Powerful WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

If you just have a website there that just exists, there’s really no reason to have the site. Thankfully, you have powerful WordPress lead generation plugins available that can turn your website into a sales machine.


Whether you are a blogger, a small business owner, an affiliate site, or an online publication, the only thing that can make your website worthwhile is if it can make you money (or gets you results of some sort that are beneficial to you). 

The push for a website that gets results is so strong now that you don’t even have to think about whether you’ll use Webflow, WordPress, Joomla, or some DIY website builder.

Heck, you even have modern, artificial intelligence-driven solutions such as Bookmark to help build websites. 

The only thing you need to think about is this: 

Hopefully, you do. But then, it all begins with your website.

What happens when you start getting traffic to your website but you have nothing set up to help generate leads? What if there’s no way for you to grow your email list?

Then, all the traffic that arrives on your website has nothing to do but just “read, consume, watch, or listen”  whatever you create or publish.  

You got bills to pay. You have a business to run. You need to generate leads which happens to be the first part of a successful sales funnel, right? 

You are in luck if you use WordPress because there are a few awesome WordPress lead generation plugins that you can use to start making your website work for you: 


OptinMonster has been around for a long time now. In all this time, this powerful lead generation tool for WordPress (hint: it can also be used on other platforms such as Webflow or Simvoly or on websites built with PHP or pure HTML/CSS). 

OptinMonster features several awesome features built to help you generate leads with your WordPress site, starting with the humble Popups, welcome mats, full-screen overlays, slide-ins, and more.

You’ll be able to create opt-in forms that you can embed underneath your blog posts (including the Yes/No format). 

OptinMonster features include a new dashboard, a drag-and-drop editor, attention activation, powerful exit-intent technology, MonsterLinks™, Geo-location targeting, various campaign types (such as inline forms, content locker, floating bar, countdown timer, coupon wheel optins and more). 

OptinMonster also has integrated native analytics (along with integrations with other tools such as Bronto)  


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ConvertPro by The makers of the popular Astra theme is a superfast, 100% mobile-friendly, and a capable lead generation tool for WordPress.  

With ConvertPro, you can: 

  • Easily design your popups from a huge library of conversion-oriented professionally designed templates within a template cloud. Simply install and use only the ones you need
  • Target visitors with the right message at the right time to boost the conversion rate & highly segmented email list!
  • Make use of the drag n drop editor which gives you complete control over your design.
  • Pick from your own choice of email marketing service providers (ConvertPro almost integrates with everything). 
  • Stop visitors from leaving. Hold back abandoning visitors with compelling, timely, and relevant messages backed by ConvertPro’s exit intent technology. 

ConvertPro also integrates with several leading marketing tools that might already be a part of your marketing stack such as Drip, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Klaviyo, SendGrid, and others. 


ConvertPro Templates 


Crocoblock’s entire product lineup — includes WordPress themes, plugins, The Kava Theme, and more —  is built and optimized for Elementor. If you are already using Elementor, you already know that Elementor has an astounding and powerful Pop-up Builder

Now, add the JetPopup plugin to the mix and you have even more power (as far as popups are concerned) than you know what to do with. 

With the JetPopup plugin, you don’t just create popups for WordPress (built on Elementor), you get to a lot more: create triggers for your popups, animate your popups, and avoid the need to build popups from scratch (just choose from a variety of popup presets. Countdown, discount, sale, and subscribe). 

JetPopup allows you to launch popups on entry or exit. Perhaps you’d want to create timed popups (those that appear after a certain amount of time). You can also make popups appear when users click on a link, on scrolling a page, etc. 

You can also use logical conditioning for popups while you can choose how your popups will be displayed. 


Popup Templates from JetPopup For Elementor Pro 

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Divi by Elegant Themes

Wordpress Plugins To Generate Leads

What if you could just purchase a single product that gives you not only lead generation plugins for WordPress but also a complete WordPress page builder, set of pre-made layouts to enable faster design, the crazy fast Divi Builder, the long-standing Divi Theme, and nifty features such as Divi Leads (for split testing your WordPress pages)? 

