65 Live Streaming Statistics 2022 [Set. Livestream. Sell]

live streaming statistics

Live streaming, at its last count, involved 500 million unique viewers watching 200 billion streams per year with nearly three trillion real-time transactions per day across more than 180 countries. Not convinced? Let’s check out even more live streaming statistics. These live streaming stats won’t include: How big the video market (generally) is Growth and … Read more

Why Live streaming Is Better than Recorded Videos?

Why LiveStreaming Is better than regular videos

Wondering why live streaming is better than recorded videos? You’d think I am being ridiculous given that most people think that live streaming is hard, right?  It might indeed sound hard(and maybe it is hard). Get live streaming right (and just get going), and that’s when the benefits become more obvious for all of us … Read more

How To Use LinkedIn Live [+ 8 Hot Ideas]

You should seriously consider learning how to use LinkedIn live. Right now. & Then, do it. LinkedIn has more than 830+ million users and at least 40% of these users login daily and are active on it (the passive ones are still there, but a tad less active). It makes for possibly the largest professional … Read more

Facebook Live Ideas: Go Live. Now

Looking for Facebook Live Ideas? Get yourself some coffee. Facebook made it possible for absolutely everyone with a Facebook account (on phone or from the desktop) to go live. With Facebook Live, you can do live streaming from wherever you are and let the world see exactly what you want to broadcast. Many brands, businesses, … Read more