Shopify Shop Pay: The Accelerated eCommerce Checkout Advantage

Launched in 2017, Shop Pay (formerly Shopify Shop Pay) is Shopify’s accelerated checkout feature which is now facilitates eCommerce sales for more than 100+ Million buyers purchasing from Shopify stores.

Note: At the moment, Shopify Shop app is available for Shopify Merchants in Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. 

One-tap Checkout

Online shopping isn’t anywhere like traditional shopping. You might be okay to stand in a short queue to get to the billing counter normally. When it comes to online shopping, a mere second delay (or an extra step or another page) during online shopping makes customers run.

They just run.

Shop Pay One-tap checkout directly leads to ease of shopping, fast conversions, and a better buying experience for your customers.

Good for them. More conversions for you.

Essentially, new customers can checkout in a single click. By solving one of the biggest problems eCommerce store owners have to grapple with, enabling Shop Pay makes customer experience delightful while making conversions roll in faster.

Increase Checkout Speed (4X anyone?)

Shop Pay results for eCommerce stores powered by Shopify is not mere marketing speak or conjecture.

In a study conducted for some 10,000+ odd Shopify merchants, Shop Pay was put to the fire test. In a 1-month period (spanning mid-January to mid-February, 2021), Shop Pay checkouts boasted an average of 1.72X times higher checkout than regular checkouts.

Credit: Shop Pay

Once a customer purchases or uses Shop Pay for the first time, customer information is stored for future purchases.

One tap. Everything takes care of itself.

More Conversions With Less Work

Shopify’s default checkout is already battle-hardened and time-tested with millions of transactions. More than 644+ million customers use Shopify Checkout clocking $475+ Billion in sales.

With Shop Pay, you get something like a nitro-booster to this already capable checkout flow from Shopify.

Mobile checkouts convert 1.91x higher with Shop Pay — the fastest growing, highest converting, accelerated checkout on the internet. This leads to around 91% higher mobile conversions.


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Own the Post-Purchase eCommerce Flow

Social platforms are toxic, bloated, crowded, and much harder to manage (Not that you shouldn’t, but it’s a little different today).

Plus, eCommerce brands default to “paying for reach and results”. Acquisition costs are on the rise (gone up by 60% average in the last few years alone).

You are well aware of all the channels available for you: eCommerce blogging, Content marketing for eCommerce, social media for eCommerce, paid advertising, email marketing for eCommerce, and retargeting.

Most brands, however, forget the most profitable and crucial one: the post-purchase path, as Shopify calls it.

The Post-purchase eCommerce flow makes use of “existing relationships with your customers” using parts of Marketing automation (see below), Shopify Email, Shopify Forms, and eCommerce subscriptions (layered on top of your products).

Some eCommerce Post-purchase tactics include:

  • Timely, relevant, and well-designed transactional emails for eCommerce.
  • Sending a clear receipt with purchase details (+ upsells? Why not?)
  • Providing order status and delivery tracking updates (Keep them informed. Or even create excitement)
  • Upselling more relevant and apt products.
  • Sending timely offers and discounts, to segmented lists of customers.
  • Responding to customer inquiries. You do know that customer support makes money, don’t you?

With some clever workflows, you have the arsenal you need to turn first-time buyers into lifelong customers.

Not to mention your customers spending more money on your brand, turning into brand evangelists, build brand equity, and more.

Targeted Marketing Automation

Few of those post-purchase tactics will require marketing automation, but it’s not the only thing possible with Marketing automation. There’s a lot more.

Marketing automation isn’t just about marketing; it’s also about efficiency in operations, being timely and relevant, and so much more.

Using Shopify Shop Pay, for instance, your customers get accurate tracking updates automatically (saves you time, money, and any magic wand implementations).

Your customers get what they want in real time. Shop sends around 4 push notifications per order. Customers get updates and can view delivery status on a live map.

Increasingly, in the case of eCommerce, your marketing operation tasks will overlap: Segmented emails connect with with transactions and orders.

What shows up on product pages will seamlessly integrate with inventory, customer database, and customer history.

Targeted marketing automation also connects with audience segments, analytics, and more.

Next time your previous customer gets to your store, Shop identities these customers and greets them. Present your customers with “Shoppable moments” every time.

Create post-purchase offers, share product recommendations, feature new product arrivals, present trending items, and showcase deals from your product catalog.

With targeted marketing automation, you can automate repetitive — but important — marketing tactics such as lead generation, targeted messaging, sending out welcome emails, automated email marketing workflows, and change messaging according to customers (location, geo, and so on).


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Repeat Purchases? Done

Your ability to bring in repeat purchases and hence keeping customers on for longer thereby increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) marks the case for eCommerce profitability.

Normally, repeat purchases are possible with the smallest of the things you do: sending well-written transactional emails and customer appreciation (how many ways can you say ‘thank you’?.

Shop Pay allows shoppers to buy their way (local payment methods, international payment methods, new ways to pay (including Buy Now Pay Later), digital wallets, multi-currency, and more.

Offer more purchase options (Subscriptions? Pre-orders?). Increase your average order value (AOV), and more.

A large part of your success with eCommerce depends on repeat purchases.


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Get Shop Pay and use Shopify to change the way your checkout works and how you run an eCommerce business.

Do you use Shop Pay?

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