16 Best Live Chat Tools: Talk to Sell?

Live chat tools

What you think about live chat has nothing to do with the actual business. Live chat is powerful. It brings in sales, revenue, and profits. The numbers are on the wall. Your competition is already taking notice. According to Gorgias, more 85% of companies are projected to be using it in 2022 (your competition is … Read more

7 Tools To Generate Leads [& Not Slow Down Your Website]

Tools to Generate Leads

Use these tools to generate leads for your business, targeting all those visitors who come visiting your website on a daily basis. It’s an opportunity you don’t use much. The trouble with some lead generation tools is that they’ll probably slow your website down. For WordPress websites, for instance, adding another plugin is a huge … Read more

How to Create Popups With MailerLite

How to Create Popups With MailerLite

MailerLite can do many things, and learning how to create popups with mailerLite is one of those things you should know about. Popups are the ultimate gateway for potential visitors to get into your marketing system. Regardless of your opinions and thoughts about popups, these are lead generating systems that just work. Yes, you can … Read more

How to Create Unbounce Popups [or Convertables]

How to Create Unbounce Poupups

Learn how to create Unbounce Pop ups (or covertables, as they are called) and you’ll make your website a lead generation machine. Unbounce Pop ups — by Unbounce — are lead generation popups — and they can also double up as prompts to push visitors to take some sort of action that benefits you as … Read more

How to Connect Mailchimp and Unbounce [&Why]

How to Connect Mailchimp and Unbounce

Learn how to connect Mailchimp and Unbounce — or apply these techniques to connect any email marketing service provider with a landing page builder of your choice. Either way, here’s what you’ll achieve: with landing pages, you develop systems, sales funnels, and workflows that grant you the best possibility of generating leads for your offers, … Read more

OptinMonster Review: Lead Generation, With Style

Note: Long after this Optinmonster Review has been written, there have been several updates to this fantastic lead generation tool. The updates have been added to this post as and when appropriate. The struggle to generate leads off of your website is real. It’s an ongoing thing. It never ends. After all these years, I … Read more

Generating Leads Is Hard: Are You Prepared?

Generating leads is hard. There’s no denying that. Now, it’s only getting harder. There’s lot more noise out there, customers have more choice than ever, more businesses launch their campaigns (or blogs or whatever) to add to the noise, and the cost of advertising goes up as you read this. SEO agencies, Facebook advertisers, and … Read more