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5 Ways to Use Pinterest For Your eCommerce Business

Americans stay on Pinterest for an hour on average and seventeen minutes. That’s only the U.S. But there’s a whole world of visitors on Pinterest and companies are already making sure they put up the tent.

It’s the fastest growing social media site in history with 10.4 million users and counting, according to Search Engine Journal.

Pinterest is gaining traction ever so slowly and it holds tremendous value for businesses that can share visuals.

So, how do you get Pinterest to work for your eCommerce Store?

Here are some ideas:

Show ‘em What’s Behind The Scenes

A bit of vulnerability is good for marketing. With that vulnerability exposed to your customers, you invoke a state of emotional attachment. Your customers start caring for you. They get a “story” instead of a pitch. They have something they can relate to. Sadly, most ecommerce stores lack life. You won’t get much except some visual detail and content overload.

Drive engagement by sharing your experiences. Show them how you do business, introduce your staff and contractors. Do customer spotlights.

Go beyond the usual. Find a way to connect.

Narrate Stories Through Images

Your ecommerce store is worth a thousand stories.

Since Pinterest is all visual and potentially viral, your stories will find a way to strike a million hearts. Use images to convey messages, narrate stories, or perhaps maintain sets of visuals to inform.

There are stories behind products, your own business, and other things you might do such as charity. If you do social programs, you could share those images as well.

Curate Content

Content curation is an art. As a business, you could tap into Pinterest’s potential by curating “Interesting products”, “inspiring messages” or anything else of general interest to your potential customers and/or followers.
For instance, if you have a niche store that sells only accessories for Apple’s line of products, you could curate pins to anything related to apple such as news, information, and tips.

Small online store that sells cupcakes? Put up that entire assortment of cup cakes up.

Now apply this to accessories, bags, gifts, fashion, and B2B products. Anything goes.

Use Product specific “Pin it” buttons

The only way customers know that your products exist is when you have product images in place. Add a product specific Pin button on every image and you keep the lines open for sharing, conversations, and for your pins to be “repinned”.

Shirts, trousers, mugs, handicraft, cool electronic products, or anything else that you sell can go viral with a simple “pin it” button that goes with every image on your eCommerce store.

If you need help with a step-by-step guide on how to add a “pin it” button to product images on your store, you might want to take a look at this Shopify’s guide on how to do just that.

Shopify also allows you to sell on Pinterest with Buyable Pins.

Play with wish lists and gifts

It’s only human to love; with love comes the great “gifts” industry. Wish lists act as a great motivation for Customers who aren’t ready to buy (or can’t buy). Further wish lists function as an open declaration for others (friends and relatives) to know what’s on customers’ mind.

For wish lists and for customers looking to buy gifts for others, Pinterest has a way to allow you to tap into this potential. Shopify’s Ultimate Pinterest Guide for Online Businesses reveals this nifty feature called “Pinterest Gift tab” which allows you to let your products show up in curated “gift ideas”, for instance.

Do you have a business account with Pinterest? Would you like to show us what you got?

Are you On Pinterest Yet? You Should (& One Smart App To Do It)

Are you On Pinterest Yet? You Should (& One Smart App To Do It)

Can you actually sit there and avoid more than 72.8 million users with 85% of them female (you do know they make all the buying decisions, don’t you?).

Pinterest is all visual, boasts of buyer intent, and is a fresh alternative to Facebook and Twitter. It’s as much an opportunity for you to boost impressions, bring in some traffic, and get you all the branding you need.

And some brands do it really well.

Creating on boards on Pinterest also helps you to collect, curate, and share information that’d otherwise get drowned in the order of the posts you publish on your blog.

Pinterest recently rolled on “Buy” pins feature with clear intent to send out a message: Pinterest means business and it’s business you don’t want to miss out on.

Now, I know what you are thinking: Damn, another social network to get on? Like being on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram wasn’t enough?

No, it wasn’t enough. Yes, stop wondering why you should be on Pinterest, and here’s a smart way to get there:

Say Hello to TailWind

The Tailwind App is a suite of powerful tools to help you manage your Pinterest for Business or Pinterest for yourself. It boasts of Pinterest management, analytics, and other marketing tools.

Much like HootSuite is an exhaustive app to help you manage your social media in general, the TailWind App helps you manage Pinterest specifically.

Manage & Automate Pins

Sure, the “Pin It” button on your browser is handy, but it’d still call for your active management. Social manage is best done passively (where the active part should only be responding to others and actually getting into conversations). Use TailWind to create, manage, and automate your Pinterest updates calendar.

