12 Best Affiliate Management Software For Your Business

TL;DR: Looking for the best affiliate management software? Of all the affiliate management software tools available for your business, I highly recommend Tapfiliate, PartnerStack & Shareasale — all platforms have excellent tools, paranoid support, and awesome global reach.

Do you want to multiply your sales with a recruited army of affiliates or partners? Would you like to stop paying for guesswork or experiments and only pay for results? If you said yes to any of the above statements, you should launch your own affiliate program or partner program.

Millions of affiliates put in their own efforts by launching a web presence of their own, blog regularly, and even spend on paid ads to promote your products for you in exchange for a commission.

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For a merchant (that’s you) then, a global network of affiliates can help push sales and make you money. In exchange, all you have to do is to pay them a certain percentage fee off of the sale in addition to managing your affiliates and partners.

Affiliate networks, affiliate marketing programs, and partner management tools give you the platform, the infrastructure, the technology, and the tools you’d need to manage affiliates, manage payouts, and a way for affiliates to run promotions or campaigns on your behalf.

With several options out there for your business, which affiliate management programs or partner management programs should you choose? Let’s dig into your options and help you choose the right partner management platform:

Note: If you have the chops, the time, a full-fledged team, and the resources, you can also choose to develop a completely custom affiliate management solution for yourself like Kinsta does.

If you are a online course creator, online course solutions like Podia, Payhip, and Thinkific have built-in affiliate management solutions that you can make use of.

If you are an affiliate, you should be looking for the best affiliate tracking software. Note: If you are running paid ads (Google Ads or Facebook Ads), retargeting, or even if you are focused on SEO, you should be using complete and robust tracking software such as Anytrack


Tapfiliate affiliate marketing software

Tapfiliate is a simple, cloud-based affiliate management tool to help recruit and manage your affiliates. It truly makes for some of the best affiliate management software (next only to PartnerStack — more about it below).

Tapfiliate provides you with branded or customizable links, easy social sharing, affiliate tracking, and affiliate management.

Even before you get to manage, you can also automate the process of recruiting affiliates, onboarding partners, and distributing marketing collateral (such as graphics, social posts, email copy, and banners).

Because Tapfiliate is completely web-based, you also get to integrate with your existing marketing stack with webhooks or by using Zapier.


Partnerstack best affiliate management software

PartnerStack is a modern and contemporary solution helping businesses manage more than 270,000+ partners globally.  It’s a powerful solution to run partner programs or affiliate programs for your business.

With PartnerStack, you can create out-of-the-box partner programs using the marketing stack you already employ.

PartnerStack helps you to launch fully-automated partner programs, manage your global roster of affiliates or partners, and stay in compliance without you having to do much.

PartnerStack also provides you with the tools needed to manage and distribute assets, have partners sign NDAs or review partner policies, and a centralized dashboard for complete partner management.

Of all the affiliate management tracking tools listed here, PartnerStack has the best UX/UI, the most intuitive interface, and the simplest system to manage and track affiliates or partners.


PartnerStack Review: Launch & Scale Your Business

Shopify Collabs

Shopify Collabs

If you have an eCommerce business running on Shopify, affiliate partner recruitment and tap into the power of influencer marketing with Shopify Collabs — at home (on Shopify)

Shopify Collabs is an app, available on the Shopify App Store, available to use if you are in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada (for now).

Connect with content creators, influencers, and other affiliates seamlessly and easily using Shopify Collabs.

All the heavy lifting by simplifying the workflow process is done for you:

Collect affiliate applications (with your own custom creator landing page)

Stay organized with “send & track” gifting capabilities that easily integrate through Shopify; and

Customize affiliate links and codes, among other features.

Track and pay commissions automatically.

Shopify Collabs also works with other platforms, whether marketing on Instagram or promoting on YouTube.

Note: As a brand or a merchant on Shopify, you’ll need at least 1000 followers on your social accounts, must be in U.S/U.K/Canada, and must accept automatic payouts.


Shareasale affiliate marketing

Shareasale (now a part of Awin) is one the oldest affiliate networks out there. Shareasale is a global affiliate network featuring several tools for businesses and businesses to run and manage affiliate programs.

Several popular brands you are already aware of such as WPEngine, OptinMonster, StudioPress, Thinkific, LogoJoy, and several others already run their affiliate programs on Shareasale.

With a single login (to the network) to manage all your affiliates, Shareasale helps you deploy your affiliate programs complete with asset management, affiliate link tracking, affiliate dashboards, managing assets for affiliates, and communication.

Shareasale has several advanced features that can make your affiliate or partner management a breeze. A few of those features are real-time click data, clickstream attribution, the ability to tag your affiliates for effective segmentation, a welcome kit for all new merchants or businesses that sign up, an easy-to-use API, and more.

All new businesses that sign up with Shareasale also get superior customer support along with several training webinars to help you navigate and learn the finer aspects of affiliate or partner management.


First promoter

I’ve known about FirstPromoter for a while now and it was (and is still used) by a few brands I admire such as Demio, Databox, and previously Podia.

FirstPromoter is an all-in-one referral-based marketing management platform for SaaS businesses. It comes with features such as simple, one-click setup; personalized referral link management along with coupon tracking; quick integration with payment gateways (Stripe, Paddle, PayPal, and the works).

FirstPromoter works great for subscription-based affiliate marketing programs (and SaaS brands are a natural fit). Save your back from breaking by automating rewards to partners and affiliates for referring customers to your subscription-based businesses with automatic referral tracking, commissions payouts, distinct rewards for each pricing plan, and more.

