Social Media And Mental Health For Entrepreneurs

Social Media and Mental Health

Social media and mental health are directly related. So much that you bear the burden whether or not you are aware of what’s happening. According to WHO (World Health Organization), mental health conditions (the sneaky, silent pandemic that it is) are on the rise (read: 13% or so). Why am I talking about WHO, social … Read more

How to Use Social Media Post Scheduler (Semrush)

Looking for a free social media post scheduler? You are taking the first steps to semi-automate your content distribution as well as to optimize the impact you make on social media. Existing social media planners such as Hootsuite and Buffer are excellent, except that they are standalone tools and will only increase your marketing stack … Read more

Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Business?

Is Social Media a Waste of Time For Businesses

The big question: Is social media a waste of time for business? It’s a tricky question to answer. Being active on social media definitely helps grow your business, give your brand a solid social (and web) presence, improves your personal branding, allows you to network at scale, help you get social proof, and even get … Read more

How to Make LinkedIn Work For Your Business

How to Make LinkedIn work for Business

Imagine your average day on LinkedIn: login, check for notifications (if any), comment on others’ posts, comments on conversations flowing thanks to your previous posts, actually write new posts, and more.  Meanwhile, there’s a ton of unnecessary information on your feed that you’d have to learn to ignore. There’s social flexing that affects you and … Read more

How to Use Meta Business Suite: Manage Facebook Pages, Instagram, & WhatsApp

How to Use Meta Business Suite

Learn how to use the Meta Business Suite (previously: Facebook Business suite) & to control and manage all your brand properties such as Facebook business page(s), Instagram Account(s), and WhatsApp account(s) for your brand/business or multiple brands and business. Looking for the best resources to learn about Facebook Ads. From the Pros 🔥 Download this … Read more

Social Media Is Toxic: More Harm Than Good?

Social Media is Toxic

Social media toxicity is real. The fact that social media is more toxic than anything ever known to mankind is something that some scholarly folks do talk about. Just that no one’s paying attention. Sad. For years now, I’ve been a proponent of ‘balance’ — it stems from ancient roots of my culture, my upbringing, … Read more

How to Grow LinkedIn Business Page (Or Brand Page)

Want to quickly learn how to grow LinkedIn business page? You should. LinkedIn now has 800+ million professionals on the platform with at least half of them active on a daily basis.  According to San Rathling, author of LinkedIn Inbound: Social Selling Strategies to Generate Leads on LinkedIn, LinkedIn can represent you (in case of … Read more

Social Media for Business: Redefined

Last year (2021), I remember a series of striking conversations with several awesome folks on LinkedIn. What started off as a simple response to one comment on LinkedIn led to a series of conversations with several folks on LinkedIn (almost all of them were strangers).  I got pumped. I was motivated. I was moved. I … Read more