Carthook and Shopify: Post-Purchase Offers = Higher AOV(Average Order Value)

Carthook and Shopify is a combination that’s hard to beat. 

Carthook is no ordinary Shopify App – it’s one of those few Shopify Apps that’s also a certified Shopify Plus Certified App (only 60+ apps are certified). 

More importantly, in our case, Carthook and Shopify together have the potential to vastly grow your revenue, average order value (AOV),  boost LTV (Lifetime Value), and ramp up your eCommerce conversions big time. 

What’s a Post-purchase Offer? 

As the name implies, eCommerce post-purchase offers are specific post-purchase funnels that are triggered by the cart additions, purchases, transaction value, or order quantity value during Shopify Checkout. 

Set varying criteria to push relevant product offers (one-time offer, discounted offer, related-products, suggested products, best-sellers, and so on) based on what customers already did on the shopping cart (criteria also includes what they didn’t do).   

Using post-purchase offers for eCommerce is a profitable and smart way to boost the AOV(average order Value) of your eCommerce business, make your customers happier, and have your customers fall in love with your brand. 

Carthook and Shopify Post-Purchase Funnels Explained 

Using smart, self-managed, and rule-based processes, you can let Carthook determine what products and services should be offered to customers based on the criteria you set. 

For instance, you could have a few products show up only when a few other products are added to Shopify checkout. 

Or, you could display products only when customers meet a certain total order value or a particular threshold you set. 

If customers order X number of items, a few other products show up as options for them to buy. 

Post-purchase offer examples

With Carthook for Shopify, you can build unlimited Post-purchase Offer sequences and sales funnels as you need. 

In combination with Shopify’s robust and secure platform along with Carthook’s smart post-purchase offer funnels, it’s the smartest thing you’d do for your eCommerce brand. 

Post-Purchase Offer Images & Design: This is How It’s Done

Let’s say you sell the latest Intel Evo Core i9 laptops for business use. Or maybe you retail one of those latest gaming laptops. For the sake of this example, let’s also assume that you plan to cross-sell an expandable laptop backpack along with the product. 

While selling post-purchase offers, it’s a great idea to show the following: 

  1. Just the image of the laptop for the laptop (as a product) 
  2. A combination image of the laptop + backpack (as a bundle) or as shown together. 

Here’s how Amazon does it, with the images. Note: this is a pre-purchase bundled offer (and not a post-purchase offer)

Amazon Product Bundle Examples

Carthook itself has a great example, in the case of a smaller, carry-on luggage piece offered along with a larger capacity luggage unit. 

eCommerce product bundles

There’s more to the art of using images for post-purchase offers. Carthook has a helpful blog post on how to update the style of Shopify Checkout, using images for offers, creating custom offer images, and more. 

Customize Post-Purchase Offers

Your store. Your brand. Your colors. It’s all yours and the world sees it as such. 

Carthook not only comes with complete integration with Shopify but also gives you the ability to customize the look of your post-purchase offers. 

Post-purchase offers customize

Work with the post-purchase offer layouts, offer titles, buttons, background images, countdown timers, and so much more. 

Measure AOV Boost and Sales 

There’s no point in doing anything at all if you can’t measure. Apart from some intangibles in life, everything else needs analytics.

Shopify Analytics already gives you a wealth of information on its own. Then, you have specific features within Shopify (such as Shopify Email) that give you more insights on emails themselves. 

Carthook, additionally, gives you clear insights on analytics pertaining to your post-purchase offer results, the revenue attributed to these post-purchase offer funnels alone, the corresponding conversion rate, and so on. 


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