You can instantly create a “Pin Schedule” if you like based on your audience engagement, make your boards go viral, and bring in much needed traffic. You can schedule multiple pins at once (Chrome Extension available).

Obviously, you can track pins, repins, likes, comments, traffic, and revenue (I know you are salivating now).

Monitor & Gain Insights

You don’t want to throw out pins in the dark. You’d do well when you know your audience better, monitor your performance, and create just the kind of content your audience needs.

TailWind also allows you to gain insights about your audience, helps you gather interesting content to pin, curate amazing content, discover conversations, identify influencers, and also gives you a way to monitor your brand impact on Pinterest.

Analytics & Reporting

All your effort on Pinterest shouldn’t go without those rewards. That’s why it makes sense to use analytics to help you steer yourself to success.

Tailwind App helps you track growth, measure Pinterest followers over time, benchmark virality of your content, and analyze revenue. Measure the impact of your conversations, the content you share, Pin performance, traffic, and your individual pin growth.

Testing on Pinterest, yeah.

Content marketing has changed and posting “anything” won’t do. You can, instead, filter your pins by boards, categories, keywords, or hashtags to dig deeper and see what kind of content seems to be working for you.

See which of your pins are the most successful, analyze activity using heat maps, and also determine best days and time slots for optimized Pinterest Management.

Check out TailWind today and tell me how it works for you.

If you’d like to connect with me on Pinterest, I’ll be happy you did.

How To Use Pinterest: Lessons from 5 Companies That Rock

How To Use Pinterest: Lessons from 5 Companies That Rock

For most people, the jury is still out on Pinterest. Some businesses have figured it out and many others didn’t. A few businesses don’t even bother and they don’t have Pinterest on the same priority listing as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. It’s understandable, and it’s a pity.
Pinterest has been growing rapidly – almost all the while you were busy with the other networks. In fact, according to Craig Smith of Expanded Ramblings,Pinterest has over 70 million users of which 80% are women (you do know who makes the decisions, don’t you?).

Pinterest business accounts have touched the 500,000 mark early Jan 2013. Pinterest gets about 2.5 billion-page views and more than 5 million article pins occur, just like that. It’s awesome, and it’s happening. So, here are a few companies and how they use their Pinterest accounts:

General Electric
GE on Pinterest

General electric could come off as a boring, huge company. The truth is that it isn’t. As if it’s content marketing strategy with the likes of GE Ecomagination isn’t inspiring enough, you’ll only have to check out its social media presence. General Electric’s Pinterest page has more than 33 boards with 2,354 pins. With boards named as Badass Machines, Gift For geeks, Art of Innovation, and From the Factory Floor, you’ll see how GE is currently one of the top companies playing the content marketing cards right.

MailChimp Gallery

Mailchimp on Pinterest

The cute chimp is just about everywhere. Apart from the fact that their product is fantastic and their branding strategy is commendable, they are also as savvy as they can get. The company uses copy that you can relate to, writes blog posts as if they were talking to you alone, and of course, they inspire business owners and marketers with their Email campaign Gallery on Pinterest. With about 2000 followers on board, MailChimp doesn’t try to sell you a think on its gallery. It just lays out all the creative ways emails are created and sent out by its own users. The gallery is a source for inspiration and a way for everyone else – including designers, business owners, and others – to learn.

Drake University

Drake University on Pinterest

Giving due credits to Amanda Day of Vertical Response for finding Drake University [], here’s an example of a university doing well on Pinterest No Gimmicks and no hard selling. Their focus on Pinterest relegates to sports, student-specific tips, information on studying abroad, and even a few boards on fun and humor.


Etsy On Pinterest

For Etsy, it just makes sense to be on Pinterest. The Etsy marketplace – with over 800,000 shops and more than 15 million unique items for sale — is already powered by a community of hobbyists, ecommerce enthusiasts, and crafty people looking to sell their wares. Etsy’s Pinterest page helps Etsy showcase its brand. It also increases sales for Etsy while it uses Pinterest for sharing insights, tips, and information to help fuel its own growth.

Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods

Kraft foods is already a major player and this is another example of a company that uses social media well. It’s Pinterest page works as a satellite for Kraft’s well-established community sites on Recipes. Its Pinterest page is a smorgasbord of tasty recipies for delicious meals for families around the world. The Pinterest page also drives traffic to

Thanks to Hannah Clark of HootSuite, here are a few other brands that are nailing it with Pinterest

Do you have a Pinterest Page? What do you put up there? I’d love to see (and follow your Pinterest accounts), so please free to share them here in comments below. Meanwhile, do follow me at Fetchprofits on Pinterest.