Free Shopify Tools [Whether or Not You Use The Platform]

Did you know that you have access free Shopify tools, even if you have no intention of using Shopify at all? 

That’s right. There are things about branding, content marketing, and so much more we can learn from Shopify (but we aren’t getting there now). This repertoire of free Shopify tools works really well for Shopify as a branding and marketing strategy as well (but that’s for another day).

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Quick question: What’s common between the brands Tesla, Sephora, and Nestle? They all use Shopify as their eCommerce platform. 

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on earth. 

According to Fiona O’ Connor of eDesk, Shopify has a whopping 23% market share in the United States alone. In 2021, 1.75 million merchants sold on shopify. 

More than 1.59 million active websites use Shopify to power their eCommerce offerings. The last reported total revenue for Shopify in 2021 was $US 4611.9 million, a whopping 57 % increase over total revenue reported in 2020. 

Shopify also has over 7000 Shopify apps available on the Shopify app store across 12 different categories. 

Depending on the type and size of your eCommerce business, Shopify has different offerings available. 

Shopify lite is aimed at small businesses. Larger businesses can use Shopify Plus If you have a local business with a physical store, you can consider using Shopify POS.

Enough about how big Shopify is (for now). Let’s get to some  free tools From Shopify (made available to you for free): 

Shopify Logo Maker 

If you just talking with the idea of a brand name, or if you would like to see how your logo might look like in real time.

Or you might like to actually start creating a logo for the eCommerce business idea that you have in your mind right now.

You need to check Shopify logo maker — also called as “Hatchful” — Shopify’s own Custom Logo Maker

Shopify logo maker is built for entrepreneurs on the go. You don’t need any design experience and you can create your logo from scratch. 

Build your unique brand in minutes by customizing a free logo using hundreds of templates, icon fonts, and colour combinations in the Shopify design studio.  

You also get access to several free social media assets with the  ability to download high-resolution file formats for your free logo design.

You can then optimize your logo and brand for  social media platforms, business cards, and other merchandise. 

Alternatives for creating Logos for your brand?




Shopify Business Name Generator 

If you’ve been thinking about creating a business name for your business, asking friends of family or acquaintances is so 1990s. 

Here’s a smart way to generate a name for your business: Use Shopify’s Free Business Name Generator tool. 

If you can describe your business name in a word or two all you have to do is use the free brand name generator for store name generator from shopify in 10 seconds or less. 

Think of a brand name for your company, search Shopify Company Name Generator for domain name availability and you are good to go. 

Please do think about your brand, your market, target audience, and searchability. 

Alternatively, you can use NameCheap for domain names and connect those with your Shopify eCommerce store later. 

Shopify Slogan Maker 

Next thing you have to do for an eCommerce brand is to think of a slogan that helps you with your brand recall.

In a crowded market, your slogan could make all the difference to help your customers remember your brand, talk about it elsewhere, and more.

It’s just branding 101, right? 

With the Shopify slogan maker all you need to do is add a term that describes your business and you will get up to 1000+  slogans for free.

Shopify also helps you browse popular slogan names for several businesses across categories and industries. 

Shopify Domain Name Generator 

The first thing you would want for your eCommerce store is a domain name.

Shopify domain name generator easily lets you find your domain name app for your eCommerce business and also helps you find out if the domain name is available or not. 

Before you go on to purchase a domain name and freeze it, here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  1. Will you be selling locally, regional, or international? Your domain choice (depending on the answer) matters. 
  2. If a .com is available, pick that. No need to think. 
  3. Think of buying other extension domains for the same brand name [Optional] 

You can also purchase domains on Google Domains or NameCheap.

Link In Bio for eCommerce 

As an eCommerce business, you will certainly head out to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok to promote your business. 

Using a link in bio tool would be crucial to help your visitors and audiences find the right link (on the Link In Bio page). 

Shopify has a link in bio tool for eCommerce also called LinkPop.  

Turn your audience into customers through your link in bio tool — a  free link in bio tool designed for eCommerce. 

Unlike other simple Link In Bio tools, LinkPop or Shopify’s Link In Bio tool also comes powered with Shopify’s fast and secure checkout. 

Using the Link In Bio tool from Shopify (LinkPop), you can share links for other social media platforms, list favorite videos, link to your digital wallet, share your merchandize, showcase your products, and more. 

You can also use tools like ConvertKit Landing Pages, Unbounce, Leadpages, and Instapage to create landing pages that can double up as Link In Bio pages with more creative control and options. 

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Use ConvertKit landing pages as alternatives to Link In Bio tools 

Which of these free tools from Shopify do you use (if you do?).

Connect with my community page on LinkedIn and share your inputs. 

Or Follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter and let me know. 

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