Be a Star: Digital Marketing Resource Hubs That’ll Make you a Hero

Learning is winning.

I was a believer, I am, and I will be.

There’s nothing in the world that’s as sweet as learning something new. Learning empowers you. It makes you feel good. It’ll give you skills that others will want soon enough.

It’s constant, continuous learning that makes you the fine, knowledgeable professional that you are.

One of the best ways to get first hand knowledge about something is a webinar, a video recording, or a full-blown course. It’s no wonder then that I started an academy (and I seriously think that you should start an online course too).

Sorry for digressing. So, apart from the little annoyance that most webinars run by businesses usually have some sort of a pitch at the end of the webinar, there are still some companies that don’t pitch, sell, yip, and yap.

They just impart knowledge. They go all out to teach you what you need to know (and not because they want you to use their products). I love companies like that, and I am a big fan.

You should be a fan too. Here are some of those best, free webinar resources you should bookmark (or stick a duct tape to):

Wistia Learning Center

Wistia Learning Center

By 2019, at least 80% of all people on the web will consume video. If you are not using video as a part of your content marketing strategy, on your landing pages, as online courses, or as content for your social media, you are missing out (I know, because I am missing out).

It’s for people like me (and everyone else who is video challenged) along with everyone else who runs a business that the Wistia Learning Center is for.

Wistia does some incredible videos for themselves, and for us. Their goal is to help everyone who runs a blog or a business (or both) to use video for educating, training, inspiring, teaching, and having some fun too.

Learn everything about how to do your own DIY studio setup for video, how to shoot video, how to use video for marketing, and more.

If Wistia can’t teach or inspire you to create, use, and benefit from videos, I don’t know who else can.



ConvertedU is a single resource I’ll recommend for all marketers and entrepreneurs who spend half their life worrying about landing pages, email marketing, conversions, marketing automation.

With ConvertedU, you get access to Webinars, Courses, and marketing resources.

They go deep, they go wide, and any random course, webinar, swipe file, or a download from ConvertedU is bound to change the way you do marketing. Of course, ConvertedU is owned by the good folks at Leadpages and Drip. So, there’s an entire clutch of webinars (pre-recorded and live) and resources dedicated to Leadpages and Drip.

Then, there are many other videos and webinars that’ll arm you with insights and knowledge you need to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of sales funnels, landing pages, and email marketing.

Thinkific University

Thinkific University

Thinkific is a terrific platform to help you build your online courses. You could run an entire university (Hootsuite Academy runs on the Thinkific platform, by the way).

But then, Thinkific’s webinars aren’t about their platform at all, although they’ll mention it or showcase a few of their successful online course creators and other businesses that’ve been successful.

Thinkific teaches you everything you need to start, manage, and succeed with your online courses or online university.

Wondering why you should even care about creating online courses? It’s a fantastic way to scale your business and finally get rid of the “trading time for dollars” syndrome.

Note: Get access to their high stack of bonuses as well as free training, and worksheets. Thinkific also announced a million-dollar fund and a chance to get the whole Thinkific platform for free

Benefit from Thinkific’s legendary onboarding calls, migration concierge, and their launch preparedness review where they’ll personally audit your online course to make sure you’re ready to launch. (Valued at over $1300)

Techsmith University

Thinkific University

Love videos? Or maybe you hate to see yourself on video but you do believe video is the way to make your inbound marketing stand out? Say hello to Techsmith University.

Techsmith is the company behind the popular screen recorder and video editor.

The Techsmith University is full of resources on how to create screen share videos, how to build content to engage your potential customers, or student enrollment for your courses, or your Youtube Channel audiences.

Learn all about writing & using scripts; working with storyboards; how to do screen share videos; syncing audio and video; basic setup needed for video; and so much more.

Did I mention that the Techsmith Academy is completely free?

Hubspot Webinars & Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Webinars

Yeah, I think Hubspot is expensive. I also did a Hubspot review a long time ago. What I believe about the pricing and positioning of Hubspot is one thing.

But the fact that Hubspot still remains as one of the best sources to learn everything you need to about Inbound marketing. I learn a lot from Hubspot’s resources, training, and webinars, and I think you should do it to.

Start with their popular Hubspot blog.

Learn all about inbound marketing, conversions, landing pages, sales funnels, email marketing, content marketing, and so much more. Plus, their never-ending resources are a treat for anyone interested in making digital marketing work for their business.

Hootsuite University

Hootsuite University

Learning about social media from bloggers and agencies like ours is one thing; learning from Hootsuite is something else.

If there’s anything about social media that interests you if you want to learn how to make social media work for your business, if you’d like to get the nitty-gritty of learning how to showcase and grow your brand on social while still being professional and non-salesy, the Hootsuite Academy is where you should be headed to.

If you are a social media manager, an agency that works extensively on social media to help your clients, you can even get certified by taking up courses on the Hootsuite Academy.

What are some of your favorite sources of learning for you?

While you are here, you can check out my own courses at the fetchprofits academy.

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