12 Dynamic WordPress Templates: Dream Business, In a Flash

WordPress has come a long way since it first started in 2003. Today, WordPress doesn’t just power your Twitter friend’s blog: it also powers some of the biggest brands that you know of. Throw Dynamic WordPress templates into the equation and you now looking at websites that are as good as any business you already know of.

You are looking at the future of WordPress.

WordPress now commands around 60.8% market share in the CMS market (beating the likes of Joomla and Drupal to a pulp), according to Kinsta.  

Did you know that you can start your own business with WordPress on the lines of Airbnb or Expedia? 

Yes, you can. 

Further, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for development fees or lose an arm and a leg to expensive WordPress developers. 

Dynamic WordPress Templates: What do you need to make it fly? 

You’ll need the following to get started: 

How do Dynamic WordPress Templates Work? 

I am not a WordPress developer or anything, but I understand that Dynamic WordPress templates go a little beyond your regular posts and pages.

Dynamic WordPress templates use Custom fields, custom post types, AJAX filters, taxonomy, grid layouts, lists, and several other features to make it all work. 

As you go through the list of dynamic WordPress templates below, you’ll see how several different moving parts come together to make the templates work.

You don’t have to be a WordPress master to use them though.

Crocoblock’s Dynamic templates are all but plug-and-play.

Have an idea? Go launch. 

12 Dynamic WordPress Templates You Should See

Onlybooks: Launch a BookStore

Start Bookstore With WordPress Dynamic Theme

Want to create a bookstore? Or a used book store? Or think of starting a book library (sell or rent, or both?).

You can do that and you don’t have to sell your shirt for it. Do it with OnlyBooks from Crocoblock

  • Custom Shop pages & catalogs
  • WooCommerce Integration 
  • Inbuilt Mega Menu
  • Adjusted AJAX filters

No, you don’t need to be the next Amazon.

You can just be you. With an integrated WooCommerce store setup, custom shop pages, and the Ajax filters, you’ll have a good, reliable start with your bookstore. 

Travengo: Expedia Clone, anyone? 

Travel website With WordPress Dynamic Template

I remember just how hard it was to build a complete, travel booking site for a client several years ago.

Since, I wasn’t a WordPress developer per se, we had to depend on a freelancer Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and we had to shelf the project (lose money, time, and a client in the process). 

Today, you don’t have that problem with this WordPress-based Dynamic Travel template. With the Travengo Dynamic template, you get: 

  • Fully-tuned pages, ready to go.
  • Travel related tour pages (single) and travel product catalogs ready for you to swap out with your own inventory. 
  • In-built Ajax filters and 
  • Preset booking pages for tours and travel packages 
  • Possible to attach as many people as wanted to a single booking form and provide their personal details

What travel business on WordPress will you create next? 

Findero : Real Estate Website on WordPress 

Turnkey real estate website Dynamic WordPress template

Thought that building a real estate business on WordPress was hard? 

This Real Estate Dynamic WordPress template is for you. It’s a ready-to-go dynamic template for WordPress that requires you to just upload your real estate inventory pictures, prices, and other details to get started. 

Whether you are a real estate agent or a full-fledged real estate builder or real estate broker, you can use the following: 

  • Dynamic repeater groups to make your job easier while managing real estate inventory. 
  • Single-agent pages and catalogs 
  • Property pages (single) 
  • User profile builder 
  • Ajax filters
  • List home rental and home purchase offers

Zolden: Start a WooCommerce Shop

One-click eCommerce store Dynamic Template for WordPress

Starting a WordPress eCommerce store has always been tricky. Not anymore.

With the Zolden Dynamic WordPress template for eCommerce shops, you can make a few clicks and get started with your own store in less than a day (or however long it takes for you to customize the eCommerce store to your brand). 

Get access to:

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Upsells and Cross-Sells 
  • Product Catalogs 
  • Flattering product gallery layouts
  • Reviews and comments for products
  • Custom shop pages
  • Inbuilt AJAX filters, and more. 

Spa Once: Run a Spa business on WordPress 

Run a spa business With Dynamic WordPress template

Did you ever want to start a spa business?

Or some kind of service similar to the spa business where you have to book appointments, provide service pages, showcase service catalogs and have dynamic content displayed?

The Spa Once template by Crocoblock provides you with just that. Here are some of the distinct features: 

  • Multi-step appointment booking forms
  • Provider/Service Singles and Catalogs
  • Dynamic content tuned and ready
  • WooCommerce integration

You could also have access to: 

  • Special profile pages for therapists singles or teams. 
  • Clean and functional appointment functionality 
  • Single page booking features, and more. 

