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How to Make an Impact With Your Twitter Updates, for Real

How to Make an Impact With Your Twitter Updates, for Real

It’s been a month since I’ve been active on Twitter for a huge variety of reasons: to build our brand, to get to know others, to keep abreast of all that information deluge, and obviously to grow our following. Earlier, we used to fall into the trap of working so much on managing social media accounts for clients that we’d rarely update our own accounts.

Times have changed. Sense prevailed. So, here I am back to the Twitterpillion.

I’ve realised over the years now that certain kinds of updates really work well on Twitter. Here are some of those examples, straight from our account:

Retweet with a comment

Everyone with a finger and a button can retweet. What’s more important is to add a dash of your own personality to retweets and then almost making them your own (although they aren’t). Adding a comment, question, or remark great enhances your Twitter update’s sex appeal. Here are a few examples:

Random Insights

Your followers follow you on Twitter because they expect you to bring insights and ideas to them, right to their Twitter stream. They don’t want to hear what you did over the weekend and they also want you to be concerned about the number of updates you push out on a regular basis. An effective way to share insights is to make a collection of them related to your niche and share them ( after scheduling, of course). Make sure you credit sources.


Everyone loves statistics. They are a source of credibility ( and they make you look smarter than most people). Statistics are also easy to find online. Dig into slides on Slideshare, infographics, and even monster pages with all sorts of statistics and research already ready for you. Take a pick from some of those statistics we compiled and published on Twitter:

Business-centric, personal comments

You can’t talk of personality and voice without an opinion. Have opinion, will succeed. Eh? While you’d still be making sense to your followers — in business terms — you’d suddenly get personal and have a strong opinion of your own. These opinions can only do two things to your Twitter account 24 hours from an update going live: you’ll either get a couple of follows or unfollows. That’s clarity.

Making good use of “Follow Fridays”

Most Twitter users are still old-fashioned and they’d use follow fridays to just list a few of their respective followers. That’s boring.

Instead, dedicate every friday for about 10 followers who’ve been actively communicating with you. Perhaps, there’s a thing or two you know about them? Maybe their own tweets gave away some information that you can use to your advantage. Get professional personal. Don’t push #FF updates like a machine. Here are a few ways to do it:

Show your personality on Twitter. Show who you are and what you stand for. It’s a public place, for heaven’s sake, so be your best.

How do you Tweet?

img credits: Bernard Goldbach