services page with “booking”, about page with a little about you, and a “blog style” content page for dynamic content (like a blog).

Preview the health and wellness template now.

Influencer Website Template

In the year 2018, the Influencer marketing industry was already worth $5-10 billion, according to Mediakix.

Startupbonsai revealed that 65%millennials are more likely to follow influencers (than anything else). Further, micro-influencers are 10X more powerful than mega-influencers. 

If you are a content creator, influencer (micro or too-large-to-bother-reading-this), you just don’t want the hassle of “creating a website”. 

In the age of the content creator economy, no content creator wants to spend days and weeks just trying to get a website up that might or might not work. There’s too much at stake here, right? 

Take a look at this influencer website template from Leadpages.

The website puts the influencer (front and center), a distinct call-to-action (change it to what gets you more conversions), and a complete set of pages that are best fit for influencers. 

Services (Including Home Services) Website Template

Providing services — and sustaining a service-based business — is hard. That’s why you don’t want to deal with developers on Fiverr trying to whip up something they think will work. 

Depending on the services you provide, change the headlines, the copy on the website, and a relevant call-to-action button on this Leadpages website template for services of most types (including home services). 

Notice how the “Get Quote” call-to-action button takes center-stage (don’t use “get quote” as the call-to-action button though (get creative, simple, and more convincing. See more tips below). 

Online & Offline Events Website Template

The events industry was already global, large, and all-too-important. Even if you threw the pandemic-wrench into the mix, virtual events (which were already growing for a while) now blossomed into a full-fledged industry capable of holding its own. 

Now, mix them together and the overall events industry is larger than it ever was. 

If you are a large event management company or a single professional trying to run your own offline and online events (including live streams, webinars, and so on), you’ll want a website that gets you leads, helps you sell tickets (if you do that), or get you more attendees for your live streams or webinars. 

That’s when this Leadpages events website template turns out to be brilliant: 

Simplicity, an easy integration with Leadpages’ digital download delivery mechanism (to send in tickets, if you wanted it to do that), payment gateways, and several other Leadpages features together will help you achieve exactly what you want your event website to do.

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Consultants & Coaches Website Template

Coaching or consulting is an incredible way to establish credibility and grow your consulting or coaching business at the same time. 

If you are a consultant or a coach, it’s apparent that you don’t want technical headaches that come with managing websites, code bloat, or overly complicated setup (or any kind of a learning curve when it comes to websites that help you get leads). 

This Leadpages website template for coaches and consultants is simple, elegant, and cuts all rubbish out. There’s no guessing about who you are, what you do, what you expect your website visitors to do, and what kind of services, coaching programs, or consulting packages you provide. 

The big Call-to-action called “Schedule a session” is exactly what you want your potential customers to do — to get a sample for the coaching sessions or your consulting expertise to shine through. 

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Also, get this: The Content Creator Playblook

Agencies & Freelancers Website Template

The #agencylife and #freelancing life isn’t easy by any means (don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise). 

Given that most agencies are small specialist teams and freelancers are certainly “solo”, who has the time to sit on a “website in progress”? 

Take a look at this Leadpages website template for agencies or freelancers, for instance. 

I love the bold splash of color (you can bold splash your own brand color, just saying), the distinct call-to-action, and the simplicity of the website itself. 

Just swap out the “get a free quote” to something else that’s more appealing and convincing — like access to a free PDF, video, eBook, or an online course

Fintech App Website Template

FinTech never exploded in use and popularity as much as it did in the past couple of years. Not only did regular personal and corporate finance go digital but we now have new digital assets mushrooming: NFTs, Crypto currency, and more. 

Meanwhile, apps (for everything imaginable) have been growing too. 

Whether you are looking for a specific website template for a FinTech App or for any other app, your resources are limited (so is the case for everyone on the planet). 

Use this website template for FinTech App (or any other app), swap the App images to showcase the images relevant to your app, write powerful copy (focus on the benefits), and bingo. 

Podcasting Website Template

According to Grand View Research, the global podcasting market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 31.1% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 94.88 billion by 2028. 

Imagine that: The podcast market is at a whopping $100 billion almost (It’d grow by the time you read this). 

Podcast hosts, much like content creators and online course creators, have their own challenges. The actual podcast recordings, creating show notes, doing digital marketing (with blogging + podcasts, social media, and more) — these demands don’t take a break. Podcasts also have to worry about platforms, Podcast distribution, inviting and managing guest speakers on Podcasts, and so on. 

Build a website for podcast shows? Important, but no one has the time to spend. 

See how this podcasting website template makes it easy to not only have a home for your podcast but also promote it — a call-to-action that immediately lets people sample your podcast (listen directly, on the browser).  Plus, dedicated tab for all your previous podcast episodes, and some featured speakers (including previous ones). 

Way to go podcasting, if you ask me. 

Why Do These Leadpages Website Templates Work Like Cash Machines? 

Time is money. Waste time (days, weeks, months, and years) on websites and you are already staring at the wrong end of the profit curve. 

With Leadpages, you don’t waste time. 

  • Avoid having to hire designers, developers, IT staff, or wait for weeks to get your website ready. You do this in minutes or hours (depending). 
  • There’s no time to waste sitting there, dragging and dropping (although you can, with the Leadpages website builder). If you wanted to, you could swap the logo, change the colors (to reflect your brand), and that’s it. 
  • Leadpages websites load fast. 
  • Leadpages website templates (and the websites you’ll build with them) are conversion-centric. Notice how each Leadpages template comes with a distinct Call-to-action on the home page and elsewhere?

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