Newsletter Sponsorship Marketplaces: How to Get Sponsorships

Newsletter Sponsorship Marketplaces are the matchmakers you’d love (unlike other kinds of matchmakers we all love to hate). 

Embrace newsletter sponsorship marketplaces —  instead of hustling, sending cold emails, hunting on social media, and sending out even more cold emails for getting newsletter sponsorships. 

It takes time to: 

  • Build your newsletter subscribers
  • Get sponsorships for your newsletter
  • Build on both 1 & 2

Approach your newsletter as a business (but the content is personalized — coming straight from you). 

Brands can do newsletters as brands (but that’s not the topic we are talking about here). 

If you are wondering how newsletters should be crafted, Check out some best newsletter best practices.

While you can still choose to do all of the work (above), there are better and smarter ways to get newsletter sponsorships.

What are newsletter Sponsorships? 

I wrote how your five pillars of content creator success rides on the happy wave of interested, deeply vested audiences for your content creator business.

One of the types of content creation has to do with building your personal brand with narrative-style or curated newsletters. 

People sign up for your newsletters because they want your personal twist on everything related to [Insert your niche, topics, or what you create content about]. 

If you have a sizable audience on your newsletter(s), brands would love to pay you (for exposure). 

Brands do that because of your “interested target audiences”, the “deep dive on content”, and that these smaller (but concentrated audiences) are better than “spraying and praying” the web with ads at large. 

When a brand chooses to include itself in your newsletter (provided that you accept), it’s your newsletter sponsorship in action. 

5 Top Marketplaces For Newsletter Sponsorships 

Here are the top five newsletter sponsorship marketplaces I know of (more, if any, will be added. Stay tuned).


SwapStack is one of those newsletter sponsorship marketplaces that does seem to hold promise — it’s got features like the “Tip Jar” using which you can let your own subscribers fund you (paying whatever they want). 

On top of that, there’s “plug and play” allowing you to semi-automate your brand sponsorships by taking advantage of pre-approved and curated list of pre-configured offers. 

The best part? It’s free for newsletter creators or writers and only brands are charged (a clear and transparent 10% platform fee).  

Brands don’t always look for newsletters with huge audiences; and there are “many”  severely under monetized newsletters out there (chances are that your newsletter is one of those). works with some well-known and trusted brands out there (various niches, of course) who are all on the lookout for tight-knit, well-managed, and ardent subscribers to said newsletters. If you have a raging audience of true fans, your newsletter is in demand. 

Hecto focuses on privacy (platform-enabled messaging instead of exchanging emails and phone numbers),, fast submissions, clear pricing (no shady deals as brands see ad packages or prices before they contact you for sponsoring their brand in your newsletter). 

UpStart.Me allows you to submit your newsletter for free and they’ll do all of the heavy-lifting for you to help find the relevant brands that are a snug fit for your newsletter. They don’t take a cut out of your brand sponsorship deals, and you 100% of what you make. 

Essentially, Upstart is a free newsletter database (your newsletter is next in that database) for brands. Brands find the relevant newsletters (in line with their brand, target audiences, newsletter content, and so on) and they’ll reach out to you. Talk, make deals, and take that money home. 


With SponsorGap, you can scout for brands looking to sponsor newsletter creators. Or creators can look out for brands that are looking for creators. Cut it either way, opening up a world of opportunities for both brands and creators. 

SponsorGap’s open marketplace is where all the magic happens. 

SponsorGap runs on a membership model, and there are pricing plans that you should be aware of. 


Paved not only gives you access to brands and businesses but also has a built-in ads/packages management system, a way to book slots for your newsletter, set conditions for brands, uploading of creative specs (according to your specifications), and more. 

Meanwhile, when the brand deals actually go through, Paved handles all invoices, reporting, and payouts on your behalf.

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