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Wondering what Social Media Flexing is? Social media flexing is the overt “showing off” or maybe “subtle showing” off that happens all the time on social media.

I bet 80% to 90% of your social media feed is all but social flexing.

What was once “keeping up with the joneses” now turned into a large scale “Joneses” cluster you just can’t keep up with anymore.

If it were just about “seeing, noticing” and agreeing between us that “it’s there”, it’s fine.

We’d take it.

If it were to harm your business, slow your marketing to a crawl, or blast your digital marketing strategy to bits? We all have a cause to worry.

You have seen it. You are a victim to it. You can’t help but shake your head. You often wonder: How the heck can it be real?

The guy with the lambo, the subtle post saying that someone just made $120,000 in a week, the eBook that promises you the moon in your pocket? It’s all there. We both have seen it.

We thought it was fine. It’s fine, until it’s not.

Social Flexing Won’t Make you Friends

According to Natasha Lyons of, all this “flex culture” pushes and tempts you to believe that happiness is “elsewhere” — In Goa, Maldives, Hawaii, or in the Lambo the guy just drove. Or it’s the watches, the Yacht, and the power lunch in a 7-star hotel.

This was once rampant on Instagram. It now spread its way (overtly or subtly) into other social feeds such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Know this: If you flex, you’ll get several likes and comments (of congratulations). Deep in everyone’s heart though, there’s just envy, Jealousy, hatred, and the dominant feeling of “Why do I have to see this?”.

You’ll lose people on your social networks. Sooner than you can buy another Lambo and another French Mansion to flex.

Why are we writing about cultures and subcultures here? On a marketing blog? I am getting there..

Professional Social Flexing Is Distracting You

I recently wrote How to Focus on What You Need to Focus On and I wrote just how and why you should follow the right people, the right companies, the brands that suit your values, how business success is measured, and more.

Professional flexing (maybe I termed this) is when certain professionals — like SEO professionals, social media managers, entrepreneurs, paid ads guys — and they put up this picture or show a video showing you the millions they just made in sales.

That’s certainly “scroll stopping”. But it’s distracting.

You now start wondering why you aren’t doing what that 16 yr old kid just did. You doubt the process you are on. The already growing frustration that digital marketing results take time to see the light of the day now got a chance to raise its voice.

You chase that fad. You follow what that guy did with his Shopify store.

Of course, it won’t work.

You now have a break in your process.

See? That’s an example.

Your Mindset Gets Whacked




That’s what you need to keep your business thriving. Any of this social media flexing (even offline), is going to throw you off balance. Your mind sets off wandering into different rabbit holes.

You want to dream more than you can handle. The vivid images of 6 and 8 figure pay days, the beaches, and fast cars is too appealing to ignore.

That keeps you from creating content, pushing yourself to do what matters, and ultimately dropping off the bandwagon.

That’s why I wrote why your mindset needs a reset.

With all of these sales and marketing trends taking shape now (and for the future), you’ll be left out because “boring” is unappealing.

That’s not good for your business now, is it?

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