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Jan 22 – 28

Get Research-based Custom Blogging Services

Get your posts delivered one-time, or recurring (on Schedule)

Get research-backed, custom blog posts for your business. 

Start with a single blog post now.

  • Your post will be at least 750 words long.
  • The post will come with research links
  • I’ll supply custom graphics & screenshots(where appropriate)
  • Each post comes preformatted (markup included) with h2, h3 tags For SEO purposes. 

Looking For Blogging Services, On Schedule?

You need a content strategy, but you don’t have the time to think through blog post ideas, actually write blog posts, and then publish regularly on your blog.

Pick a plan, and I’ll do it for you. Pick from one of the packages below or start with just one blog post as a trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about blogging services? Here are a few questions answered

What topics/niches do you provide blog posts on?

I write on most niches except sports, politics, celebrity gossip, etc.

Are there any blogging samples I can See?

Of course, yes. The best place to see how I write is the fetchprofits blog. Or you can visit the following links:

Posts published on Business2Community

The Kalpavruksh Blog

Guest Post on Sales Handy

Entrepreneurship Posts on fpix Lab

If you need more, please just ask.

How Do I Get Started?

First, please decide if you’d want a single blog post or several. Start by placing an order for a single post or multiple.

After placing your order, please send in an email at to brief me on what you expect the post to be on

How do you write? What's Your Blogging process?

To be honest, the short answer is that I am just gifted. Just kidding.

Experience helps. After writing about everything from cup cakes to diesel generators, I mastered the skill of writing for the web

Most of my writing is backed by research and the ability to write crispy, non-fluffy, and informational blog posts. I just bring it all together in a conclusively convincing way. 

Kalpavruksh Technologies

"It's remarkable how the fetchprofits comes up with awesome content for our blog, month-on-month, without us having to lift a finger"

– Martin Dommerby, CSO Systemate

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