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Carthook and Shopify: Post-Purchase Offers = Higher AOV(Average Order Value)

Carthook and Shopify

Carthook and Shopify is a combination that’s hard to beat.  Carthook is no ordinary Shopify App – it’s one of those few Shopify Apps that’s also a certified Shopify Plus Certified App (only 60+ apps are certified).  More importantly, in our case, Carthook and Shopify together have the potential to vastly grow your revenue, average … Read more

7 Shopify Checkout Best Practices: Give It Love!

No matter how many Shopify eCommerce checkout best practices I write about, it’s never going to be enough.  Your Shopify Checkout is the moment of truth — it’s where rubber meets the road (or checkout buttons meet credit cards?)  eCommerce checkout best practices is primarily a “Conversion Rate Optimization” strategy. If you are reading this, … Read more

Klarna and Shopify: Customers Get Freedom. You Sell More

Klarna and Shopify

Klarna and Shopify, together, helps you navigate a new world of buying behavior. You give customers the freedom to pay the way they want and you get to sell more. Simple, eh? Note: Klarna isn’t just for Shopify. It also works with other platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, and others. There are detailed developer docs … Read more

Shopify Inbox (Live Chat for Shopify): Small Talk =Lifetime Sales

Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox is the resident Live Chat option for Shopify merchants. It’s an easy, inexpensive, and fairly straight-forward one-click application for you to enable live chat on your eCommerce store and start tapping into the power of conversations to start building relationships with your potential or existing customers. It’s a no-brainer, really. Use eCommerce Live … Read more

Top eCommerce Video Tips: Build Audience. Make Sales

eCommerce Video Tips

Looking for eCommerce Video Tips? Be prepared for a ride. We’ll cover videos for eCommerce marketing — from reach to audience building; from customer support to conversions and sales. Turning video views into conversions and sales is all that eCommerce video content is about. More than 84% of consumers reported that they are convinced by … Read more

Best Shopify Themes? Handy Checklist To Find One

best shopify themes

What are the Best Shopify Themes, ever? If you ever caught yourself asking that question, it’s understandable. The answer, however, isn’t a one-line quickie. It’s impossible to point out a single theme. But we can all have a quick mental checklist (copy, print, and laminate this for a physical version. I don’t mind). Individual “Shopify … Read more

Shopify Shop Pay: The Accelerated eCommerce Checkout Advantage

Shopify Shop Pay

Launched in 2017, Shop Pay (formerly Shopify Shop Pay) is Shopify’s accelerated checkout feature which is now facilitates eCommerce sales for more than 100+ Million buyers purchasing from Shopify stores. Note: At the moment, Shopify Shop app is available for Shopify Merchants in Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  One-tap Checkout … Read more

Mobile eCommerce Checkout Flow: How GoPro Does It

Mobile eCommerce Checkout Flow

Why worry about Mobile eCommerce Checkout? What else would you worry about? Why GroPro? Why not learn from one of the best out there? Take a good look at GroPro Brand Stats and one thing is for sure: They are doing great. Clocking around US $391 billion (latest 2022 Q4 results, at the time of … Read more

Ecommerce Pre-Orders Examples: Grow Sales. Hello Cashflow

eCommerce Pre-orders Examples

The eCommerce pre-orders Examples are much like MVP (minimum Viable Product) in the world of SaaS. eCommerce pre-orders — among other things — help you get sales, keep that cashflow coming, generate buzz, spike up excitement, and more. Just what you need for eCommerce success. Why bother with eCommerce pre-orders, you ask? Picture two different … Read more