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Is Webflow Better Than WordPress?

Is Webflow Better Than WordPress?

What if you could design and develop a website with no coding? What if the process was easy enough that you could do it in an afternoon? What if the platform had everything you need to build beautiful, responsive websites for any device?

There are many reasons why Webflow is better than WordPress.

For one, Webflow is faster and easier to use. It also has a more intuitive interface that makes designing your site much simpler. 

It’s also an all-inclusive platform, so you’ll never have to search for a plugin or extension. Further, with Webflow you can publish your site in minutes!

Is Webflow better than WordPress? While WordPress does come with some great features, I believe that the positives of Webflow are more than enough to outweigh any potential negatives.

Let’s see how Webflow is better than WordPress:

Fast hosting. Fast loading websites. Period.

The faster your website loads, the better it’ll be for your visitor experience. Your website ranks better. You’ll be able to demolish any Google updates such as the Core Web Vitals experience (coming soon, this one).

To make your WordPress website load fast, your work doesn’t end with the famous “one-click install”. The work shreds your time into a stretch of eternity (even more so if you aren’t much of a WordPress developer or a power user).

Webflow hosting processes over 4.1 billion page views a month. That’s 3x more than and, combined.

Running on Fastly’s backbone, Webflow’s websites load super fast.

Is webflow hosting fast?

No plugins Needed

First, let’s tackle some tricky questions: How many WordPress plugins are too many?

There’s no simple answer to that one.

Austin from WPEngine writes:

“Every plugin adds a bit of complexity to your site, and it’s important to install well-developed plugins from a reputable source.”

According to Austin, there are nuances to choosing your WordPress plugin. You’d have to know for sure what the plugin does.

These questions, thanks to inputs from Pippins Williamson of PippinsPlugins are as follows when it comes to WordPress plugins:

  1. Does it load lots of scripts, styles, or other assets?
  2. Does it add extra database queries to each page?
  3. Does it perform complex operations?
  4. Does it perform remote requests, like to external APIs?

So, will too many plugins slow the WordPress website down? Not really. How many WordPress plugins are too many? Not sure.

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Download The Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins

It’s all about what your WordPress plugins do and the quality of those plugins.

Webflow, of course, works without plugins. Using a simple drag-and-drop builder (which also produces clean code that you can export), you can bring in any functionality you need to your Webflow website.

Then, there are third-party integrations. Like, connect Webflow with Convertkit and make your email marketing work. Or integrate Webflow with MemberStack and build a membership website.

No theme restrictions

I pray that you are using the right themes (from the right theme providers). A few of the fastest, most adaptable, and easy-to-use themes are GeneratePress, Hello theme by Elementor, StudioPress themes, Astra, and only a few others.

Anything else you’d be using, we really don’t know for sure.

Of course, you can do a quick test with Google Page Speed tools to see how you fare.

Webflow, as mentioned earlier, is a drag-and-drop website-building platform on steroids. However, it’s not your traditional drag-and-drop like you might be used to with Mozello, Simvoly, or Wix.

It’s more of a drag-drop-edit-a-wee-little-bit-of-code-visually. Essentially, it’s still a no-code platform. You really don’t need to code. However, you’ll still need to master the slight learning curve that Webflow takes.

Once you do that, however, you are not restricted to themes of any kind (Unlike WordPress which also takes a bit of a learning curve with respect to the theme you’d use anyway).

Design your websites the way you want them. If you want to move faster, choose from one of the many Webflow templates (both free and paid) and launch your website by the end of the day.

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Webflow Templates: Fast, Razzle-Dazzle, Profitable Web Presence

Webflow eCommerce Is hassle-free

WooCommerce is free. It’s easy enough. You also do get a lot of support for WooCommerce.

Trying to do anything more with WooCommerce than getting your store up and running, however, is an open invitation to a deluge of bills.

  • Just any hosting won’t do when it comes to your eCommerce store. Think about security, reliability, speed of loading, and support. Only a few managed WordPress hosting providers give you all of that such as Kinsta, WPEngine, Flywheel (also owned by WPEngine), and Pressidium.
  • Need a way to simplify your checkout? You’ll need another plugin
  • How about sending out emails to your new customers, shopping cart abandonment emails, retargeting emails, or regular email campaigns? You’ll need another plugin for that.
  • Want to generate leads on your eCommerce store? Would you like well-crafted marketing workflows, landing pages, and sales funnels to move visitors to potential buyers? Then, potential buyers to customers? — you’ll need a few more plugins, tools, and software for that.

