How to Use Loom: 7 Different Use Cases

Videos are incredible. Learn how to use Loom, especially for camera-shy, always-procrastinating content creators and business owners (like me).

Sitting there and wondering how others do videos, live streams, or even talk on Twitter Spaces or LinkedIn audio events has already wasted half of my life. 

If people like us wait, this is the last ride out. 

Often there comes a video tool that changes everything. Some tools out there are begging you to click on record button. For all the hesitation I have, it’s still easy to go ahead and record a video regardless of the use case or regardless of how I want to use that video.

Raphie — a podcast strategist and content creator helps business owners find their footing and to establish authority. Raphie runs an ongoing free master class apart from regular videos and more.

When asked for loom use cases, this is what she had to say (in her own words):

Raphie uses loom for welcome videos, onboarding videos, and for explainer videos inside her client portal. She also uses loom for sending out customized podcast guest pitches, inside emails, and more.

Loom is one of those tools and if you haven’t used it before it is free to use (upgrade if you want to, or keep using it for free – with a few limitations). 

Wondering how many different ways you can use loom

Now, on to the juicy part…

Here are at least 7 Ways you can use Loom: 

Loom for video prospecting

Earlier in my post on video prospecting tools, I have listed loom as one of those tools for video prospecting that you could be using.

If you’re trying to do sales prospecting, Loom is one of the easiest tools that you could be using to send out very quick videos to make a huge impact with your prospects. 

Likewise, with Dubb. But I digress.

You can also take advantage of the fact that loom allows you to either show your static photo or a live video (talking head, recording through your web cam) which resides in a small bubble either to the left or the right of the screen while you’re still sharing your screen recording. 

Next time you send a sales prospecting email, stop.

Try and see how including a short video introducing yourself and sharing a few concepts with your potential customers and prospects works out for you. 

Use Loom for Creating Online Courses 

Finding a reliable workflow to record short videos for video modules of online courses has always been a challenge.

That’s on top of all other sorts of challenges online course creators have. This isn’t even including the several e-commerce platforms to choose from or picking from a bewildering choice of online course platforms.

Traditionally, I’ve always struggled with trying to fire up the Quicktime player on my Mac to try and record videos. 

There’s something about QuickTime player that adds friction —  not to say that it isn’t good, because it is excellent.

It’s just that feeling of friction to kind of fire them up and create videos easily.

You may not have thought about this, but you can use Loom to create bite-size videos that are perfect for online courses.

Here’s an example course video I created using Loom:

Using Loom, I created several videos for online courses, YouTube videos, and social media videos.

Create Digital Products [Videos]

If you’re not in the mood to create full-fledged online courses or even mini courses, you can use Loom to create standalone digital products such as standalone videos that you could package and giveaway for free or maybe sell these videos. 

Using online course platforms such as Payhip, Podia, or Thinkific, for example, will allow you to sell individual videos and products. 

Here are some more ideas for selling videos:

Create Social Media Videos 

You already know that video has a tremendous impact on how to position yourself for success on social media, how you grow your followers, and the kind of business results you get on social media in general. 

As it is with most kind of videos, it’s incredibly hard to create short social media videos.

On top of that, given that social media shelf life is ridiculously low (less than three hours or so).

It’s hard to stay motivated to keep creating social media videos that have the likelihood of dying within three hours as soon as you post them on any of the networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter. 

With Loom again, it’s ridiculously easy to fire it up on your browser make a quick recording of what it is that you would like to share — content to add some visual element to the content you are creating for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

Here’s an example of a social media video I created for LinkedIn using Loom:

Note: you can repurpose these social media videos later, in several ways, of course. 

Create YouTube Videos 

You know that YouTube is an amazing way to drive traffic and audience and get traffic to your website and even generate leads. You also know that video marketing is huge and that your business should take advantage of the power of video. 

But like me, you might be struggling with creating YouTube videos regularly.

Again, Loom makes it ridiculously easy to create short videos that are perfect for YouTube — do talking head videos, present concepts, produce screen share videos, and more. 

All of my YouTube videos on fetchprofits channel are created by using Loom, Dubb, or HippoVideo

Training Team Members

Whether you are working with remote teams or with in-house teams, you would often have to share your screen to show or demonstrate something.

Teaching, training, get helping people get from point A to point B, are all things that are easily achievable with something like Loom.

Record your screen, show how things are done, let them replicate what you just trained your team members to do. 

Simplify Team Communication 

It’s finally time to cut out the useless time that you spend on meetings. Using asynchronous communication that Loom provides, all you have to do is to fire up the loom app, shoot a video, share it. 

That’s it. 

Say what you want to say.

Communicate what you want to communicate.

Record your screen if you would like to show how things are done. Or record your screen to show what you expect from your team members.

Who needs meetings, right? 

How do you use Loom? Tell me all about it. Share your Loom links on our community on LinkedIn.

Or checkout my YouTube videos (subscribe), follow on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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