FirstPromoter pricing starts from $49 per month for a volume of $5000 per month brought in by affiliates. Uniquely though, what you pay depends on the volume of sales your affiliate partners bring in. This allows you to scale, without breaking the bank.


Rakuten Affiliate Platform

Ratuken has been around for a while reaching 202 countries with the reach, network, infrastructure, and tools you’d need to drive more revenue for your business with the trusted bank of affiliates within the Ratuken Network.

Ratuken has a host of products for your business to help launch affiliate marketing programs along with the technology, insights, analytics, attribution, and for global affiliate management.

Obviously, you also get access to strategic recommendations, a robust platform, payment processing and distribution that you’d need to run a successful affiliate marketing program.


Commission Junction

Like Shareasale and Ratuken, CommissionJunction has long been the global network most businesses depend on for extended reach, powerful technology, a dependable infrastructure, and a host of tools for affiliate management.

Spanning over 240 countries and territories, CommissionJunction immediately gives you access to a global pool of affiliates who’ve helped reach more than 940 million customers collectively for the businesses that use CJ.

CommissionJunction provides cutting-edge, innovative, and omni-channel solutions for affiliate or partner management such as affiliate personalization, cross-device tracking, cookieless tracking, and verticalized integrations.

Tune (Erstwhile HasOffers)

Tune hasoffers

If you’ve been an affiliate for any length of time, chances are that you’ve seen and used Hasoffers whether you knew about it or not. Tune (earlier Hasoffers) is a popular offering used by several businesses, agencies, and even affiliate networks (including CPA affiliate networks).

Tune provides businesses and agencies with a completely customizable platform for affiliate management such as deployment of affiliate specific links for promotion, click tracking, call tracking, affiliate API, fraud prevention, affiliate subscription, affiliate management, payment management, and link tracking.

You also get performance automation, advanced targeting, deep linking for affiliates, and several other features.


Everlow Partner Marketing Platform

Everflow is a smart campaign management platform to help you manage your campaigns with affiliates and partners.

Everflow helps you track around 1 Billion + links and pull reports, get detailed breakdowns of every link clicked on, bulk blocking of campaigns down to the placement level, granular reporting, Proxy IP blocking, and more.

Everflow provides your business with a simple API, if you are out to build custom partner programs for your business while still making use of the technology stack that everflow provides for you.


Refersion Affiliate Program

Refersion — unlike the other biggies here — is a simple way to acquire and manage your affiliates and partners.

As with most other solutions here, refersion allows you to quickly launch your affiliate marketing programs with everything you need to manage and track campaigns.

Every link can be tracked (including analytics and click data). As a business, you can also set up automatic affiliate recruitment, automatic payments, view recurring commission reports, and watch conversion data in real-time.

Every affiliate gets a personalized dashboard with personalized data for that particular affiliate.



ImpactRadius is used by popular brands such as Hover, Leadpages, Podia, Shopify, and Drip. It’s also the platform that Squarespace (with 4.4 million unique subscriptions globally) uses internally to allow its users to run affiliate programs.

Started by the founders of Savings.com and CommissionJunction, Impact provides businesses a comprehensive affiliate management platform with an exhaustive screening and onboarding mechanism.

Impact features include affiliate or partner onboarding management, contracting, reporting, real-time analytics  and tracking of direct affiliates. You can also use call tracking and monitoring of promo codes.

With Impact, your business can deploy SEO-friendly links, flexible tracking options via FTP upload, Pixel, Data Post, REST API, Mobile SDKs, etc. along with Integration with CRM and Salesforce.com.


Lead dyno

LeadDyno just happens to be getting popular at the time of writing this. Focusing on fast-track affiliate program launch for your business, the essence of the affiliate marketing software seems to be “speed”.

With LeadDyno, you can take advantage of the fast affiliate signup process and instant listing in their fast-growing network (along with listing on e-commerceaffiliates.com.

As with some the best affiliate management software, your affiliates are instantly onboarded with access to special links created for them by LeadDyno so that they can share links on their websites or as they share content on social networks.

How to Pick the Best Affiliate Management Software For Your Business

First, a note on why bother with affiliate programs: Thousands of affiliates will do all the work required and hustle to get your products in front of millions of people. It’s like your own sales network with individuals and businesses that’ll take up the risk, put in the efforts, and even spend money to get those commissions.

If that’s not motivation and the ultimate win-win, I don’t know what else is.

To make an apt choice from the best affiliate management tools out here (and there), keep the following in mind:

  • Does your business — and the way it’s set up — allow for affiliate marketing at all?
  • Do you have healthy profit margins?
  • Your products and services: Are they scalable? Meaning, if you get thousands of customers, can you handle it? [Easily manageable for SaaS, digital products, regular products, and so on. Not manageable for some traditional services.0
  • Do you have a large team or a small team? Or are you operating solo? Even the world’s best affiliate management software can’t help if you don’t know what you are getting into.
  • Can you handle, manage, and keep your affiliates (or partners) happy? You’d need to handle creatives for affiliates, drop in content that they could use, teach them, train them, answer their questions, and maybe even motivate them. Can you do that?

If you can answer these questions, you’ll be on your way to pick the right tool.

Which of these affiliate management tools, and affiliate tracking tools would you like to use for your business? What do you think are the best affiliate management software options for your business?

Tell me all about it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or my LinkedIn Brand page.

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