How to Add Google Ads Conversion Tracking [Do it, or Lose Out]

Want to launch and manage your Google Ads campaigns like a pro? Learn how to add Google Ads Conversion tracking below πŸ‘‡ Google Ads Conversion Tracking is a great way to know what percentage of your traffic is actually converting. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions about the best way to market your … Read more

How To Make Google Ad Campaigns Work (& Get Results)

If you just wrote up a headline and a bunch of text for your Google Ads, you might get impressions and clicks but that won’t do anything good for your business. Writing Google Ads in a way that works for your business is part-art, part-science, and a whole lot of strategy (not including the monstrosity … Read more

Google Ads Automated Bidding Strategies: Generate Leads On Autopilot

Google Ads has been around, for a long time. So much that Google Ads has developed and implemented advanced bidding strategies for you to help automate your bidding strategies, maximize your Google Ad Budget, and to help you achieve your goals with Google ads. Popular advice Google Ads automated bidding strategies make you believe that … Read more