FB Ads: Before Launching, Do This

FB ads are growing in popularity. It’s easy enough to think that Facebook is a behemoth, that over 2 billion + folks are on Facebook, and that you’d not need anything else if you could manage to make Facebook work for your business.

If you thought that, you’d be right.

But you’d be wrong to think that it’d be easy. It’s not.

From navigating Facebook advertising guidelines to making sure you set up Facebook campaigns right, from building your lead funnels and sales funnels to Facebook analytics & tracking – it’s a never-ending mess.

No matter what you think, running FB ads is never easy.

Behind all those campaigns is also the art of strategy, how you make offers, how well you optimize your campaigns, and whether or not you’d do A/B testing.

There’s the stupid way of doing Facebook (with nothing but the selfish want of selling on Facebook) or there’s a strategically superior way of Managing Facebook ads.

Hopefully, you are ticking off all the right boxes when it comes to your simple decision of trying to use Facebook ads, other social media advertising channels, and Google AdWords.

Just in case you aren’t, here’s what you need to think about before you think of launching your Facebook campaigns:

Get the Fb Ads strategy right

Look, my Facebook advertising guide – other blog posts here and elsewhere — won’t help you achieve the results you seek with Facebook adds without a sound strategy in place. Take a few steps backward and think about your business itself.

  • Why are you in business for the long-haul?
  • What is the problem you are trying to solve for the world out there?
  • What are your products and services about?

Without dabbling with strategy, you wouldn’t be able to make offers. Without offers, Facebook marketing is impossible.

You can try, but you won’t make it.

Do you have it in you?

Facebook ads take a lot of work although it might look like a simple matter of creating Facebook ad and pointing it to a website.
That’s precisely the recipe for disaster. It just won’t work that way, and it’d be futile to even try.

If you are thinking about Facebook ads, you better be prepared to put in the work. You’d launch campaigns after much deliberation and preparation. While you put in the actual work for creating ads, you’d need the right assets (images and videos) along with copy to create ads.

You’d then have to create ads in pairs which point to landing pages (each page with two variants for testing).

If you are more than one product or service or multiple offers, multiply your efforts by that many campaigns, ads, ad sets, landing pages, and the resulting email automation sequences.

Do you have it in you to do all that? Or do you have the time for it? You do have the option of choosing to work with me (shameless plug).

Funnels. It’s always about the Funnels

Don’t even think of starting any campaign (not just for Facebook ads) without a funnel in place. A funnel is usually a sequential journey your potential customers or clients will have to go through to signup for an offer, to make a purchase, or what have you.

You could have funnels built for leads or you could have funnels built directly for sales. Either way, you’d need funnels and you’d have to take the trouble of creating those.


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How are your Facebook campaigns going? Tell me about it.

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