How To Get Traffic With Video: 6 Essential Ideas

It’s no secret that video is the future of content marketing and it’s something you can’t miss if you want to get traffic with video. In fact, an astonishing 80% of people would rather watch a video than read about a topic.

If you ever wondered why and how to get traffic with video, it’s the next best thing you’ll do for your business (after the business itself).

According to Jacinda Santora of OptinMonster, 85% of businesses are using Videos as a marketing tool.

Some brands claim a 60% returning customer rate (which is 3X times the norm for their respective industries). Meanwhile, SAP got 9m impressions from videos alone.

There are tons of video success stories (across the board). I don’t need to convince you on video. There’s no doubt that video is a great way to grow your business.

If you are interested, here are 10 video marketing statistics to know [Infographic]

While creating and posting videos can be intimidating at first (ask me about how Intimidating it can be), there are plenty of strategies to make it easier.

Try what’s comfortable for you (but do try all of them) and see what works for your business best. Nothing here is cast in stone. You don’t even have to do what everyone does.

Further, about “creating videos”. Don’t get too hung up or freeze. You don’t even have to show your face (at least in the beginning). Or you can do videos with your phone. On that note, here are the top 10 Mobile Video Editing Apps for Small-Business Owners

There are also some fantastic video prospecting apps (if your focus is more on video prospecting for sales).

With that out of the way, here are the ways for you to get traffic with video.

This is the best way to make sure that you’re getting found, as 90% of people will search on Youtube or Google before visiting your website.

Think of these videos as the “top of the funnel” content for your business. These videos will become the primary contributors of traffic to your site (as long as you add the links to websites or landing pages — in the form of cards, annotations, links in descriptions, etc.).

Create these videos for the sole purpose of intriguing your viewers. They should watch the videos only to be stunned by the value you provide, the problem you just solved, or the connection you made.

The purpose of those videos on YouTube should be to make people “click” on the links below (in the video description) and head over to your website, your blog, or the landing pages you created.

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Create standalone videos for marketing

Apart from the regular content you put out on YouTube (some of these will also show up right at the top of relevant keywords on Google search), create an additional set of videos regularly that you can share within your blog posts, and on social media.

This is for video marketing (a much more expansive set of strategies)

These videos should share tips, tricks, and hacks that your readers will find useful.

They may also contain links to the other content on your YouTube channel.

Go ahead and use cross-linking here and there. Let people drift from this link to that one.

But the purpose of “this” set of videos is to have a call-to-action at the end of each video driving them to your website, blog, or the sales funnel you created to help grow your email marketing list (by signing up to a free offer you make).

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Create tutorials for [In your niche]

Make tutorial-style videos about how to do various tasks in online marketing. What steps are necessary?

What programs are needed? How long does it take you to achieve something?

How do you solve a particular problem (within your niche or the topic that your business is all about?

Each of the tutorials you create has the potential to connect with your audiences. They’ll thank you for it.

Do this consistently enough and you’ll have an audience that roots for you.

Remember that these tutorials shouldn’t be too long or in-depth. Just short 5-6 minute videos will do.

See how I do it on the fetchprofits YouTube Channel.

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Create Videos for Social Media

Think of these videos as more like teasers, trailers, or sneak peeks for the actual content that resides somewhere else (like your website, your online course page, your membership, etc.).

You can easily create social media videos using several tools that make it faster, easier, and create a more efficient workflow for you.

Social media videos are like the “bait” in the “bait and switch” strategy for online marketing. They are to grab attention and make people click on these videos to find out more.

Social media itself is an ocean and is not limited to Twitter and LinkedIn. You could do:

  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram posts (as videos)
  • Facebook videos
  • Videos that you can post on LinkedIn.

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Go live with LiveStreams

I know it can be intimidating to do live streams (and I am trying to get here) but live streams are a great way to engage with live audiences on the niche that relates to your business.

It’s not just the actual live stream that you should be excited about; it’s also the kind of repurposing you could do with each of the live streams you produce. For instance, a single live stream session (recorded) could help you:

  • Add the recorded video on several platforms (such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more)
  • Pick parts of the live stream to share videos on social media
  • Include the live stream (or parts of it) in your blog posts that’s about the topic the live stream was about.
  • Include the live stream (or parts of it) in your email newsletters

Tools that can help you with live steam as follows:



Wix (Yes, Wix also has a way for you to do live streaming, built-in)

Or use a tool like OBS and your webcam to do live streams.

Make webinars work for you

Webinars are great for your business. However, too many businesses do the mistake of “selling” too hard at the end of the webinar. Also, some brands have the tendency to indulge in a lot of chit-chat.

Most webinars suck.

See how some brands generate leads, boost revenue, build audiences, and grow businesses using webinars.

Respect your audience’s time. Don’t chat. Don’t waste too much time trying to engage (this might be okay with a Live Stream).

  • Keep presentations to 15 – 35 minutes or less. Have a Q & A (follow the time schedule) and close with a soft pitch (like, click on X link to know more). Don’t push too hard.
  • Create a clear call to action for the end of your webinar, such as “sign up here” and include the link in all slides.
  • Send out reminders about upcoming webinars at least three days before they start so people can get registered beforehand.

Demio and Livestorm are some incredibly powerful tools to help you run webinars that you can put your money on.

Again, just as it is with live streams and other videos, you can repurpose your webinars as well. Pick parts of the webinar to share on social media.

Use sections of your webinar (especially where the meat of the discussion is) inside your blog posts, and more.

Further, you can also maintain a separate section on your website (with links in the header and footer menus) for webinars.

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Creating and sustaining interest in your company’s webinar series is an art few have mastered. Don’t be a part of the “few”. Emerge. Succeed.

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How are you going to make video work for your business? What will you do to help get more traffic to your website with video? Tell me all about it.

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