Free Shopify Tools [Whether or Not You Use The Platform]

Free Shopify tools

Did you know that you have access free Shopify tools, even if you have no intention of using Shopify at all?  That’s right. There are things about branding, content marketing, and so much more we can learn from Shopify (but we aren’t getting there now). This repertoire of free Shopify tools works really well for Shopify … Read more

Free Shopify Marketing Tools: Deploy & Make Massive Gains

Free Shopify Marketing Tools

Marketing your eCommerce store is perhaps the most persistent, ongoing issue merchants have. Some free Shopify Marketing tools help ease the process and get to a default “Do it first, tweak it all later” mode. That’s a good thing for Shopify merchants since you don’t waste time on things you inadvertently waste time and resources … Read more