With Webflow eCommerce, at least for small and medium-sized stores, Webflow does it all. Webflow hosting is already fast, well-managed, and scalable. You can customize your checkout flows.

You can build landing pages right inside Webflow and generate leads for your eCommerce store.

Several eCommerce business owners focus so much on the “building, creating, and “Is my eCommerce store cool enough?” part of it so much that they miss out on the marketing part of an eCommerce site. I wrote about the complete guide to WordPress eCommerce in detail.

Is Webflow Better than WordPress?

In many ways, it is. There’s that ease of launch and building websites exactly the way you want them to be.

From a marketing point of view, Webflow sites load fast (and you don’t need to break your head with 7 other plugins to speed up your WordPress site), spend on managed hosting, add even more plugins for eCommerce functionality, and be restricted with themes.

With Webflow, you should be able to design and deploy fast and then focus on the marketing aspect of it (forever).

Start with Webflow for free. Build, Tweak, launch. See how it changes everything for your business or your online presence.

What do you think?

Webflow Templates: Fast, Razzle-Dazzle, Profitable Web Presence

Webflow Templates: Fast, Razzle-Dazzle, Profitable Web Presence

When more than 26 startups in the Ycombinator Summer 2013 batch have built their websites on Webflow, that must say something, right? Webflow Templates are like no other: they look deliciously good, they are built with non-bloated code, and they are pixel perfect. 

Webflow already makes it easy for anyone (almost) to start building some of the best-looking websites I’ve known. Use Webflow’s clonable templates or templates that you can buy, and you’ll probably finish working on your website in less than a day. 

When it comes to getting a web presence, Webflow Templates are the fastest way to get started. They allow you to build your site without having any knowledge of coding or design. 

You can also customize them with unique designs and colors that suit your brand identity.

In this post, we’ll explore why Webflow templates are the best option for you and how they can help boost your conversion rates by catering to what customers want in a website.


Rover webflow template

Sometimes, you need to have fun. You can’t all be huff and puff when it comes to business.

For a long time now, I’ve always loved how MailChimp’s brand projects a fun vibe. I guess all businesses should do it.

Rover — a Webflow template that’s just been launched in April 2021 — is all about fun. It’s built for you if you wanted your business to have that fun, carefree, and approachable vibe.

It’s a template that screams a carefree attitude and long days of freedom. 

Rover is the perfect Webflow template to give your brand a fun, casual vibe. This friendly, colored design will be familiar all year round as it channels the chic simplicity of modern life while adding some colorful retro vibes for good measure.

The Rover template comes with CMS-powered goodness, of course. Create case studies, careers page, your blog, and more. Notably, Rover also comes with a Site-wide dismissible Notification Bar in the Navigation element along with symbols used for commonly copied elements such as Navigation and footers. 

You also get Email Subscription, Contact, and Job application forms, and a ready-to-go style guide makes it easy to effect site-wide style changes to stay on-brand. 

Remember that Rover is a UI kit (so you get a crazy 26 layouts and 70+ reusable sections). 

Go play. 

DayNight Webflow Template

DayNight Webflow Template

Daynight is a Webflow template built for bloggers or magazines that want to make a splash. A colorful one at that. 

I admit we’ve been hooked on DayNight since it came out. This Webflow template is just the thing for any Webflow enthusiast, and a great way to showcase your work and highlight your personal brand. 

With some stylish black-to-white or white-to-black transitions, this template has a unique look perfect for sharing your latest blog posts, services, and other things with friends or followers online.

The DayNight template comes with a background video, Webflow CMS-ready, interactions, forms, and more. 

Change the color palette, add your logo. Start writing forever. 

Compacted Landing Page Template

Webflow landing page template

Looking for a Landing page template on Webflow? Consider using the Compacted Landing Page Webflow template.

You want your landing pages to be fast, easy to navigate, clutter-free, and delightful for your visitors. Outside of Unbounce, LeadPages, and Instapage, it’s a little hard to achieve.

