Evergreen PPC Campaigns: Bread & Butter

Ever considered running evergreen PPC campaigns (budgets permitting, of course)?

There isn’t a business that’d like leads and sales coming in only during parts of the year (even seasonal businesses wish that their business wasn’t seasonal).

You want your leads and sales pouring in, every day, each month, throughout the year, forever and ever.

Evergreen campaigns and funnels help you do just that — instead of focusing on a myriad of offers that keep changing all the time, evergreen campaigns are pillar campaigns that focus on making one strong, unchanging, and continuous offer.

While it’s really nice if you have your organic campaigns (regular blogging, growing social presence, and a growing email list) working for you, it’d not hurt to have additional sources of leads.

If you don’t have anything organic going for you, paid campaigns can certainly help.

Literally every business should have evergreen Facebook, Google, and Instagram campaigns running at all times, for various reasons (and you can keep switching between them).

This means that you’d also have to have evergreen Facebook, Google and Instagram funnels — pointing to an irresistible and strong offer — primarily geared to help you generate leads, throughout the year.

Keep the machine on

The best kind of digital marketing strategy — and I can get you a million dollars if anyone can prove me wrong — is to fire away on all cylinders across all digital marketing channels.

To be clinically precise, you should be blogging, stay active on social, use email marketing (with automation thrown in for good measure), and run paid advertising campaigns with retargeting.

You can pick and choose what works best for you later but your start should always be balanced.

How is your digital marketing going to be balanced with some sort of paid campaigns running?

A good way to keep the digital marketing machine on is to run those evergreen campaigns that make you money from the word go.

It takes time to grow

If you are just starting out with Blogging, it’ll take time for you to generate leads. Likewise, it takes time to build a following on social media.

Growing an email list is hard to even if you have access to awesome lead generation tools like Sumo, Growth Funnel, and OptinMonster. Or email service providers like Drip , ConvertKit, and Mailchimp.

Relying on organic growth is incredibly rewarding for a long-term strategy. However, organic results practically suck during the short-term.

Using paid advertising with evergreen campaigns using Facebook, Google, and Instagram can get you quick wins sooner than it takes for you to read this blog post.

Put your skin in the game

Setting up a website isn’t the same as starting a business. Having a business idea doesn’t make you an entrepreneur — also applies to raising capital, hiring people, and getting a few venture capitalists on board.

If you stretch yourself a bit, do blogging and be on social media which can help you a bit.

Even if you did, there are bloggers who can beat your business hands down any day.

Without paid campaigns or any kind (regardless of any budget), you don’t have skin in the game, so to speak. You aren’t a real business unless you invest money on what you need to.

The advertising costs aren’t that high (and there are ways to control your costs)

Running those evergreen campaigns tells the world that you are serious about your business, that you aren’t afraid of investing for potential returns, and that you are willing to risk it.

Are you running any evergreen campaigns? Share them with me

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