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Stop this PPC Google Vs Bing Thing: Why Both Bing & Google Matter?

Stop this PPC Google Vs Bing Thing: Why Both Bing & Google Matter?

If you are on paid search, we can bet our skinny agency’s profit margins on the fact that you are inadvertently considering (or already using) Google. Also, as Jonathan Long of Search Engine Journal puts it, you are likely to be treating Yahoo Bing Network as the redheaded stepchild.

Yahoo Bing Ad Network isn’t as bad as you think. In fact, it makes sense to consider it strongly, now more than ever.

Stop doing PPC Google Vs Bing searches and consider adopting both networks into your search strategy.

First, here’s an Infographic from Market Domination Media that you should quickly take a look at. While you are there, digest it.

Stop Ignoring the Yahoo! Bing Network

Infographic by: Market Domination Media

You are putting it all in the same basket, and an expensive one at that

Only 67.5% of American users use Google. The rest of the searches originate from Bing (16.7%), Yahoo (11.6%) and others. That’s just America. If you take an entire population of China (Baidu rules), Google doesn’t even exist. Meanwhile, an average paid search advertiser’s cost per thousand impressions on Google Adwords was 4.2 to 11.2 times higher than on Yahoo! Bing Network in the U.S alone. The cost per click average on Yahoo! Bing was about 10 to 24% lower on AdWords (category depending).

A vast majority of advertisers find Yahoo Bing network cheaper than Google Adwords.

So, I beg to ask: why are you putting it all on one expensive basket?


Bing is Bing. Google Is Google


John Gagnon of Search Engine Watch writes that it turns out that not everyone uses Google. In the retail category alone, more than 40 million searches are found on Bing and not on Google — and that’s just retail.

Bring in an entire spectrum of verticals and industries across a swathe of geographic territories and that’s a lot of audience you are missing out on. In the chart below, take a good look at the orange part of the circle. Those are the people who are exclusively on Bing and not on Google for each of those verticals.

How Bing is Better


Sometimes, Bing is Better


Although Google is the reigning king when it comes to search, Bing just does a few things much better. According to Kayla Mathews of explains how bing is better than Google for things such as social integration, image quality, video search, a generous reward program, search partner exclusion, easier ad check-ins, better local search, and of course pricing.

Now, that isn’t even the end. From a purely utilitarian point of view, Eric Ravenscraft of Lifehacker points out that Bing is awesome for showing better flight data, easier photo license search, and finding online courses.

Bing isn’t as big as Google. Or maybe it is. For a search Marketer and for a multitude of businesses, having two options is always better than just one.

Haven’t you heard of enough Google Adwords horror stories already? It’s time for you to consider a nice alternative traffic source when it comes to paid and organic search.

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Tell me where you are at with paid search?