You get all that with Divi

Designed by the folks from Elegant Themes — popular for the Divi Builder and the Divi Theme — Bloom is an incredible plugin for WordPress that lets you create signup forms, slide-in forms, opt-in forms, content unlock widgets, and forms to go under each of your blog posts.

Bloom also integrates with many email service providers such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and others ( Unfortunately, there’s no direct integration with a few popular email service providers such as Drip)

Apart from the ability to create forms, Bloom also provides you with an ability to split-test your forms and lead generation elements while giving you with focused analytics that you’d need to make better decisions.


Unbounce is already a terrific solution for building landing pages and sales funnels.

Did you know that you can also create popups and alert bars with Unbounce? 

Hint: Upload The Unbounce WordPress Plugin to make this work. 

You’d create Popups with Unbounce just the way you’d create landing pages and sales funnels with Unbounce  — using a pixel-perfect, drag-and-drop editor (preview it here). The best part about Unbounce Popups is that the leads you generate are collected along with the other campaigns you might be running with your mainstream landing pages and sales funnels. 

With the vast integrations available with Unbounce, your Unbounce Popups also integrate with the same tools such as Drip, MailChimp, or Zapier (which in turn helps you to connect with any marketing tool, CRM, or other tools you might be using). 

Use popups to generate leads, grow your email list, push visitors to actual landing pages built with Unbounce (or other pages altogether), and more. 

Just like any respectable lead generation plugin for WordPress, you also get several options to trigger your popups — on click, on specific devices, on arrival from specific links, on particular pages of your website, or after a certain time delay. 


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LeadPages not only helps you build landing pages and sales funnels (like, really fast) but it also has other products that have long been popular such as The LeadPages Site Builder LeadPages Popups (also called as LeadBoxes). 

With the LeadPages Popup forms, you can add lead generation Popups to any site or landing pages (even if those landing pages and sites are not published on LeadPages). 

Show your popups at the right moment, with the right message by using any of the options available to you while publishing LeadPages Popups such as trigger popups to appear on scroll, on click, or when they arrive at a particular section on your landing page or website. 

Or, you can make your LeadPages Popups appear after a timed delay or after a few pages have been viewed by a visitor. Of course, you can also create exit-intent popups with LeadPages. 

Use the LeadPages plugin to publish on WordPress or publish to embed on any other website or landing page. 

Just like Unbounce, your leads are collected so that you can use the powerful integrations available with LeadPages to trigger your email autoresponders or lead nurturing sequences. 


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Elementor Popups

Elementor Popup builder is a design-first, mobile-ready, incredibly easy to use Popup builder with everything you need to launch exit-intent pop-ups, e-commerce specific pop-ups, page-specific (or category-specific) pop-ups, and more.  

With the Elementor Popup builder, you can practically create any type of popup — for lead generation, for sales, or to help you grow your email marketing list. 

  • Build popups to integrate with your forms, in turn connected to the email marketing tools you use. 
  • Get more sales by creating relevant and timely 
  • Create login forms to help provide your users or visitors a completely branded experience as they login to your WordPress site. 
  • Announce new product launches, news, discounts, coupons, sales, and other sales-related messages
  • Create sales banners 
  • Hide premium content behind content locks or force your users to sign up and upgrade.  

The Elementor Popup Builder is not a separate product, a WordPress plugin, or another third-party tool that you’d have to use. The Popup builder is a part of the Elementor package and it’s built right into your WordPress site. 

Unlike other tools on this list, you don’t pay anything extra (except for your Elementor License). Create as many popups as you’d need, get unlimited page views, deploy unlimited integrations, and also work with other widgets, addons for Elementor, or other features of Elementor Pro. 

Elementor Popup builder integrates with practically any marketing tool, app, or SaaS application that you’d find the need to integrate with.

If you don’t find a native Elementor integration in there, you can use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps anyway.

  • Landing page + Email Service Provider + CRM + Google Spreadsheet? Check
  • Lead sign up on Elementor Pop-up + Gmail notification to your Inbox? Check
  • Sale on Woocommerce + Drip Notification + Customer Onboarding Sequence? Check. 


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How do you generate leads on your WordPress website? What lead generation tools for WordPress do you use? 

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