How to Connect Mailchimp and Unbounce [&Why]

Learn how to connect Mailchimp and Unbounce — or apply these techniques to connect any email marketing service provider with a landing page builder of your choice.

Either way, here’s what you’ll achieve: with landing pages, you develop systems, sales funnels, and workflows that grant you the best possibility of generating leads for your offers, services, and products. The email marketing tools you’d use — say Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or Drip allows you to nurture and sell.

Here are a few landing page statistics (2022) that matter (so we sit up and take notice). With thanks from Rebekah Carter of findstack:

Competing offers on a landing page can reduce the conversion rates by 1.5%

Landing pages with social proof in the copy convert at an average of 12.5%

Companies see a 55% increase in leads when upgrading their landing pages from 10 to 15.

Using CRO (conversion Rate Optimization) tools can increase ROI by 223%.

52% of B2B PPC ads point to a home page instead of a landing page

Click-through landing pages perform best for most industries, however around 62.6% of landing pages use forms.

Outside of these landing page statistics, there are email marketing statistics as well — the sheer power of using email marketing for business that we all “don’t use yet” because we are pulled in all sorts of directions, questioning whether email marketing is dead, and so on.

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Watch this video to learn how to connect Mailchimp and Unbounce 👇

How to Decide On Landing Page Builders

I’ll tell you this: it’s overwhelming.

I’d recommend only three landing page builders (although I wrote about several earlier).




Among the three, pick one based on your budget, needs, ease of use, whether or not you’d work with teams, and so on.

The point is not to worry and fuss about which landing page tool or software you need; it’s about how you intend to use landing pages for generating leads and getting results (that’s the only thing that matters).

Which Email Marketing Software to Pick?

Again, I’d recommend three:




All of the three email marketing tools come with everything you’d need to run and manage email marketing broadcasts, email automations, and more.

Most email marketing tools (all of the above) are either free to use (to a certain extent or they at least have a free trial).

Email marketing and landing pages — both of these digital marketing instruments pay themselves multiple times over.

The point here, again, is to get started with email marketing. Period.

Take Unbounce out for spin for a free trial and get 20% off when you upgrade.

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