Revue Alternatives: Best Picks & What To Do Next?

News: Looking for Revue Alternatives since Revue Newsletter service is out now shut down?

For a while now, Revue directly worked with Twitter to allow creators to launch and manage newsletters (along with a sweet visual profile spotlight on Twitter). Unfortunately, the team at Revue decided to close down the service.

On top of the various leadership changes at Twitter, the ongoing “this hell just opened its doors and the devils are out” scenario playing out, along with trending hashtags such as #GoodbyeTwitter and #TwitterIsDead, it’s hell all over for content creators who have their respective audiences on Twitter.

More than 875,000+ Twitter users closed their accounts.. Many more just abandoned active Twitter accounts.

This also means that my complete course on newsletters on fetchprofits academy is going to be rendered useless since it was based on Revue. It will now have to be redone again, and I will.

If you are still there and living to see the battle playing out though, it’s time to go back to the basics.

  • Stop dependency on any one social platform (be it Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter)
  • Grow and nurture your email list(s) and keep backups of your email subscribers (regardless of the email marketing service you use).
  • Run newsletters on traditional email marketing services (such as ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or Drip) — these platforms give you a lot more control over email design, have more features, and some providers such as Convertkit also allow you to sell digital products, create landing pages, and more.

Here’s what you should do next:

Newsletters & Email Marketing for Creators: Revue Alternatives

Pick alternatives. Only this time, opt for those services that might stand the test of time and could be in business longer.

  • Bloggers, content creators, SaaS businesses, tech businesses, content-driven businesses digital products: Convertkit
  • For most types of traditional businesses: Mailchimp
  • eCommerce: Klaviyo and Drip

That’s it. That’s all you need. Pick your choices depending on the type of business you run. Don’t waste time agonizing over platforms, service providers, or go asking on Twitter. You’ll only waste time.

Email Marketing for Content Creators or Content-driven businesses: What To Do Next?

The rules of the trade don’t change much. The fundamentals are the same. The rules are the same, even if platforms change.

All Roads Lead To Email Signups

If you are active on social media, send followers links to your newsletter, your email subscriber list, or have them receive freebies or lead magnets.

Dana Nicole of Convertkit has a handy and useful blog post on how to move your Twitter followers to email subscriber lists.

Dana’s tips also apply to your YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest boards, Instagram account, TikTok, and any other social profiles you are active on (also applies to each of your business or brand accounts).

Have videos on YouTube? Do you use Videos for Sales prospecting? Are you running live streams or webinars? Add links that lead people to take action on landing pages after they watch your content. They should sign up to hear more from you, get freebies of some kind, receive updates as you launch new content, and more.

The Trifecta Of Content Assets + Landing Pages + Email Service

For most businesses, here’s the trifecta that works extremely well:

  • Create content assets (PDF checklists, free online courses, reports, white papers, eBooks, and guides). All of these can be sent over to subscribers and make for a very appealing reason to sign up. For eCommerce brands, you could do all of the above (for your niche or industry) and also have people sign up for free shipping, eCommerce store discounts, and more.
  • Have audiences click on specific links to dedicated landing pages (for the freebies above, for paid access to digital products, online courses, digital downloads, and so on). Send followers and visitors on social networks, people who read your blog, people watching your videos or live streams, and others to these landing pages. Landing pages are built to convert. Use Unbounce, Leadpages, or Instapage. Or use landing page features that you get with email service providers such as ConvertKit.
  • Segment your audiences. Email service providers allow you to automatically tag and segment audiences (as subscribers, customers, or those that signed up for specific products) as people download, sign up for access, or buy products.

Use Automations to Scale up [Or Make Life Easier]

Content creators don’t have the time to micromanage their business, just as any entrepreneur and mid-to-large businesses don’t have the resources.

Automation ain’t fancy now; it’s the way to go. It’s the only way you’d be able to manage the ever-expanding scope of work that businesses now have to do just to survive, let alone thrive.

Content creators are usually one-person businesses. For us then, automation (as against hiring teams) is the only way out.

After doing all of the above, aim to automate parts of your business. Here are aspects of your content creation business that should be automated (regardless of your opinion):

  • The entire marketing flow, focused on email signups — from presenting content assets, eCommerce coupons, sign up boxes, opt-in forms, triggered CTA (Call to action) buttons to the actual sign up (on the opt-in form, on landing pages, on website, or on the eCommerce store).
  • You shouldn’t have to manually send emails and SMS messages to people who sign up, fill up a form, or those that download something you give away. Automated email marketing and SMS messages allow for nurturing with more content and present offers later.
  • Leads, subscribers, customers, customer preferences, orders, deliveries, open rates, click-through rates, audience segments, analytics, and more — how do keep track of it all? You don’t. Depend on data sync & Analytics. Use a CRM system. If you don’t want a complete CRM system, use the many features that email service providers themselves have for you.


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Examples of Email Automations Professional Content Creators Can’t Live Without

What are some revue alternatives you are looking at?

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