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Nov 26 – 28

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO): How to A/B Test HTML Landing Pages

Kinsta Hosting: The Only WordPress Hosting Platform You’ll Ever Need

How to Add Google Ads Conversion Tags To Unbounce Landing Pages

How to Add facebook Pixel To Your Unbounce Landing Pages

Using Unbounce for your landing pages?
Want to use Facebook ads to send traffic to your Unbounce pages? You’d lose it all even before you start it if you don’t add the little,
pesky Facebook Pixel. Watch the video now to find out how to do it exactly

Flawless Ways To make Your Facebook Ads Work

Running facebook ads isn’t as straight forward as it’s made out to be. Beware and watch this video before you throw your cash out of the window.

How to Use Adroll With WordPress

Adroll is an incredibly useful platform to help run and manage your retargeting efforts across platforms and devices. Also, chances are that you are using WordPress. Find out how to use these two together.

Mouseflow: Get Visual Data & Make Smart Decisions

Mouseflow gives you live recordings, heat maps, user destination (or geo) info, form analytics, and much more. It tells you everything that Google Analytics can’t. Find out how to use it now.