If you are using Webflow, though, you are lucky. 

It’s a thin, simple, razor-tight landing page template built using the Inter form typeface (free and opensource), carefully designed for computer screens. The font family helps make web design more creative and legible. 

The smooth animations bring your landing page to life, of course. 

You can easily change the style of base elements like buttons, paragraphs, links from the style guide page. 

NFT Portfolio Webflow Template

NFT portfolio Webflow Template

NFT is all the rage now. Don’t know what NFTs are? Here’s a helpful post on What NFT’s are by Mitchell Clark of The Verge 

NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) are basically tags that are assigned to digital assets (like art, music, or even video memes. At the time of writing this, several mind-blowing transactions have already taken place (with millions of dollars exchanging hands for NFTs). 

Want to get in on the NFT action? Want to build an NFT website or an NFT portfolio website?  

Get ready to light it up with the spectacular NFT Webflow template. 

With 15 built-in pages and tons of customization options, your website will be drawing in new customers in no time. 

Fully responsive layouts make this template perfect for any artist looking to sell their digital art online. Choose the perfect colors on the fly as well as font styles and many other features that will allow you to set a tone for your site without much effort at all. 

Technology-Startup Webflow Template

Technology Startup Webflow Template

No, you don’t want your technology services business website, SaaS business website, or the new website for the app you are building to look like it’s the 90s (no, even the 21s). 

If you are looking for a clean, blazing-fast, and lively Webflow template for your technology company, The Technology- Startup Webflow template of choice for tech startups seeking to grab visitors’ attention.

Beautiful and clean, the Technology Template will help your business stand out from other brands in this competitive industry. 

Applicable to SaaS companies, Webflow Template helps you communicate clearly what you offer in a simple way. The template also comes equipped with speed optimization (on top of Webflow’s crazy fast hosting), Webflow CMS, and Webflow eCommerce

ProStore Webflow eCommerce Template

ProStores Webflow eCommerce Template

Webflow eCommerce is the next best thing that ever happened after “you” — it’s smooth, it doesn’t require any eCommerce plugins, and there’s no need to chase servers for speed optimization. 

So, looking to build a quaint eCommerce store using Webflow eCommerce? ProStore Webflow eCommerce template is just what you need. 

If you are looking to make your online store amazing, ProStore has the features you will benefit from. 

ProStore is a Webflow eCommerce template that packs powerful selling features like responsive design, retina-ready, forms, interactions, and more. Looks just as smashing on any device. 

With an admin dashboard with easy importing and exporting of data, advanced Webflow integration technologies while still retaining simplicity so it’s hassle-free to build layouts and designs as quickly as possible. 

StartHub Webflow Template

StartHub Start Webflow Template

StartHub is a clean, modern Webflow template that will help you get your startup’s website off the ground. With pre-built blocks and pages to choose from, creating a killer site has never been easier before. 

Mix and match these building blocks with one of the 33 ready-to-use pages to create whatever layout you want for your business–no need for coding. 

StartHub was developed with the user in mind so they can have an amazing experience on your site no matter what. Forget about trying to design everything by yourself when this beautifully designed template does it all for you. 

The StartHub Webflow template also comes with a job listings page, a blog page (CMS-driven), several utility pages, and more. 

Launch your SaaS company today. Define your brilliance. 

Fitness Webflow Template 

Fitness Webflow Template

This fully responsive HTML Fitness Webflow Template is right for fitness coaches and gym businesses looking to have a top-notch website presence and offer online classes. 

It’s carefully designed to include everything you’ll need as a fitness coach or gym owner, so whether you create an engaging social media campaign that inspires people in your community, host meaningful one-on-ones with clients at your gym, develop customized workouts for them on the go, just decide and do it. Think no more.

The Fitness Webflow template looks stunning and has everything you need to get up and running with separate pages for each service, photograph galleries of testimonials from happy clients that show your progress. 

Your work will shine through in style.

Webflow templates are the fastest way to your dream business website. I am not kidding.

See all of these templates (mentioned above) and several others in the Webflow Templates section. 

I promise you, you’ll only wonder why you didn’t hear of Webflow before. 

What do you think?

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