Boost Social Media Reach: How to Go Social On Steroids

Want to boost social media reach for your business? Do you want to do more with social but didn’t know how to? Want to know — in a single post — what you could do to make social media work for your business?

This is a good start.

Look for “social media statistics” and it can practically make your head spin. The numbers are all in millions by the way, and it’ll really depend on which social media network(s) you are interested in. 

According to HootSuite, the entire world is hanging out on social media (I am being a bit conservative here). 

At the top-level, here are some social media stats for you from HootSuite’s The Global Stage of Digital 2020 report: 

  • About 50% of the world’s population is on social media ( source: HootSuite
  • More than 97% of customers have used social media in the last one month (Source: GlobalWebIndex
  • 84% of people with access to the Internet use social media ( source: HootSuite

Each social network has its own statistics related to growth, engagement, and more.

Plus, depending on what you choose to do (and how you choose to represent your business, promote, engage, and interact), you also have varying formats for content. 

This post is more about how to extend your efforts on social media networks to get the most of the effort you put in. It’s all about getting more traffic, boosting engagement on your site, and to generate results from social media. 

Before you do anything else, here’s a primer: 

What Does Going Social Really Mean for Your Business?

Social media isn’t just a wild, interactive, constantly moving billboard of sorts. You don’t really show up on social media networks and “push and heave” to the point where you don’t know what you are doing, really. Trust me, most brands don’t know what to do on social media.

As Avinash Kaushik points out, only a few brands know what they are doing on social: brands such as Seventh Generation and BMW.  

But we are nowhere near that kind of engagement, potential customer love, or the brilliance of those brands. 

What we can hope for with social media then, is the following: 

  • Decent exposure of your brand (be sure that your brand looks, feels, and sounds as consistent as it can get). 
  • Meaningful — and hopefully — passionate engagement levels on social networks.
  • A meaningful way to create communities around your brand, products, or services. 
  • Possible traffic inflow to your website. 
  • An open path for your potential audience to engage and convert. 

You can do it all and you can certainly accomplish your goals from the efforts you’d take. But remember again: 

“Social media isn’t a giant, moving billboard”. “

Don’t push. Don’t heave. Don’t sell outright. 

Instead, do this: 

Engage, inspire, communicate, and build a community. 

So, how to boost social media reach, without digging your head into the sand, losing time, or letting go of opportunity?

Be Memorable on Social

Your brand should have its own social handles. It really helps if you have your brand name on social (or as close as it can get). 

That said, your branding itself should have started off on the right note. 

  • Your social media handles should have the same name (or at least “almost”) the same name as your brand — on all the networks you choose to be on. 
  • Be sure to upload the appropriate logo (the size, the shape, the colors) for each social networks. 
  • Add your profile descriptions, bios, or whatever else each social network will ask for. Including social channel specific elements unique to each social network: You’ll need specific banners for YouTube Channel, Facebook Brand Pages, LinkedIn Pages, LinkedIn Personal Accounts, Twitter Profile Banner, and more. 

These are basics.

Yet, most businesses don’t have any of these (go and check, I’ll wait). 

Focus on Social Platforms That Make Sense for you

My best friend has a side hustle (IndiaCart in Mumbai, India) and he’s experimenting with hyperlocal grocery delivery in two or three areas in a particular city.

While he can do with a personal LinkedIn account (every entrepreneur and professional should have an active account), he really doesn’t need a LinkedIn Company page for that (he can have it, but he’ll spread himself too thin). 

See what I mean?

Likewise, not all brands need all the footprint they think they need on every social network. For instance, I really don’t see a way you’ll have any meaningful traction going for you on TikTok or on SnapChat if you were a B2B business selling advanced Cloud Computing solutions. 

According to DataBox, a few experts have generally found that a few networks work best (for them, not for you). 

How do you know which group of social networks will generate results for you? 

Start with a few social networks (the common ones, the big ones), dig into your analytics tools like Google Analytics, AnyTrack, etc., and slowly determine where you should spent time and resources on. 

Experiment and find out. 

Milk Social Media For What It’s Meant To Be

Social Media channels are humongous and with a reach (along with engagement level) that’ll shame everything else out there. 

Yet, there’s a singular purpose to all social media channels: Connections. 

It’s the “people”. On social, people are really people (if you ignore the fake accounts, the bots, and the “purchased” followers). 

As such, your work — as a business, an influencer, a brand, or even an individual — is cut out for you. 

Sure, you can go crazy with your content calendars. Distribute your thoughts, insights, and content. 

However, don’t forget this: Be human. Be a real person. Talk to people. Share ideas. Ask questions. Answer others’ questions. 

Use Video for Social

Some social networks like YouTube and IGTV demand that you create video content anyway; others don’t. That reminds me: 

  • Start a YouTube Channel (While I am not really a big Kahuna, see how I try to do it for my academy)
  • Do vertical videos and get on IGTV ( just talk with your phone held upright. Don’t bother too much when you start). 

It helps if you do though. Use simple tools like Dubb to quickly create videos and use it on a platform like LinkedIn (you’ll be astonished at what a simple, homemade video can do for you). 

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Go “live” On Social

Normal videos you’ll create with Dubb, HippoVideo, Drift Video, etc., are all one side; doing live videos is completely something else. 

Live videos make you get as close to possible as a real person, a real meeting, a real seminar, or a simple human interaction can get. 

While that’s the basics, live videos are as authentic as they get — complete with your dry cough, “excuse me, looks like my screen went to shit”, and “can you hear me or me?”. 

Live videos make you vulnerable. They get out the best (and the worst) of the human in you. 

If I were to ever buy from you, I am not forking out my cash because your logo is fantastic or because you blog three times a week. I only do it because I need what you have (or the problem you solve) and that you are a real human. 

Want to do Live streams? Check out Restream for free

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Run Ads On Social Networks

Need a single tip to make your social networks really work for you? Embrace Social Ads (running ads on social media networks).

Social media evolved — from its early days of MySpace and Orkut (remember this one?), and even Google+. All social media networks now have ways for you to do direct advertising on (and this is where you can go ahead and work on your marketing or sales funnels, layer up campaigns, and go ahead and advertise to heart’s content (using social media ads).

You could run paid ad campaigns on social on the following networks:

Just because you can run ads on social networks doesn’t mean that you’d just put up a campaign and hope to make money right off the bat. You’d need a proper strategy for your paid ads campaigns.

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Tap into social traffic & build your pipeline (grow your list)

Yes, everyone tells you to grow your email list. Why not? It’s the only way you’ll make money (I am not counting the other trickles of moneys you make). 

All of that effort that goes into social — such as sharing/distributing your content, engaging with others, building your social network organically, the live videos, the regular social videos, the countless custom graphics you’d create  — all this should get you some results at the end of the day. 

You are running a business, not a popularity contest. 

The time, effort, resources, and money you spend on social should have an ROI, right? 

  • Do what you do on social and try to get people visiting your website. 
  • Use any tools you want such as OptinMonster or Unbounce Popups to collect leads (remember to give away something in exchange for names and email addresses) 
  • Use email marketing tools like ConvertKit, Drip, or MailChimp [ Join My Free Course On MailChimp Now ] to nurture leads and make sales later. The keyword here? “Later”. 

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How are your social media efforts working out for you? 

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