Facebook Ads Management: Why You Need It Now?

If you ever wondered as to why you need to invest in active Facebook Ads management, think about this: As of 2019, there are over 2.32 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) on Facebook according to Zephoria.

Let it sink in. As far as your business is concerned, you don’t have to like Facebook personally. But you’ll need a presence on Facebook, starting with a Facebook business page, and an Instagram business account.

For additional social context, it also helps if you share some content on your Facebook page (ignoring the fact that you have very little hope of actually gaining from your organic Facebook page management efforts) and keep your Instagram business account active with social updates.

If you are running Facebook Ads, you’ll certainly need active Facebook ads management to help make your campaigns work harder for every marketing dollar you invest.

Here’s why you need Facebook Ads management today:

Facebook Ads Management Is Full-time work

As a business, you’ll need to:

  • Boost your reach and get as many eyeballs as you can to check out your brand or website.
  • Get traffic to your landing pages, or for people to view your content (videos, Infographics, or landing pages)
  • Generate leads and grow your email list
  • Launch specific campaigns for App Installs
  • Launch campaigns for getting sales

Each of those objectives could be “Facebook Ad objectives”.

Assuming you choose an objective such as to generate leads to grow your email list, it becomes a campaign and to manage just that campaign is a full-time job (managing ad campaigns for a few minutes per day, per campaign, is no longer enough, by the way).

As you manage campaigns, you’d have to deal with, as far as Facebook Ads Management is concerned:

  • Plan and strategize as to what kind of offers you can make (and whether or not your offers are compelling enough)
  • Build several audiences on Facebook (such as target audiences, lookalike audiences, audiences based on engagement, or audiences based on site behavior).
  • Create ads in pairs (so that you can split test them and see which one works better)
  • Build matching landing pages (each with 2 variants, such as A & B) to match your ads to help them convert better.
  • Integrate your landing pages with email marketing solutions and/or your CRM to get all the data pertaining to each of those people who sign up for your offer.
  • Be sure to have email marketing autoresponders (with multiple emails) set up to help nurture your leads slowly, but effectively. Again, email marketing campaigns should be split-tested too.
  • Track all your campaigns and tie-in the results with Google Analytics, MonsterInsights, and Facebook analytics.

If you did this all day long (everyday), how would you possibly run your business?

DIY Facebook Ads Management: You’ll Miss the Goldmine

Facebook — the advertising end of it — is a behemoth of a platform with several objectives, audience types, and ad formats. At the last count, there are image ads, video ads, carousel ads, Facebook Lead Ads with Instant forms, Facebook Instant experiences, and Facebook Collections.

As you run your campaigns yourself and prepare to manage your Facebook ad campaigns, you are likely to miss out creating appropriate ad types for Facebook in the rush to launch or just because you didn’t thought it was important.

Likewise, you are going to miss out on creating appropriate audiences, forget to manage your bidding, launch your campaigns and then forget about optimizing your campaigns.

You’ll often just settle with a single landing page (without A/B testing).

In the end, you’ll only be left with ever-increasing CPC (Cost per Click), lower conversions, and a bank-sized bill to pay.

Stop Experimenting; Leave Fb Ads Management to Pros

Facebook ads management, when left to professionals, do everything required to make your Facebook ad campaigns work. For instance, when you choose my Facebook and Instagram ads management service, you get:

  • A discovery call where I plumb you with questions to figure out exactly what your objectives are, what your business is all about, get an understanding of your products and services, and what your expectations are with Facebook ads.
  • On the call, we also spend time trying to figure out what we have (assets such as audiences, graphics, images, logo, and more) versus what we still need to create (lead magnets, email lists, lead nurturing autoresponders, sales funnels, etc.)
  • Onboarding, audit (included for free), and gaining access to Facebook Ad accounts
  • Setting up campaigns, based on your objectives.
  • Each campaign comes with unlimited ads, always created in pairs (for A/B testing).
  • Campaigns will have fast-loading, AMP-ready, and message-matching landing pages (again with two versions A & B for testing).
  • Landing pages will be integrated with email service providers and/or CRM of your choice.
  • We’ll then create proper email marketing sequences (known to boost conversions), with respect to the sales funnels.
  • Everything ties-in to analytics so that you always know what’s happening to your campaigns.

You couldn’t have possibly done all that by yourself, now, can you?

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