Top Shopify Migration Apps [2023]

Looking for the top Shopify Migration apps?

Shopify boasts of more than 3000+ apps on the Shopify App Store — the apps themselves adding tons of features and functionality to an already robust eCommerce platform.

It’s hard to find the right app (for anything) from among those 3000+ odd apps.

Entrepreneurs and eCommerce brands selling products on Etsy, SquareSpace, and other platforms eventually find the need to migrate to Shopify when they outlive the functionality and feature set provided by each of the incumbent platforms they use.

Shopify not only has thousands of apps but also security, hosting, and several features built inside that make eCommerce management, eCommerce marketing, and store administration way easier to manage.

Thanks to features such as Shopify Checkout, Shopify Themes, Shopify Automations, Shopify Inbox, Shopify Email, Shopify POS, Shopify Sales Channels, Shopify Live view or analytics, and more — it’s come to own the ground it stands on.

Get access to Shopify Shop, Forms, and Shipping as well.

You also get several other features with Shopify such as the ability to sell subscriptions, eCommerce pre-orders, sell digital products (although I’d still prefer the likes of Payhip or Podia for those), and

As far as the need to Migrate to Shopify from any of the existing platforms such as BigCommerce, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Etsy, and others, some of these top Shopify Migration apps are certainly worth gold.


With a simple 3-step setup and an almost automated process, LitExtension helps you import your existing store and migrate to Shopify from over 140+ different eCommerce platforms.

As with most apps on this list, you can bulk import all sorts of data (products, customers orders, and so on). Bulk import by using Google Sheets, CSV files, database files, or by using Excel.

Also, get access to unlimited re-migration, smart updates, data protection, 301 redirects, and preserve Order IDs (if any).

LitExtension also offers excellent support and help throughout the process.


Need from migrating from WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and others? Do it like a pro with Matrixify –a relatively new but promising Shopify Migration app.

Import customers, orders, companies, payouts, eCommerce blog posts, files, Metafields, Redirects, and everything else on your existing store to Shopify. You can both export and import data.

Further, backup data (or restore data, if you need to). You may even want to schedule and auto-repeat export and import jobs with Shopify and Matrixify.

The Matrixify app is easy to use, glitch-free, and you have a great support team to help you (if you need it).


Migrate to Shopify or Shopify plus without headaches with Cart2Cart Store Migration App — a simple (but powerful) eCommerce store migration app for Shopify. Import your customers, orders, product reviews, and products from any existing eCommerce platform.

Thanks to the automation framework, you won’t miss a single data point or file while exporting or importing to Shopify.

Cart2Cart also offers importing of the widest range of data, provides yo u with speedy transfers, and also allows you to test migrations (instead of looking at the sky and praying).

Migration pro

Migration Pro is a relatively new Shopify Migration app but it’s just as good. Migrate your specific store data (products, images, orders, customers, product categories, blog posts, and SEO) directly to your new eCommerce store on Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Fast, secure, and accurate, you can import and complete the job in under 5 minutes. Migration Pro also gets you access to a demo migration to see how the whole thing looks like, feels like, and finally what it all comes down to.

Boasting of zero downtime, you’d lose no time with “This store is not available” horror stories.

If you need help, do take advantage of the 24×7 live chat migration expert support.

Multichannel Migrator

Next-Cart Store Migration

If you cannot handle downtime of any kind while migrating eCommerce store to Shopify, Next-Cart Store Migration app might just be the one you need.

Click one, Click two, and click three is how you easily migrate your store to Shopify. Products, orders, blog posts, pages, categories, and custom fields — they can all find a new home without hiccups.

The app supports all dat types, seamless migration (from around 70+ eCommerce platforms), and more.

Did you ever migrate to Shopify? Do you use any of these apps? Your reviews and inputs will be much needed.

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