Elementor Popup Builder: Generate Leads, Without Hassle

If you were looking to generate leads on your WordPress site, you’d need popups. Now, there are several ways to create popups, opt-in forms, slide-ins, and more. 

You’d also want to add your lead generation forms within your blog posts (or underneath your blog posts). 

The trouble is that you’d often have to purchase these lead generation plugins separately, on top of anything else you’d have already spent on — such as: 

If you were looking to generate leads, nurture your leads with email marketing, and make sales happen, you’d have to use various lead generation plugins for your WordPress site along with email marketing platforms such as Drip, ConvertKit, or MailChimp

For instance, you’d use Unbounce Popups, LeadPages Popups (leadboxes), ConvertPro, Sleeknote, or OptinMonster

Depending on your business, budget, and several other factors, you could make your choices. As you can see, you are working quite a few tools and there are expenses associated with it — one-time or recurring. 

What if you could generate leads and create popups using just one tool (and only invest in what you really need to — such as email marketing tools and others)? 

You can do that with Elementor Popup Builder — a feature within the Elementor Pro package to help you create & design popups.

Apart from Elementor Popups, remember that you could design 

Further, you also have the ultimate addons for Elementor that you could use. 

This blog post, however, only discusses what you can do with the Elementor Popup Builder. 

Elementor Popup builder is a design-first, mobile-ready, incredibly easy to use Popup builder with everything you need to launch exit-intent pop-ups, e-commerce specific pop-ups, page-specific (or category-specific) pop-ups, and more.  

With the Elementor Popup builder, you can practically create any type of popup — for lead generation, for sales, or to help you grow your email marketing list. 

  • Build popups to integrate with your forms, in turn, connected to the email marketing tools you use. 
  • Get more sales by creating relevant and timely popups or messages. 
  • Create login forms to help provide your users or visitors a completely branded experience as they login to your WordPress site. 
  • Announce new product launches, news, discounts, coupons, sales, and other sales-related messages
  • Create sales banners 
  • Hide premium content behind content locks or force your users to sign up and upgrade.  

The Elementor Popup Builder is not a separate product, a WordPress plugin, or another third-party tool that you’d have to use. The Elementor Popup builder is a part of the Elementor package and it’s built right into your WordPress site. 

Unlike other tools on this list, you don’t pay anything extra (except for your Elementor License). Create as many popups as you’d need, get unlimited page views, deploy unlimited integrations, and also work with other widgets, addons for Elementor, or other features of Elementor Pro

Based on your website and what you want to achieve with Popups with Elementor, you have everything covered with the Elementor Popup Builder (as long as you can get traffic to your own website)

Everything sits integrated with your WordPress site, built with Elementor. For instance, you can: 

  • Create pixel-perfect popups using 100+ Elementor widgets. If you need more, you can also use Crocoblock’s JetPopup plugin to get even more templates that you can play with. 
  • Each of the templates with Elementor Popup builder and Crocoblock JetPopup Plugin come with flexible responsible layouts and style controls to help you create precise, stunning, and mobile-friendly popups to achieve cross-site design consistency. You’ll also be able to achieve smooth entrance and exit animations. 
  • Use several Elementor templates and add content to your popups (without any code). Or you could pull WordPress content into your popups automatically. 
  • Use content and images from WooCommerce products to show up on your Elementor Popups. 
  • Use Dynamic Content to create smart popups that are more timely and relevant than other popups. 
  • Elementor Popups come with your Elementor Package — this means that you get unlimited pageviews, unlimited popups, unlimited interactions, and more. You are not nickel-and-dimed for traffic, bandwidth or usage

It’s crucial for a popup builder to allow you to target visitors precisely the way you want, and when you want these popups to appear (this is precisely what makes OptinMonster so darned effective and powerful).

The Elementor Popup Builder allows you to target visitors across your website, on specific post categories, post tags, or authors. You’ll also be able to target (or exclude) showing popups on specific pages or categories. If you’d like to add specific popups on your search pages, archive pages, or 404 pages, you can do that as well. 

If you run e-commerce on your WordPress site, you can use the Elementor Popup Builder to create special popups (to giveaway coupons, to push visitors to product pages, or to sign up for offers) by choosing to display popups on WooCommerce pages, WooCommerce Archives, and even on single product pages (customized for each product). 

Trigger your popups based on page load, on click, on scroll, or after inactivity. You can also choose other triggers available such as exit-intent popups, scroll-to-element, and more. 

As far as triggering popups with Elementor Popup builder is concerned, you can also choose to trigger your popups after X number of views, when arriving from a specific URL, after X amount of Sessions, or when arriving from search engines. 

You can also choose to show popups on specific devices (and not on others), hide popups for logged in users, members, or others you don’t want to show popups to. 

Elementor Popup builder integrates with practically any marketing tool, app, or SaaS application that you’d find the need to integrate with.

The Elementor Popup Builder integrates with Mailchimp, Drip, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, and several other tools. 

If you don’t find a native Elementor integration in there, you can use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps anyway.

  • Landing page + Email Service Provider + CRM + Google Spreadsheet? Check
  • Lead sign up on Elementor Pop-up + Gmail notification to your Inbox? Check
  • Sale on Woocommerce + Drip Notification + Customer Onboarding Sequence? Check. 

Apart from the Elementor Popup Builder itself, you get everything Elementor has to provide and the ability to use various third-party products built for Elementor such as Crocoblock and Ultimate Addons for Elementor

If you ever wanted your WordPress website to work for your business, if you wanted to generate leads, and if you wanted a lead generation tool that sits tight and is built-in to your WordPress, Elementor Popup Builder is the way to go. 

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