3 Quick Tips For Autoresponders That Work

Email marketing brings in the money, but only when you do email marketing the way you should. Sending out too many emails will make your subscribers rush for the unsubscribe button and sending less number of emails isn’t going to do you any good.

But that’s only about the frequency of emails. Your autoresponders are the life of your working sales funnels and you’ll need those autoresponders to work well, all the time, 24 x 7, and for the benefit of your business.

Just by setting up autoresponders at the heart of your sales funnel won’t do much for you, though. You’ll need autoresponders for maximum impact.

Making an impact doesn’t always about conversions, though. It could mean that you are making a difference to your audiences with your marketing too

Here’s how you create autoresponders that really kick ass:

No lists. No Autoresponders

The first step for you to worry about is to build your email lists. You’d need completely voluntary, permission-based, and active subscribers on your lists.

For that, you’ll need to make offers.


Provide something of value to your visitors — anything from a PDF checklist, all the way to a free trial of your product — to have them sign up. If you get any level of traffic at all, you can use a simple and free tool like Sumo to start building up a list of your subscribers.

It’s only after someone signs up that the whole marketing system gets into action. Your autoresponders will then start going out and you’ll then be able to see how email marketing works really.

Without an effort to build lists, the rest of this post is redundant.

One responder Per Offer

If you make multiple offers (download this, get that, grab this…), you’ll need dedicated autoresponders for each offer.


A few emails within an email marketing sequence can overlap, depending on the content, but each of these autoresponder sequences stand on their own, are unique to the offer you make, and essentially put your subscriber on a “conversion path”.

It’s through each of these conversion paths that your subscribers will be eventually led to purchase something that you offer.

In some cases, like in the case of my agency, any of the conversion paths will finally lead to consulting, end-to-end digital marketing execution, strategy calls, or any of the actual services I provide.

Using a capable email marketing automation like Drip, you can launch multiple campaigns or autoresponders for every offer and then create email automation workflows to have your subscribers reach one or any of your products or services.

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Don’t Ignore Transactional Emails

Most businesses ignore transactional emails — the emails that go out saying “Thank you for your order” or reminders, or what have you.

Transactional emails are highly relevant, important, and are blessed with superlative open rates.

In fact, optimizing transactional emails can lead to sales right away.

If your transactional emails are like this:


You have a problem:

  • The emails are relevant (as they are) but there’s no meat in that email, eh? There’s nothing in there to nudge me, push me, or to entice me to make an effort to click on that link.
  • Transactional emails can be short, succinct, and quick. But you still need to add some context in that email. Tell me why I need to subscribe. Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t ignore this email like I ignore most others.
  • Personalization is not that hard to implement. Most email service providers like Mailchimp and Drip allow you to personalize your emails. The copy of the email itself could sound like it’s coming from a friend, right?

How do email autoresponders work for your business?

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