Boost Engagement for Shopify Stores: 5 Ways

Looking for ways to boost engagement for Shopify stores?

More engagement only means more interest. According to PwC, more than 86% of customers stated that they willing to pay more for good engagement and experiences that blow them away.

Also, from PwC, here’s the gist:

“Give customers a great experience and they’ll buy more, be more loyal and share their experience with friends. Great. That’s what every company strives for. So why are so many consumers disappointed? Call it an experience disconnect: companies tout the latest technology or snappy design, but they haven’t focused on—or invested in—the aspects of customer experience that are the most meaningful.”

That dwell time is OP, trust me.

[Roll out that Quiz] Shop Quiz

Ask and sell? You got it.

Shop Quiz is a fun (but an effective way to capture leads with quizzes, right on your eCommerce store). Interactive product recommendations (especially with video Quizzes) can drive your sales up.

Of course, customize how those quizzes should be, tweak the design, collect actionable data, segment groups of customers, and more.

[Cool Shopping Experiences] Shop Minis

Shop Minis are “mini” shopping experiences that you can deploy on your Shopify store, and there are plenty of them to choose from. More to come.

Add #livestreams, shoppable posts, size charts, more with Shop Minis. Developed by participants in the Shopify Partner Program (Shopify Devs), Shopify are a cool way to boost engagement for your eCommere store.

[Enable shopping with videos] Videowise

It’s one thing to look at a video and then head over to purchase something; it’s another thing to be able to shop from within the video itself.

More power per video, anyone?

With Videowise, you can create interactive, shoppable videos & video quiz experiences to uplift site engagement & conversions. Save time with bulk video embed and track video performance with advanced analytics.

Videowise is completely scalable, secure, and robust. It can handle all the traffic you can throw at it.

[Live & pre-recorded Shoppable Videos] Showday

Want more options for creating shoppable videos? Try Showday.

The Shopify App allows you to fully customize the shoppoable video experience for your potential customers. Zero-code work and is compatible with all Shopify themes.

Go live with product demonstrations or show off the use cases of your product. Or create pre-recorded videos and create shoppable experiences from within the video.

Use vouchers, likes, chats, polls, and even simulcast across #socialmedia channels.

Built-in marketing and analytics tools allow you to collect and analyze data, of course. Make better decisions.

[Take Videos to Shop App Home Feed] Tolstoy

User-generated videos, video testimonials, live videos, pre-recorded videos — these are great for engagement, all right. What if you can show these videos on the Shop app feed seen by more than 1M+ users daily?

Tolstoy is a scalable, built-to-convert app that allows you to increase product discovery, without impacting Shopify store speed.

Which of these apps do you use to boost engagement for your Shopify stores?

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