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Social Media Marketing

Social media about the people, the network, and our engagement with the community. Thinking about the number of likes and followers is called “obsessing about vanity metrics” and that holds no significance for your business.

With just 1300+ followers on Twitter and a free account on LinkedIn, we got plenty of business so far off social media. We didn’t ask for business, however. It was all inbound, based on what we regularly write and share on social media.

So, it’s not so much about “increasing likes and followers”. It’s about how engaged you are with the community.

We know it sounds hard for business owners, but that’s exactly where marketing is going. If you want more reach and exposure, you can use the “paid” options on social.

Our role here is to engage. Tools can’t engage for us.

For instance, when we were looking for a tool to help us build landing pages, we had, Kickoffpages, and LanderApp as final choices. They all engage with me on Social media. But Unbounce the most social of the three and we think of them all the time.

We are fans. We love them. We use Unbounce all the time.

Their social engagement helped.

We meet new people who ask us for guest posts. Or we ask them. We get clients from there but we never put up a pitch anywhere.

That’s social.

Think of social as one big party. With billions of people there, it’s a party you don’t want to miss.

The only issue is that social media is a huge drain on time.

Time spent on social media

Img Credits: Buffer Blog

We use the 50:30:20 principle for social management

50% tips, info, and other info (depending on your niche)
30% of your own content
20% pure engagement

Would you like us to manage your social media profiles for you?