How to Use Social Media Post Scheduler (Semrush)

Looking for a free social media post scheduler? You are taking the first steps to semi-automate your content distribution as well as to optimize the impact you make on social media.

Existing social media planners such as Hootsuite and Buffer are excellent, except that they are standalone tools and will only increase your marketing stack spend. 

Using the Semrush social post planner (along with an invaluable list of at least 16+ tools across the board) — not to mention the rest of the social tool kit, social media apps, and social guides — makes a convincing case to invest in Semrush

Here’s a video of a sneak peak of the Semrush social media poster, planner, and manager:

— connect to multiple networks (limits on free accounts). Semrush now also includes Google Business profile insights and management. 

— Get analytics for each of your social updates 

— social tracker (along with specific apps available in the Semrush app center such as Instant Banner generator, Audience Intelligence, Twitter Tracker, and the video rank tracker). 

— boost social updates (if budget permits) 

What is the best time to post on social media? 

You’ll hate the answer: it depends.

Where are you located? Where’s your target audience located? What time periods are your audience active on social networks? 

Whatever you are posting, however, just don’t make social media more toxic than it is.

You’d have to test it all out and see.

The Semrush Social Planner and Poster and also shows you the best times your audience is usually active (just before you are about to post or schedule a post). 

The research, however, says this: 

Best time to post on social media

Further, this post from HubSpot has some recommendations for the best time to post on social media as well.


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Social Media Dashboard 

Social media dashboard is where you would add your projects and manage your social media profiles (adding new profiles related to Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram and so on). 

Using the social media dashboard, you can also create ad campaigns and add profiles to the social media tracker. 

Semrush Social Media tool Dashboard

Social media dashboard helps you connect your social media profiles, remove social networks you don’t have access to (or those that you don’t want to use), add team members, and more. 

Semrush Social Media Scheduler and planner

The Semrush social media scheduler and planner is the heart of the social media toolkit that Semrush provides.

This is where you get a calendar view of all your scheduled posts, social posts that have already been posted, and more. 

This is how it looks like: 

Semrush Social Media tool calendar view

At a glance, the Semrush Social Media Scheduler and planner allows you to see a complete calendar view and also a current view of your planned social media posts. 

Semrush Social Media Post Scheduler 

The Semrush Social Media Post Scheduler is where all the action happens. This is where you create, post, and schedule your social media posts. 

With the Semrush Social Media Scheduler, you have several options within (while you are out and about) creating and scheduling posts, adding links, adding emojis, and images. 

  • Write the body of the text, copy, headline of a blog post, and more — along with a link (if applicable). 
  • You can then choose the networks that this post should go on (you have the option to post right away, schedule it for a later date and time, or even choose to publish the social post automatically on a recurring basis). 
  • If you share blog posts (with featured images), the Semrush Social Poster will automatically grab and display the images extracted from the URL. If not, add images to your post (upload from computer). Or use the options provided for adding a GIF image. 
  • You have the option to shorten links (toggle it on or off). 
  • Quickly customize the post for each social network(s) — such as expanding or shrinking the body of the post and tagging other people or brands specific to that network. 
Post Updates on Semrush Social tool

Note: Depending on the networks you’ve connected to, some social networks like Instagram require slightly more work than the others. 

Add RSS feeds Speed Up Your Flow 

To make things easier (and hence more time), add your own blog, other favorite online publications, other blogs, and other sources to the Semrush social scheduler and planner. 

If you’d like, you can watch the video (above) on how to add RSS feeds to Semrush social scheduler 

Add Rss feeds to Semrush Social Media Scheduler
  • Click on the “content ideas” tab
  • Click on “+Add news feed”
  • Type in your own blog(s) name and add it first 
  • Type in or select from dropdown any other sources you want to add. 
  • Use the feed to quickly schedule content 

In addition to everything that Semrush provides for you, such as: 

  • Search optimization  (Including Semrush writing assistant, keyword tracker, keyword position tracker, the Magic Keyword tool, and others) 
  • Local SEO (including Google Business Profile Management) 
  • Advertising 
  • Trends 
  • Agency reports
  • Projects

You also get access to a social media scheduling, social media planning, and social media management tool for your business (without having to pay for another service). 

What social media publishing tool do you use? How is it working for you?

Tell me all about it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or my LinkedIn Brand page.

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