RentGo: Car rental Business on WordPress 

Car rental dynamic WordPress template

Looking to start a car rental business? Forget trying to do anything fancy. 

Car rental businesses are picking up quite the pace. 

While Uber and Lyft have a huge market share (you shouldn’t even try to compete), you could set up a niche car rental business.

A few ideas could be renting out exotics, renting out limousines for weddings or events (you get the drift?), or renting out cars in a hyper-local market (a particular city or for a particular cause). 

Just use the RentGo template from Crocoblock, make any changes you need with the template builder, and get cracking right away.

The RentGo car rental WordPress template features vehicle pages, vehicle inventory catalogs, built-in Ajax filters, and WooCommerce Integration. 

Change your logo. Change your colors. Add your own inventory (cars for rent), and you are good to go. 

The Car Rental business WordPress template also comes with the following features: 

  • Get a filterable and searchable inventory for your rental car assets and vehicles. 
  • Custom Booking Settings. You can also use JetBooking plugin and Google Calendar (Zapier, iCal, Integromat) to automate the processes and easily track all appointments.
  • Use the built-in wizard functionality and take the guided approach to start your car rental business while accepting bookings seamlessly. 
  • Custom rentals feature: You can offer weekly rentals and monthly rentals on top of your regular car rental packages with the weekly bookings and monthly-rentals booking features.  

Foreo: Mini-hotel Booking Website 

Mini-hotel booking website Dynamic Template for WordPress

Would you like a fully customizable and turnkey eCommerce template for small hotels such as Inns, BnBs, hostels, and small hotels?

Instead of hiring expensive developers, just go the Foreo mini-hotel booking website

Get access to: 

  • Ready pages for hotel rooms and booking elements 
  • Filtering tools and full-booking functionality 
  • Pages for hotel rooms (or suites or hostel dorms) and a full catalog 
  • Customizable weekly bookings and one-night bookings for rooms. 

Medcenter: Doctor-booking Website On WordPress 

Doctor appointment WordPress Dynamic template

Are you a doctor or a medical professional who wants to create a way to build an actual business-ready presence on the web? 

Or Are you an agency looking to help doctors, therapists, or others in the medical field set up their first web presence? 

Medcenter is the dynamic WordPress template you are looking for: 

  • Setup multi-page booking forms 
  • Payments enabled 
  • Department, doctors, or Medical provider single pages, profile pages, and catalogs

CutCloud: BarberShop on WordPress 

Barbershop Dynamic template WordPress

Want to start a barber shop? You’ll then need a reliable way to hold up a great, on-brand local presence, book appointments, and more.

The CutCloud Barbershop template for WordPress by Crocoblock allows you to do just that.

  • Single barber pages and pages for teams
  • Multi-step appointment booking forms
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Ready-to-go website for barbers

BaliRento: Vacation Rental Website On WordPress 

Start Vacation rental business With Dynamic WordPress Template

If you ever wanted to be a part of the huge (and growing) vacation rental business, this is your chance. 

Crocoblock’s BaliRento Vacation rental dynamic template helps you set up a complete vacation rental site in less time than it takes for you to book a flight ticket. 

Just like the mini-hotel dynamic site (above) or the large hotel booking site (below), you can have everything you need for your vacation rental business such as: 

  • Property pages and catalogs 
  • Profile builder 
  • WooCommerce Integration 
  • Weekly and nightly booking functionality with advanced filters 

CarDealer: Car Dealer Website on WordPress 

Start a car dealership Site on WordPress

Do you want to start a local car dealership? That’s awesome. Instead of depending on potential customers walking in, you could make them come to you. 

If you are good to go, the Car Dealer WordPress template gives you just the complete online presence that you need. Including: 

  • Product pages and catalogs 
  • Set up booking forms for test drives or appointments, or both. 
  • Dynamic user profiles 
  • Front-end ads posting functionality
  • …and more

Bristol: Large Hotel Booking Website on WordPress 

Hotel Booking WordPress Website for large hotels

Have a large hotel? Or are you planning to revamp your existing hotel’s website into something that’s more dynamic, capable, and reliable? 

Take a look at Bristol from Crocoblock: a large hotel booking WordPress dynamic website template that allows you to: 

  • Dynamic room booking functionality (with hotel pages, property pages, multiple locations)
  • Cross-sell your layered services
  • Pre-configured booking forms (for rooms, suites, conference rooms, and more)

All of these dynamic templates from Crocoblock are equipped with the necessary Crocoblock plugins that power these functionalities. 

No extra code. No code bloat. Just smart plugins doing the work of entire teams. 

Which of these dynamic templates do you find interesting? 

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