7 Tools To Generate Leads [& Not Slow Down Your Website]

Use these tools to generate leads for your business, targeting all those visitors who come visiting your website on a daily basis. It’s an opportunity you don’t use much.

The trouble with some lead generation tools is that they’ll probably slow your website down. For WordPress websites, for instance, adding another plugin is a huge drain on its resources.

Some of these tools to generate leads are for WordPress specifically.

Others are general purpose, meaning you can use them with any website (on any platform such as Strikingly, Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, and others).

Note: There are at least 23+ Nocode website builders you could take advantage of.

Let’s take a look at the tools to help you generate leads:





Mailerlite Popups

Divi Bloom Plugin



I’ve used OptinMonster for my own blogs and for several clients. While I’ve used OptinMonster mostly for WordPress-specific applications, you can use it for any website.

OptinMonster has a never-ending list of features along with a really intuitive, easy-to-use campaign designer to help you create lead generation elements that you can use on your site such as exit-intent pop-ups, full-page welcome mats, slide-ins, and even a lead generation wheel (among several others).

Some of the advanced features of OptinMonster also include geolocation targeting (show different messages to people visiting from different countries), floating boxes, page-level targeting, and more.

The best part is that OptinMonster works with just a JavaScript code that you could upload to your site.

Note: there’s a WordPress plugin too, if you’d like to take that route.


ConvertPro is the lead generation tool by the awesome folks who made the Astra Theme which is ridiculously fast, has no code bloat, and comes packed with loads of features. It’s one of the best themes I recommended in the past.

Apart from the Astra WordPress Theme itself, there’s also a tool called ConvertPro which does more than we give credit for.

Specifically built for WordPress, ConvertPro is easily the fastest, minimum code lead generation tool or email opt-in tool you could use to help generate leads on your WordPress site.

While it works seamlessly with the Astra theme, it can work with any WordPress website.

ConvertPro gives you 100% design freedom with a drag-and-drop campaign builder, the lead generation elements load fast, and you can also build targeted email lists (or lead lists) with built-in behavioral targeting.

Unbounce Pop-ups & Sticky Bars

Unbounce isn’t just a landing page builder; the product also comes with Pop-ups and Sticky bars that you could create and then connect with ongoing long-term marketing campaigns you might be running with Unbounce landing pages.

The pop-ups and sticky bars don’t have to be connected to ongoing campaigns or existing landing pages; they can operate on their own.

You’ll find an Unbounce pop-up on this site, if you noticed.

Unbounce Pop-ups and sticky bars can be displayed on any website (including WordPress) and they come with the same intuitive, drag-and-drop, pixel-perfect campaign builder than many already associate Unbounce with.

Unbounce’s latest iteration of their product also comes with Smart Traffic™, Conversion Intelligence, AI-driven smart copywriting, and more.

Start a free trial and see what kind of different Unbounce makes for your lead generation efforts.


Leadpages, just like Unbounce above, has evolved from just being a page builder. Leadpages now comes with a complete website designer (I also featured it on some of the best nocode website builders I came across).

Leadpages also has LeadBoxes — amazing, sharp, intuitive, and purposeful lead generation elements that you could use on any website (including WordPress).

Whether you choose to create a website with the Leadpages website builder or choose to use Leadpages popups on another website, LeadPages pop-ups also take care of lead magnet delivery (among others).

Mailerlite Popups

I’ve covered Mailerlite extensively (more to come) on How to authenticate domains on Mailerlite, How to build Mailerlite forms, the Mailerlite AI-Driven Drag-and-Drop Editor, and also Mailerlite landing pages.

Mailerlite has a significant advantage when it comes to a complete lead element design, email marketing marketing management, website building, and also selling online courses.

The star of the day is of course the Mailerlite embedded forms and pop-ups — with built-in pop-up builder inside which you can use to create and launch pop-ups easily. You get all the features you need to design, launch, and generate leads by themselves or as comprehensive campaigns including Mailerlite landing pages as well.

Divi Bloom Plugin

If you are using the Divi ecosystem (the Divi theme along with other plugins that you get access to), then you should consider Divi’s Bloom Plugin.

You’ll see Divi’s bloom plugin in action right here, on this blog post as a call-to-action element urging people to sign up for a lead magnet (at the bottom).

The Divi Bloom plugin comes for free with your Divi membership (there’s a lifetime membership available as well).

The Divi Bloom plugin is easy to use, intuitive, and comes integrated with several email marketing tools such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and several others.

Collect leads. Nurture leads. Sell products and services.


Sleeknote is, well, sleek. Sorry, just couldn’t help myself. [Now acquired by Drip]

Sleeknote has been around for a while and it comes with several features to enable lead generation on your website(s).

Sleeknote helps you build forms, slide-ins, interactive lead generation elements, and even bring in some fun with gamification for your lead generation efforts.

Use Sleeknote to build your email subscriber lists, engage with returning users, and much more.

With more than 1200+ integrations, Sleeknote plays nice with any other marketing tools you might be using such as Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and others.

Which of these lead generation tools do you love? What do you use on your site?

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